My Trip To The Andaman Islands [5 Days Itinerary]

Solo Trip To The Andaman Islands

I made an adventurous and memorable solo travel to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands during the monsoon season. My main focus was to visit islands and beaches during this trip. It was mainly a 5 days trip to South Andaman from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Though it is much hectic to travel a long way to reach after visiting I must say it was the worthy one. There are many top places to visit in the Andaman Islands. And surely I’ll revisit. So here are the details of my trip to the Andaman Islands to help you to plan your trip or tour to this dream destination. And yes, this time also I’ve learned and experienced many new things while traveling solo. Hence you got to read the complete post to know the inside story and many tips as well. 🙂

Map of South AndamanMap of South Andaman

Some Basics About The Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are in East India and Port Blair is the capital. Andaman has gone through many tragic times from the British colonization to the tsunami in 2004 but still standing with the spirit of confidence. Really there are much to inspire you to visit the Andaman Islands. The captivated beauty of Andaman attracts many tourists every year. This destination is best for adventure travel and must-visit for all nature lovers. In fact, who does not love white sandy beaches with blue water? The best part is that all the beaches are pristine and naturally beautiful. And scuba diving is the must-do activity in the Andaman Islands.

Andaman Captivated Beauty of Andaman

English and Hindi are the official languages in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Bengali, Tamil, and Telugu are the major spoken languages. You’ll find many Bengalis are settled here and their origin is Bangladesh. Most tourists are Bengalis and Tamils from West Bengal and Chennai. The tribals are out of the focus. They are completely different and not available in the populated destinations. Tourists are not allowed to talk and visit them unless permitted by the authorities of the Andaman Government.

When To Visit the Andaman Islands?

The temperature and climate of the Andaman Islands are best for traveling in almost every season. Only during monsoon (June – August) rains excessively and this is the offseason, you’ll find some destinations closed for safety reasons. September to April is the peak season and became overcrowded by tourists. Therefore the beginning of the monsoon in the month of May is the best time to visit the Andaman Islands. To avoid the crowd and enjoy the extreme natural beauty of the Andaman Islands consider to visit in between May and June. There is no winter in the Andaman Islands.

Havelock Island The beauty of the Andaman Islands During Monsoon

The Andaman Islands 5 Days Itinerary

Day 1

Port Blair, Hotel GB Oceania, Corbyn’s Cove Beach

Get in Port Blair And…

Whether by air or ship you can reach the main city, Port Blair. It is only possible to travel directly to the Andaman Islands from Kolkata, and Chennai. Government ships operate weekly 3 days and you have to book tickets from those cities or details you can find from Andaman and Nicobar Tourism site. Current airlines those operate to reach Port Blair are Spice Jet, Go Air, and Air India. And it takes 2 hours from Kolkata to reach in the Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair.

Spice JetSpice Jet

Unfortunately, I got a very bad experience and my flights were delayed total 4 hours from Dhaka and Kolkata too. So I’ve reached Port Blair airport in the afternoon (after 3 pm) though I supposed to be by 1 pm Indian time. And one more thing must pre-order your food while collecting your air ticket if you’re flying by Spice Jet. I didn’t know that and 20% extra I paid for one Chicken Roll as bought from the airplane. To save money it is better to carry dry food and water or eat from the outside before taking off the flight.

After collecting my luggage, I directly went to Hotel GB Oceania by tourist AC car from Andaman Travels. And in my entire Port Blair tour, I was guided by Gopi Driver.

Here I made one mistake and came back to the airport again to take the permit paper. So here it is, you got to learn from your mistakes and you’ll definitely remember it.

I wanted to visit the historic Cellular Jail on the first day but couldn’t for the timings. In the evening went to visit Corbyn’s Cove Beach. At 5 pm only it became very dark and nothing but enjoyed walking and the waves sound on the beach. It was drizzling too. I found some local stalls outside of the beach selling many fancy things mainly made out of sea shell and wood.

