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Top Seven Reasons To Visit Bhutan

Paro Airport Birds Eye View

Is it worth to visit Bhutan? Moreover, why you should visit Bhutan? There are many reasons to love Bhutan. A must-visit traditional and beautiful country in South Asia. During my solo trip to Bhutan some points I’ll love to share with my readers what commonly unknown to many of us until we visit this beautiful […]

Bhutan Trip: 7 Books You Should Not Miss

Bhutan Travel Books

Many of us are unknown about the scenic beauty of Bhutan and many inside stories of this Thunder Dragon land. It might be unfamiliar to me too until I made a visit to this amazingly beautiful country on earth. It was a quick and sudden trip, but I was happy and enjoyed reading more about Bhutan […]

Five Must Visit Place in Paro, Bhutan

Amazing Paro Airport Birds Eye View

Paro came with its beauty to me on the very first day while watching the spectacular mountain views from the Royal Bhutan Airlines (DrukAir). And then one-hour scenic drive to reach Thimphu from Paro International Airport made me overwhelmed and drove me to ask inside, ‘How can be any country is so beautiful, naturally’? And […]

Top Six Places to Visit in Thimphu, Bhutan

Places to Visit in Thimphu Bhutan-Dochula Pass

Oh, what an entry of mine was in Thimphu, Bhutan! The beat sounds were coming from the Clock Tower Square, where I found some performers on stage singing, the place is crowded. The whole city in a festive mood celebrating Losar with the first ever Bhutan International Festival 2015. One of the cleanest, well maintained and lovely city Thimphu […]

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