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I’m Nafisa Habib from Bangladesh. I’m with My Own Way To Travel, a Solo Female Travel Blog to inspire solo travel and motivate all through the journey or travel. Here I share my travel stories, resources, tips, photos, and videos.

The mission is to listen to your heart and go your own way to be happy always. It’s about finding the real you, and continuing the journey in every situation.

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My love for photography began when I started to use Lumia 720 at the beginning of 2014. And that time I started to use Instagram too. But before that, I had no idea about this amazing photo sharing site and the magic of Lumia. I used to take many sky and cloud photos from my room balcony and posted on Instagram. And after that, it became a passion and I started loving photography. Mostly I don’t edit photos, I love to keep the original one.

Nowadays I enjoy capturing with my Nikon Coolpix P600 while traveling many places. I do use my iPhone 6 Plus too. So, now I love the most travel photography. I love capturing moments and beauty around us. It is to me like collecting moments and memories from various places through my lens. It is also an amazing feeling sharing with all those photos through many social networks.

You can enjoy more photographs of mine or follow me on Instagram and Flickr for all current updates.

Latest Videos

When pictures says more than words, videos helps to visualize. Even a short video clip can inspire you to travel and explore the beauty on earth. I enjoy making videos from my trips around. It’s a great way to share travel fun and experiences to the world. My main focus is to show the beautiful destination around us.

Here everything I do myself from making to editing videos. Mostly I do use my Nikon Coolpix P600, and iPhone 6 Plus. And finally love sharing videos on YouTube.

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