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7 Books To Read Before Visiting Bali in Indonesia

Bali, the top and the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. And also officially one of the best islands in the world. Bali island was on my bucket list since long. So finally, it was really awesome traveling around Bali. Before planning a trip to Bali, I started reading some travel books. I also loved to know a bit more from some travel guide to Bali. Here for you all 7 Books to read before visiting Bali in Indonesia.

Among 17,000 islands in Indonesia, Bali island itself every year get huge attention from all kind of travelers in the world. After visiting Bali, I can now just say, this tropical island really got the captivating power to attract you in all way. Bali is nothing but a paradise on earth. Many beautiful rice terraces to attractive sea temples, beaches, the unique Balinese culture, and tradition made this island one of the world’s hottest destinations for all.

The following Bali guidebooks will guide you to explore the Balinese history, culture, touristic destinations, and food. And also will provide you many travel tips to visit Bali.

Lonely Planet Bali & Lombok (Travel Guide)

Lonely Planet Bali & Lombok (Travel Guide) is the best one to get the most up-to-date information and tips related Bali and Lombok island. This guide book will cover almost all popular destinations in Bali to explore. Lombok island is located on the east side of Bali. If you’re planning a tour in Lombok then this travel guide is a must-read for you. There are much to explore in Lombok as well.

But Lonely Planet Pocket Bali (Travel Guide) is just perfect to carry as too handy and easily accessible throughout your trip in Bali.


  • Popular places to visit in Bali and Lombok
  • Balinese history, culture, art, music, food, and festivals
  • Colorful maps and images
  • Reviews and tips to travel like a local
  • Essential information for Bali tour and travel

BALI – Zen Traveller: A Quick Guide (Zen Traveller Guides) (Volume 1)

BALI – Zen Traveller: A Quick Guide (Zen Traveller Guides) (Volume 1) is a must-read travel guide for exploring the hidden gems in Bali. Mostly South Bali is much popular among tourists for beaches and whole night parties. But to enjoy the real Balinese tradition and culture, one traveler should explore the west, south-east and north part of Bali as well.

Gundi Gabrielle, the writer of this guide nicely described the other part of Bali or real/original Bali, which mostly unfamiliar with many travelers. The remote Bali is still much quiet, calm, and enchanting which needed to explore for all.


  • Offbeat destinations in Bali
  • West, South East, and North Bali
  • Original Bali to explore
  • Essential travel tips for the first time travelers

Fragrant Rice: My Continuing Love Affair with Bali [Includes 115 Recipes]

Fragrant Rice: My Continuing Love Affair with Bali [Includes 115 Recipes] is an interesting memoir by Janet De Neefe who came from Australia to Bali during 1974 but unexpectedly fell in love with Balinese food and culture. She later married to a Balinese man and now happily settled in Bali with her husband (De Neefe) and 4 children. She lovingly adopted the Balinese culture and tradition.

The writer also runs two restaurants in Bali, and so this book is full of many Balinese recipes (Family Recipes) by her. Her husband’s Balinese cooking classes are famous in Bali among tourists from various countries.


  • Balinese culture
  • Bali food
  • Different recipes of Bali food

Bali: The Ultimate Guide: to the World’s Most Spectacular Tropical Island (Periplus Adventure Guides)

Bali: The Ultimate Guide: to the World’s Most Spectacular Tropical Island (Periplus Adventure Guides) is truly a complete travel guide by American freelance travel writer Linda Hoffman. Here the writer described her own travel adventures and cool experiences in almost all places in Indonesia including Bali. Since 1989 she is in Indonesia and so her insightful tips will definitely help every traveler.

This detailed Bali guidebook will also help you to know the history and culture of this most beautiful tropical island. A must-read travel guide for all adventure and backpack travelers around.


  • Balinese history and culture
  • Detailed and up-to-date information about places to see and things to do in Bali
  • Comprehensive travel maps and photos
  • Informative travel tips and Balinese etiquettes

Ubud Travel Guide (Unanchor) – Art and Culture in Ubud, Bali – 1-Day Highlights

Ubud Travel Guide (Unanchor) – Art and Culture in Ubud, Bali – 1-Day Highlights is all about the cultural hub Ubud in Bali. This travel guide will definitely help you to explore art and culture in Ubud. Ubud art market is best for all kinds of artistic shopping. Balinese wood carvings and paintings are real eye-catchy and worth to explore and shop.

Ubud travel guide is a must-read travel guide to get many insightful tips and information before planning a trip to Ubud.


  • Walking tour in Ubud
  • Art and culture in Ubud
  • Ubud travel tips and information
  • Places to see and things to do in Ubud
  • Ubud travel maps and photos

Island of Bali (Periplus Classics Series)

Island of Bali (Periplus Classics Series) is an artistic book perfectly written by late Miguel Covarrubias and Adrian Vickers. This book is all about Bali lifestyle and culture, first published in 1937. Magical Bali is also known as Island of God and Island of Temples. This book will give you all details information about the life of Bali, Balinese people, their religion, custom, and love for art.

Miguel himself was an artist and so this book also contains many drawings of his own and other artists from Bali during his time. Another writer Adrian, who has done much research on Bali and took a part to bring this book again to the readers who love Bali and eager to know all about this fascinating island.


  • Lifestyle and culture of Bali
  • Balinese art
  • Balinese people, religion, and custom
  • Paintings, drawings, and photos from Miguel Covarrubias
  • Drawings from Bali artists

A Little Bit One O’clock: Living with a Balinese Family

A Little Bit One O’clock: Living with a Balinese Family is a beautiful memoir by William Ingram an American writer who along with his family lived with a Balinese family in Ubud. This is a perfect book if you’re interested to know and learn the tradition of Bali. And the writer shared his experience about the traditional Bali and the Balinese life and culture.

Anyone who visiting Bali for the first time, this intimate story book will definitely help you. To know a lot about Bali and for many inner and insightful information, this book is a must-read one.


  • Balinese family
  • Balinese tradition and culture
  • Traditional Bali

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7 Books To Read Before Visiting Bali

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