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7 Must-Read Travel Books To Visit Malaysia

Malaysia undoubtedly is one of the captivating and modern countries in Southeast Asia. The diversity of modern and colonial architectural style with the background of Titiwangsa mountains is exceptionally beautiful in Peninsular Malaysia. This time I mainly enjoyed to explore Kuala Lumpur. At the same time, I’ve loved the natural beauty of Cameron Highlands in East Coast Malaysia. I had no idea this country could have so much to offer. The following 7 must-read travel books to visit Malaysia and explore the best.

I must say, I’m highly impressed by the high-tech infrastructure of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. Petronas Twin Towers and Kuala Lumpur Tower became the main attractions and landmarks in Malaysia. Though beautiful skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur attracting the majority of tourists there are many other destinations which truly worth to visit. And so I’ve started to read Lonely Planet Malaysia for a second visit in Malaysia. And more inside before planning a trip to Malaysia, yes truly Asia.

Insight Guides: Malaysia

Insight Guides: Malaysia will definitely provide you the insight tips and information to explore the best of Malaysia. This travel guide also depicted about the history, people, and culture of Malaysia. Many travel tips from the local experts will surely help any first-time visitors to explore this diverse country.

A must-read travel guide to explore Kuala Lumpur top attractions to the wild nature of offbeat destination East Malaysia.


  • History and culture of Malaysia
  • Kuala Lumpur top attractions
  • Travel tips from local travel experts
  • Detailed travel maps and colorful photos
  • Malaysia tourist attractions
  • Sabah, and Sarawak

Malaysia – Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Malaysia – Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture by Victor King is completely an essential guide to get the depth knowledge of Malaysian culture and custom. Before visiting a multi-diverse country like Malaysia, knowing the local customs will definitely add an extra benefit for any traveler.

The writer as a regular visitor in Malaysia nicely pointed out many dos and don’ts before a trip to Malaysia. A must-read guidebook to make yourself familiar with the common etiquettes and custom of Malay peoples.


  • The culture and custom of Malaysia
  • Common etiquettes and manners to interact with locals
  • Business etiquettes to run or plan a business

Lonely Planet Pocket Kuala Lumpur (Travel Guide)

Lonely Planet Pocket Kuala Lumpur (Travel Guide) is the best Kuala Lumpur tourist guide to explore all top attractions in the city. Too handy and easily accessible for all to get insider tips and information related to Kuala Lumpur. From budget travelers to luxury will find it essential for all current updates to visit Kuala Lumpur.

You might like to read Lonely Planet Kuala Lumpur, Melaka & Penang (Travel Guide). This guidebook will also help you to make a historical and World Heritage Site tour in Melaka and Penang.


  • Kuala Lumpur tourism
  • Kuala Lumpur tourist attractions
  • Comprehensive and colorful travel maps and photos of Kuala Lumpur
  • Insightful and essential Kuala Lumpur travel tips and information
  • Kuala Lumpur travel itineraries
  • Things to do in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia & Singapore Travel Guide: 101 Coolest Things to Do in Malaysia & Singapore (Malaysia Travel Guide, Singapore Travel Guide, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Langkawi, Cameron Highlands, Penang)

Malaysia & Singapore Travel Guide: 101 Coolest Things to Do in Malaysia & Singapore (Malaysia Travel Guide, Singapore Travel Guide, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Langkawi, Cameron Highlands, Penang) will work as a two-in-one travel guide to explore all about Malaysia and the neighbor country Singapore. For a quick information and to save your time, this guide is a must-read before planning a trip to Malaysia. If you have a plan to visit Singapore then you can check all the coolest things to do in Singapore as well.

This guide will also provide you with many ideas about local food and restaurants, authentic shops, events, and festivals in nearby destinations.


  • Things to do in Malaysia
  • Things to do in Singapore
  • Top attractions in Singapore
  • Top attractions in Langkawi, Cameron Highlands, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, and Penang
  • Local delicacies of Malaysia
  • Local delicacies of Singapore

Malaysia: Recipes From a Family Kitchen

Malaysia: Recipes From a Family Kitchen is a great cookbook to know all about Malaysian cuisine. It’ll be rare to find any traveler who didn’t love the food of Malaysia. Specially Satay with Peanut sauce, one of the famous street foods in Malaysia. There are many varieties of Malaysian food and must-try for all food lovers around.

The writer Ping Coombs nicely depicted her family recipes (more than 100) to taste the best of Malaysian food. She herself from Malaysia and also the winner of 2014 MasterChef. So read, cook, and eat with Malaysian cook.


  • Malaysian food
  • More than 100 Malaysian recipes
  • Unique family recipes
  • Easy to prepare

Enchanting Penang (Enchanting Asia)

Enchanting Penang (Enchanting Asia) is an ultimate guide to visit Penang, the beautiful island in Malaysia. The Australian writer David Bowden who himself lives in Malaysia and provided informative details to explore Penang. Penang inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. A tour in George Town, the capital of Penang will take you to the British Colonial era in Malaysia.

Penang is also known as the food capital of Malaysia. This travel guidebook will definitely help you to plan your perfect holiday in a famous destination like Penang.


  • Penang tourism
  • Penang tourist attractions
  • Things to do and see in Penang
  • Informative and detailed travel tips
  • UNESCO Cultural Heritage tour in George Town

Wild Malaysia: The Wildlife, Scenery, and Biodiversity of Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, and Sarawak

Wild Malaysia: The Wildlife, Scenery, and Biodiversity of Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, and Sarawak is a must-read travel book to explore the wildlife of Malaysia. This informative book was written by three local experts, Geoffrey Davison, Junaidi Payne, and Melvin Gumal. The wildlife of Malaysia nicely protected in Peninsular Malaysia, and East Malaysia (Sabah, and Sarawak). East Malaysia is less visited by tourists. But the most natural beauty, and wildlife experiences you’ll get from East Malaysia.

Furthermore, this beautiful book will give you the detailed habitats of the plants, trees, birds, animals, and many species according to the destination.


  • Wildlife of Peninsular Malaysia
  • Wildlife of Sabah, and Sarawak
  • Amazing photos by top wildlife photographer, Stephen Hogg

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7 Must-Read Travel Books To Visit Malaysia

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  1. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    Lonely Planet is always a go-to guide. I’m glad to see they publish one for Malaysia and that you recommend it. I do have documents and info saved digitally when I travel, but it’s a good idea to have a paper book/map just in case!

  2. Shona
    Shona says:

    I’m particularly interested in Penang so I’m pleased to see there’s a Penang specific book in your list. I’ll have a look at this one for sure. 🙂

  3. Knycx.journeying
    Knycx.journeying says:

    Thanks for the recommendations and the useful materials for traveling in Malaysia. For me, Kuala Lumpur is all about food as Malaysia has a wonderful mix of cuisine around the region. Always look for new ideas and tips for local food joint and try them all!


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