Traditional Ari Putri Hotel in Bali

My Cozy Stay at Ari Putri Hotel in Bali

As a solo traveler, I’m always more concern about safety than other things before selecting any destination and hotel. Here I’m sharing my cozy stay experiences at Ari Putri Hotel in Bali. For every aspect, it was a right choice to select this traditional and classy Balinese hotel during my six days solo trip to […]

Top 10 Interesting Things to Do in Bali

10 Top Interesting Things to Do in Bali

If you’re visiting for the first time you’ll definitely love to do many interesting things around Bali. During my six days solo trip to Bali, I gladly enjoyed tasting organic and authentic Balinese fruits and food. It was a fun to shop a lot from the local boutiques. Needless to say about many adventures on […]

The Maldives Water Sports For Thrill Seekers

Six Mind-Blowing Water Sports in The Maldives For Thrill Seekers

Water sports are very popular especially with people today not only because of the adrenaline rush they provide which in sports practice helps strength, endurance, and speed but also because of their numerous other health benefits. Water sports provide you with the complete physical exercise of the body while also managing to be fun for […]

Top 5 Balinese Food Worth To Try

Top 5 Must-Try Rice Dishes in Bali

During my six days solo trip to Bali, I enjoyed tasting different local food from warung. In Bali local and small restaurant known as warung where you can have the actual taste of Balinese food at a reasonable price. Nasi or Steamed Rice is the staple Balinese food. Locals do consume three times Nasi for […]

5 Reasons To Watch The Sunset No Matter Where You Travel

5 Reasons To Watch The Sunset No Matter Where You Travel

Have you watched the sunset today? Many of us love to watch the sunset from the beach as sunsets are beautiful. Even the most un-intellectual and simple people become philosophical and complex when they witness a sunset. It is a gorgeous phenomenon and it happens every day, perhaps which is why we do not give […]

All Time Travel Gift Ideas For Travelers

20 Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts That Inspire Travel (Travel Gifts For All Time)

All born to be loved, love to feel special and if it is on some special day? Yes, it is about Valentine’s Day. This time I’m loving to list 20 cute Valentine’s Day gifts that inspire travel. Here some of them are my favorite travel-related items which I more often use. And some will love […]