Visit Nepal For Revival: Six Reasons

Visit Nepal For Revival - Begnas Lake

Just going to be one year soon, last year during Autumn I made a memorable trip to Nepal. Really time flies so fast by leaving memories behind. Recent shocking natural disaster (Earthquake 2015) made the whole world shocked and left Nepal devastated. But time turns always, this mountainous land is safe to visit again. And so this Autumn can be the high time to visit Nepal. We travelers, mostly travel for fun, but this can be for good causes too. Why should you visit too? Let’s dig more inside…

Recent one news in Pokhara took my attention and attracted me to do something like that through my writings. It was one open-air free concert ‘Music For Revival’ for all performed by superstars and musicians. This concert organized by the Pokhara Tourism Revival Committee (PTRC) to reunite, revive, rebuild and recover beautiful Nepal. WOW! Such a good initiative! Literally, came to my mind if there can be Music For Revival then why not Visit Nepal For Revival too? What do you think?

Music For Revival in Pokhara Music For Revival in Pokhara, Nepal Image: Ramesh Aryal/Facebook

I don’t want to come with details, how much Nepal lost till now. Rather, I’d love to come with a positive vibe and some positively good reasons behind to visit Nepal for revival. I’m here to spread the love for Nepal, one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Safe For Foreigners To Travel

Recently Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) vice-chairman, Andrew Jones made a visit to Nepal and honestly, he didn’t find Nepal unsafe at all for foreigners to travel. At the very beginning just after the massive earthquake, it seemed nothing left behind for this country but the actual fact is different. Only 8 districts out of 75 have been badly affected and only one National Park out of ten has been damaged. However, Nepal is bouncing back. The Government of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation also assured that Nepal is a safe and secure place to visit now. Truly Nepal needs you and they are welcoming you.

Fewa Lake Island PokharaFewa Lake Island, Pokhara

To Revive Nepal’s Tourism

It’s a time to make a travel for a good reason too. The Tourism industry in Nepal plays a big role in this country’s economy. This sector used to bring the maximum revenues to this country every year. But after this disaster, this industry facing real trouble. And so almost all tourism entrepreneurs, companies, boards and tour agencies started offering remarkable discounts in hotels, restaurants and tour packages until September. These are all to revive Nepal’s tourism industry. So all tourists should take this opportunity to rebuild Nepal.

Hotel Orchid PokharaHotel Orchid, Pokhara Image: Hotel Orchid/Facebook

To Encourage Tourists To Visit Nepal

Nepal authorities highly encouraging all tourists to visit Nepal so that through this it can be helpful for Nepalese people who are in trouble in this devastation. The recent earthquake has destroyed mainly the heritage sites of Kathmandu, but other beautiful nature related areas like Pokhara, Chitwan, and Lumbini are completely out of destruction. So tourists are welcome to visit the beauty of Annapurna mountain, beautiful lakesides, safari life and trekking as well.

Sarangkot Annapurna Mountain Sunrise ViewAnnapurna Mountain Sunrise View at Sarangkot

Media and many celebrities are also playing a great role to encourage tourists. American actress and Oscar winner Susan Sarandon also made her recent visit to Nepal which is encouraging indeed.

Visit Because You Love Nepal

Does really need any reason to travel to Nepal when you truly believe you love this country a lot? Yes, only lots of love from different people from different countries can help to bring back the old glory of Nepal again. It’s a chance to see from your eyes how wonderful Nepal is surviving to reunite them. You can be a helping hand or work as a volunteer too to help the people of Nepal because you love Nepal.

View from Fewa Lake Island in Pokhara
Fewa Lake Island in Pokhara

To Reconnect With Nature

Being a nature lover still, I can’t forget my most beautiful boating experience in Fewa Lake and the most spectacular first sunrise in the deadliest mountain Annapurna. Definitely, I’ll come back to Nepal again where most people are so helpful and friendly and most importantly, they know how to welcome their guests from various countries. And so this Asian country will always stay in the heart of all nature lovers as a favorite destination. So nature lovers, what are you waiting for? Somehow, nature in Nepal is calling you to reconnect.

Before Sunset Fewa LakeBoating on Fewa Lake, Pokhara

To Celebrate Tihar With Nepal This Autumn

Will you like to miss the chance to join all Nepalese during Tihar (Festival of Lights) celebration this coming Autumn? Last year, it was a pleasure to celebrate Tihar for the first time in Pokhara. I enjoyed much with all Nepalese and other foreigners on the roadside and Hotel Grand Holiday. We should take this opportunity to understand the Himalaya culture and history better way and let them know we’ll be always with them at all will and woes.

Tihar celebration in PokharaTihar celebration in Pokhara

Let’s visit Nepal. Let’s promote Nepal. Are you joining for revival? 

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