7 Must Read Books Before Travelling Nepal

7 Must Read Books Before Travelling Nepal

I can remember it was my long-time dream to enjoy the mountain sunrise in Nepal. I was so thrilled and inspired reading Annapurna: A Woman’s Place by Arlene Blum. Then one day this mountainous land amazed me in real too when I made my first footsteps here. Yes, it was an amazing experience.

No doubt one good book plays a great role to help you imagine and motivate you to think, which followed by exploring in real. Here are some worth reads for all adventurers, travelers, and dreamers around. And book lovers, you just should not miss. I’m sure these travel books on Nepal will allure you visiting this country. There are much more to do in this adventurous land like trekking, mountaineering, biking, and rafting. Let’s explore.

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The Mountain: My Time on Everest

The Mountain: My Time on Everest is the bestseller book by Ed Viesturs, an American author who wrote his own experience about the mighty Mount Everest, the pride of Nepal. As a world-class and professional climber, he described his two years experience of the world’s highest mountain. He is the only proud American who experienced climbing all fourteen peaks (8,000 meters) of the world. He didn’t use any bottled oxygen for that, can imagine? If you want to be one among all climbers around, have a long-time wish to take this experience and love challenges, then you must read this book.


  • To learn climbing
  • Full of deadly adventure to challenge
  • Engaging point to point descriptions

Annapurna: The First Conquest Of An 8,000-Meter Peak

Have you not yet been familiar with the world’s deadliest Himalayan peak, Annapurna? Then start reading Annapurna: The First Conquest Of An 8,000-Meter Peak, this epic book by French mountain climber Maurice Herzog. He is the first conqueror who proud to be climbed the Annapurna mountains. Here he narrated, how courageously he fulfilled his mission without looking back. During mountaineering, he lost all his fingers because of cryo pathy. This is a great story book with full of thrill and adventure. You can’t without reading the whole book.


  • All-time great mountain adventure book
  • All-time top 100 sports books
  • Superthriller

Nepal Trekking & the Great Himalaya Trail: A route and planning guide

Nepal is completely safe now to travel and this country authorities, encouraging all to come on a holiday to enjoy trekking. If you’re planning then must go through Nepal Trekking & the Great Himalaya Trail: A route and planning guide. This ultimate guidebook on trekking where described most popular Everest Base Camp Trek and many new trekking routes to help you. This is a planning travel guide by Robin Boustead for trekkers around who shouldn’t miss reading.


  • A complete description of the Great Himalaya Trail
  • Colorful maps showing trekking routes
  • Nepal tourism (where to stay, eat and visit)

Annapurna: A Woman’s Place

Annapurna: A Woman’s Place is a must-read book for all women by Arlene Blum to learn how to accept and face challenges even knowing you’re dying to reach your goal. She is the first American who led twelve women to climb the deadliest Annapurna. Here she described how they all (age between 19 to 50) take the dangerous risk of death and at the end being able to show the world, women’s power, courage, and strength. Annapurna is a dramatic but tragic story of all time.


  • To learn how to lead and manage the extreme situation
  • Determination and knowing to take decisions and risks
  • Women’s abilities and skills

Lonely Planet Nepal

Lonely Planet is an all-time trustworthy travel guide for all travelers around in all budgets. As a first-time visitor, Lonely Planet Nepal guide is a recommended one for you. Here Nepal tourism has been described with all essential information. This is a perfect guidebook to help you knowing Nepal, its vast history, culture, traditions and beautiful sightseeing around.


  • Nepal tourism (where to stay, eat and visit)
  • Colorful maps and photos of popular destinations
  • Many tips, reviews, and travel information

While the Gods Were Sleeping: A Journey Through Love and Rebellion in Nepal

I love reading memoir. While the Gods Were Sleeping by Elizabeth Enslin, is a fascinating love story with insights of Nepal. She is an American Social Scientist and through this book, she wanted to show how she adjusted a completely new life, learning about different culture and society after marriage in Nepal. She took challenges, learned and discovered many things from that. A must-read for all men and women. It’s about human rights, voicing your concern, knowing the inner you and the society around.


  • To learn about human nature and social relationship
  • To understand politics, culture, and tradition in Nepal
  • Feminism and activism to create global awareness

Pokhara, Nepal: Including its History, Bindhyabasini Temple, The Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pewa Lake, and More

Pokhara, my most loving city, I missed being there. Pokhara, Nepal: Including its History, Bindhyabasini Temple, The Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pewa Lake, and More is an informative travel guidebook all about Pokhara by Sandra Wilkins. There are more to explore in Pokhara, mostly tourists love this destination for its calmness and friendly people around. You can know more by reading here. As a first-time traveler, this guide can help you a lot to know this city completely.


  • History of Pokhara
  • All about Pokhara (where to stay, eat and visit)
  • A full description of popular travel destinations with photos

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7 Must Read Books Before Travelling Nepal

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