GB Oceania is a 3-star hotel and located in the center of Port Blair. The modern interior design of this hotel is cool and the room is well-furnished too. This hotel is just 2.6 km from the airport and all the main tourist attractions are nearby only. Breakfast and dinner were complimentary from the Hotel GB Oceania restaurant. In every restaurant in the Andaman Islands, you’ll find mainly South Indian food. It is because here most tourists are from South India.

Here in Port Blair within 9 pm all shops, markets, and all activities do close. The city is normally safe to travel and I found locals are helpful and cooperative. And all kinds of transport facility are there but two-wheelers are more. There are many hotels and restaurants in many ranges and budgets in the city. Many mobile networks do operate in the Andaman Islands but Internet speed is not faster, much expensive, and not available everywhere.

Wifi Service in Nadav's Place Expensive Internet Service in the Andaman Islands [Nadav’s Place]

So, it depends on your time, schedule, and interest on the FIRST DAY you can visit Cellular Jail, Light and Sound Show at Cellular Jail, and Corbyn’s Cove Beach. Even you can move around nearby in the city.

  • All foreign tourists must collect permit paper from the Immigration section at Port Blair airport. Otherwise, you’ll not be allowed to stay at any hotels and visit any places.
  • Must carry your Passport, Permit Paper, and Identity Card (for Indians) wherever you visit in the Andaman Islands.
  • Go through the permit paper where every necessary detail you’ll find to help you travel safely in the Andaman Islands.
  • Must return your permit paper after collecting air ticket while leaving Andaman after your trip.

Day 2

Makruzz, Havelock Island, Ocean Blue Resort, Vijaynagar Beach, Radhanagar Beach

Get in Havelock Island

Next day after an early breakfast started to leave for Havelock Island, the main attraction in the entire Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Presently the only way to reach Havelock Island from Port Blair is the ferry. There are some private cruises and government ferries to reach you to the Havelock Island. You can book respective ferry tickets from the ferry office in the Port Blair harbor. In fact in the Andaman Islands, you can visit various islands by the ferry service and this is the best way to hop from one island to another island.

I traveled by Makruzz, private cruise in a deluxe class. There are three classes (Premium, Deluxe, and Royal). It costs me 1150 Rs per ticket. It was a very pleasant experience, very good service, cooperative crews and safe too. You’ll get a complimentary meal too during your journey. It took just one and half hours to reach Havelock Ferry Ghat.

Makruzz Makruzz

How beautiful is Havelock I understood from the ferry ghat itself, it is actually the beach no. 1. There are many top beaches in Havelock Island and many water activities are must do things here. In the morning at 9:45 am I’ve reached Ocean Blue Resort in Havelock Island by another Tourist Car service. There are many resorts and also budget hotels in Havelock but it is best to stay beside any beach though it’ll be a bit expensive.

I completely loved my 2 nights stay at Ocean Blue Resort. This resort is very close to the Vijaynagar beach and so I chose to stay here. Breakfast and dinner were complimentary from this resort. The room is well decorated with all necessary things. What I loved most is the beautiful garden of many colorful flowers of this resort.

Ocean Blue Resort Havelock IslandOcean Blue Resort

Just before lunch made my first visit to Vijaynagar beach (Beach no. 5). This was an awesome experience and such a picturesque beach it is! I loved the greenish-blue watercolor of this beach and there are many Mahua and Coconut trees. And spending some moments here was blissful.

Mahua Trees at Vijayanagar BeachVijaynagar Beach

There are some restaurants nearby Ocean Blue Resort. Best to try seafood here. I took plain Paratha and Tuna fish curry for lunch from Nadav’s Place. This restaurant runs by Ocean Blue Resort and Blue Bird Resort. And food is too pricey here though tasty.

