Bhutan Trip: 7 Books You Should Not Miss

Bhutan Trip: 7 Books You Should Not Miss

Many of us are unknown about the scenic beauty of Bhutan and many inside stories of this Thunder Dragon land. It might be unfamiliar to me too until I made a visit to this amazingly beautiful country on earth. It was a quick and sudden trip, but I was happy and enjoyed reading more about Bhutan to make a long trip in the coming future.

Here I’ll love to share some great reads about this SAARC nation, which might drive you to visit if you’ve not visited yet. If you’re planning a trip or dreaming of visiting, you must go through the following listed Bhutan travel books. There is nothing so precious than being able to pursue your long-time dreams in reality.

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Bhutan: The Land of Serenity

Bhutan: The Land of Serenity is a beautiful book wrote by Matthieu Ricard. He is a Buddhist monk and shared his eight years of experience in Bhutan. Surely this country is the land of serenity and calmness, and this book will not leave you without visiting here. What I’ve loved most is that the writer himself is a photographer, and this book is full of colorful and magnetic images. I enjoy capturing photos and trust me; you just couldn’t stop yourself without doing so. The country itself is captured with unique beauty and while reading this book you’ll feel like you’re in Bhutan now.


  • Full of high-quality images
  • Discover Bhutan through meditation

Bhutan: Himalayan Mountain Kingdom (Odyssey Guide. Bhutan)

If you want to discover Bhutan from historical perspectives, then you must read Bhutan: Himalayan Mountain Kingdom (Odyssey Guide. Bhutan) by Françoise Pommaret who himself is a French historian and reside in Bhutan. You’ll enjoy knowing all details about this country’s culture, tradition, and lifestyle of the Bhutanese. Their language, love for sports (archery), their religion and much more. This guidebook is considered as a bible of Bhutan.


  • All about the culture and history of Bhutan
  • A practical guide for all travelers

Beyond the Sky and the Earth: A Journey into Bhutan

Beyond the Sky and the Earth: A Journey into Bhutan is a wonderful travel diary or memoir by the Canadian English literature teacher Jamie Zeppa. At the age of 24, she came to this peaceful land to teach in a remote village and experienced a lot during that time. She fell in love with this country, people, and culture. She described her own voices here to let you experience by visiting this country. If you’re really eager to know or learn Bhutanese culture and their way of living, must go through this lovely book.


  • A perfect travel memoir
  • Bhutanese culture

The Bhutan Bucket List: 100 Ways to Unlock Amazing Bhutan (The Bucket List Series)

The Bhutan Bucket List is an ultimate book to read before traveling this mysterious and fascinating country. There are much more to unlock here, and so you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to read this book by Rob Marjerison and Stavan Attwood. They have described their own experiences and who else can better know without staying and working until long nearby. It’s an interesting and informative travel book for all travelers around.


  • Bhutan Bucket List
  • Different and new way to know Bhutan

A Splendid Isolation: Lessons on Happiness from the Kingdom of Bhutan

A Splendid Isolation is a great read by Madeline Drexler. She is an American writer and received awards for her journalism. If you don’t know the definition of happiness in terms of Bhutan, then this book can teach you to do so. She managed many interviews with many Bhutanese with different professions before talking about Gross National Happiness (GNH). And here she noted all through the eyes of a journalist to let you know better about Bhutan to travel and discover those.


  • Gross National Happiness
  • Bhutan’s politics and Buddhism

Lonely Planet Bhutan (Travel Guide)

A must-read travel guide no matter where you are from. If you want to enjoy a planned and nice trip in Bhutan, then you must check out this Lonely Planet Bhutan guide. You’ll get to know about many budget trips with traveler reviews. There are many colorful images and maps too for your better understanding. Here described many travel destinations according to places. It’s just a complete travel guide to make your trip easier and interesting.


  • Bhutan tourism (where to stay, eat and visit)
  • Colorful maps and images with many travel tips and information

Buttertea at Sunrise: A Year in the Bhutan Himalaya

Buttertea at Sunrise: A Year in the Bhutan Himalaya is a great memoir by Britta Das who fell in love with this Himalaya land through her works as a physical therapist. She explored the beauty of Bhutan, and her fascinated description will not leave you without visiting this country. The writer got to learn Buddhism and discover her inner soul through the practice of love and devotion to the people and the country. She wanted to see this country with the same charm and innocence years after years and became worried no disruptive technology should take place here to take that charm away.


  • Bhutan Buddhism and tradition
  • A devoted memoir of all time

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Must-Read Travel Books on Bhutan

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