Lunch with Sea Fish CurryLunch with Sea Fish Curry

And afternoon went to visit Asia’s famous Radhanagar Beach (Beach no. 7). Radhanagar beach is the main attraction among tourists in Havelock Island and became popular worldwide in 2004. It listed as Asia’s Best Beach by the Time magazine.

Top 100 Beaches in the World - Radhanagar Beach Radhanagar Beach

Now Radhanagar Beach holds the 64 number among the Top 100 beaches in the world by CNN. This beach is just 10 km from Ocean Blue resort. The sandy beach, blue water, and the sunset moments can be your lifetime experience. Here outside the beach, you’ll get many local shops selling local fresh fruits and coconut water but all are pricey comparatively other beaches on Havelock Island.

The Sunset Hour in the Radhanagar Beach Radhanagar Beach

The second day you can visit Radhanagar Beach, Vijaynagar beach, and Govindnagar beach (Beach no. 3) also if it is near to your resort. And must try Sea Food at Red Snappers, best in Havelock Island.

Day 3

Havelock Island, Vijaynagar Beach, Scuba Dive, Kalapathar Beach, Nadav’s Place

I started my second day with a long walk at the Vijaynagar Beach in Havelock Island. The sky was unclear, I wanted to see the sunrise but couldn’t rather enjoy the calmness and serenity of this beach. I photographed a lot here. I met one Telegu family here who stayed in the same resort and found many came for a morning walk. Just opposite of this beach is the Dolphin Resort and so this beach seems like a private beach.

The Beauty of the Vijaynagar Beach During MonsoonVijaynagar Beach

I supposed to go to visit the Elephant Beach, best for snorkeling and other water activities. But due to bad weather, this beach was closed for tourists. But by trekking was possible to visit, I didn’t as the road condition was not that good.

Then I decided to go for Scuba Diving at Nemo Reef nearby the Beach no. 2 from Blue Corals Dive. I never thought I can be able to do it but I was super excited and too much happy with the beauty of the underwater world. It was 9.9 meters deep dive for 30 minutes. It costs me 2500 Rs. with photos and videos. How fascinating it was to see many coral reefs, colorful fishes, especially Nemo fish and many unknown sea fishes!

Scuba Diving in Havelock Island At Nemo Reef To Scuba Dive

I would never go for scuba diving if Elephant Beach is opened for snorkeling and so it was good for one sense. Those happened happens for good. No problem in my future Andaman tour I’ll not miss visiting Elephant Beach. Hope for the best. 🙂

In the afternoon, it was pleasant and had a nice time at Kalapathar Beach. It just takes 7 to 10 minutes by car to reach this beach from the resort. I found all the beaches here in Havelock well managed by the authorities. All are much aware of cleanliness on the beaches. Here outside the beach, you’ll find many coconut shops and must drink coconut water at less price (just 15 Rs.) per coconut but fresh and sweet water.

Turquoise waters of Kalapathar beach Kalapathar Beach
Coconut Stall in Havelock Island Coconut Stall [Coconut Superman]

My last dinner at Nadav’s Place in Havelock Island became a sweet memory with the local sweets (Rasgulla) and it was truly tasty.

The third day must try scuba diving nearby from the reputed dive school. Elephant beach is the must-visit destination for the whole day. Neither you should miss visiting Kalapathar Beach. It depends on your choices and the nature of your trip.


  • Havelock Island is pristine, beautiful, and remote land but safe to travel alone or in a group. Here internet speed is too slow than Port Blair.
  • After the evening, it is safe not to stay on any beach and sometimes not permitted by the beach authorities unless any activities made by the respective resorts nearby the beach in Havelock Island.
  • Must concern about safety while going for any water activities on the island and beaches. I always listen to my instinct while traveling solo and it works well.

Day 4

Port Blair, Cellular Jail, Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Munda Pahar Beach, Hotel GB Oceania

Back to Port Blair

On the fourth day after a breakfast, I checked out from Ocean Blue Resort and came back Port Blair by Makruzz.

Breakfast at Nadav's PlaceBreakfast at Nadav’s Place

I collected the ticket from the ferry ghat office which was already booked. I reached Port Blair before 1 pm and decided to visit Cellular Jail. But before that went shopping at the Sagarekha Emporium. There were many rare collections of artistic sea shell and wood crafts. You can buy for home decorations or as gift items.

Sea Shell Craft [Sagarekha Emporium]Sea Shell Craft [Sagarekha Emporium]

It was worth to visit Kala Pani or Cellular Jail which established between 1896 – 1906. Cellular Jail has been used by the British to deport political prisoners to the remote Andaman Sea. A must-visit destination to know the history of the Andaman Islands. Here you’ve to collect ticket (30 Rs. per person) before entering and you can also take Guide with you. I explored alone on every floor and there are many museums to visit.

Cellular Jail Cellular Jail

Cellular Jail is now represented as National Memorial Monument. It was amazing to see the remote view of the Andaman from the Tower of the Cellular Jail. You can even see Ross Island, North Bay Island, and the lighthouse from here.

National Memorial Cellular JailNational Memorial Cellular Jail

After that, I went to explore Corbyn’s Cove Beach. Here you’ll really love the rows of the long coconut trees and it was beautiful in the daytime. I enjoyed Jet Skiing here, for some minutes it cost 350 Rs. There are other adventurous activities too here like speed boat ride, banana ride, and sofa ride. There is one island here, known as Snake Island.

 Corbyn's Cove BeachCorbyn’s Cove Beach

My South Andaman trip over with a visit to Munda Pahar Beach nearby Chidiyatapu. It was thrilling to reach Munda Pahar while saw many long green trees both the side of the road. There are various trees in the Munda Pahar Beach. Many uprooted trees created an extra beauty entire the beach. Just before sunset, it was amazing and this place was very windy too.

Munda Pahar BeachMunda Pahar Beach

Keep Beach Neat & CleanKeep Beach Neat & Clean at Munda Pahar

I wanted to go for a Light and Sound show at the Cellular Jail in the evening. But there was a long queue and could not manage the ticket. After the evening, there was one show for 1 hour but didn’t feel to go for it as it will be late and I was too exhausted. Actually, I wanted to go for it on the first day but schedule changed for the delay of the flights and that day this show was close to the public due to some VIP guests.

At night, I enjoyed a buffet dinner at the Hotel GB Oceania restaurant. I slept early as next day will leave Port Blair for Dhaka.

The fourth day you can even visit Ross Island, North Bay Island those are very near to the city. North Bay Island is also best for Scuba Diving, Sea Walk, and Glass Bottom Boat Ride.

Day 5

Last day in the Andaman Islands…

I checked out from Hotel GB Oceania after breakfast. I was happy to manage a window seat while coming back and enjoyed the extreme beauty of the Andaman Islands from the sky.

Andaman Islands from the SkyThe Andaman Islands from the Sky

The total Port Blair airport area is No Photography zone. Before taking off I took some photos but later came to know it is better not to put the airport photos online. It is a defense airfield and has strategic importance to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Back To Dhaka

My whole trip to the Andaman Islands was interesting and enjoyable besides the boring time for the delay flights in Kolkata. Literally, I’ve reached Dhaka on 02 June. It was 2 hours late for Biman Airlines. So I had reached home after 12 am. Thankfully I could be able to manage Green Bangla Taxi Cab service from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka. Their service was really good and it was safe too. Furthermore, it really needs guts while traveling solo but every new experience teaches me new lessons. In the end, I’m the happiest to collect memories, not things by traveling. 🙂

However, the first visit will not let you explore everything due to time and many circumstances. And I believe every place should be visited many times to explore the best way. Therefore I’m hoping to visit again the magical Andaman Islands!

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Stay Tuned for next posts to know more about the Andaman Islands.

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