I enjoy traveling smart, love to carry smart travel accessories and wearing a smart outfit. A pleasure to list some of my favorite and essential travel gear I love to travel with or recommend. The recommended travel accessories to travel smart and simplify your trip around. Here under travel resources, you’ll also find my travel related tips and information before planning a trip.

Gradually I am also adding my personal reviews on various travel products I’m happy to use or found useful and carry during my trip. Check out to get all travel tips and product reviews. And also drop to shop my favorite travel gear or products and outfit.

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Travel Tips

Get many travel tips from my solo travel experiences around. Here according to destinations travel guide and itineraries have been listed to help you out.



I like using Booking.com mostly to book any hotels. To me, this site is the most hassle-free one because of the ‘No Prepayment’ option. I don’t require always to pay first before booking. Here you can also book many accommodations without accessing any card. Click here to get the commission-free facility on your first 5 bookings.



Airbnb is the best choice to book apartments, homes and also hotels. Many prefer to book from this site apartment to stay for a long trip. Click here to get $30 off your first stay.

Essential Travel Gear

What are your essential travel gear? To me smart carry-on bag is the important one along with other travel accessories. Check out the list of some carry-on essentials easily fit any of your smart carry-on bags.

Electronic Gear

No way to travel anywhere without my 13-inch MacBook Air. Being an online freelancer this one another carry-on essential of mine.

I think I use my iPhone XR mainly to Instagramming. I love to share my travel stories through my iPhone.

Smart Travel Gear

Lightweight backpacks at the same time smart and comfy to carry. Here the listed 10 top stylish backpacks  and some of the best travel bags for women travelers will help you to select your fave one. Do you have any particular footwear choice? Here I’m to help you out to get the best one for you. Click here to get the list of some stylish & comfortable best travel shoes for women.

Travel Photography

I love to capture my favorite travel moments with my cameras and iPhone. Here you’ll find my various travel photography related posts on different travel destinations.

Photography Gear

Till now I’ve used many types of photography gear but two of them became my carry-on essentials and they are Nikon Coolpix P600 and iPhone 6 Plus. These days I’m happy to use my brand new Nikon Coolpix P900 along with other photography gear.

Nikon Coolpix cameras are just perfect for me as I don’t prefer to carry and change many lenses. Check out my Nikon Coolpix P600 camera review to know all its pros and cons.

Travel Videos

Check out My Own Way To Travel YouTube Channel to be inspired to travel or travel more. Get also many travel tips through those travel videos. It’s great to record special travel moments during my trip around.

I loved to use GoPro HERO4 BLACK, Olympus Stylus TOUGH TG-4 Waterproof, and Canon PowerShot D30 Waterproof Digital Camera during my adventurous tour in Nepal, and Bali. Just got GoPro HERO7 Silver to play along with my Nikon Camera.

Smart Travel Outfit

Do you struggle to figure out which travel pants to pack and wear when you go on a trip? I’ve covered outfit ideas to select the best travel pants for women. It’ll help you to choose the best one according to your choice.

Smart Travel Accessories

I just love sunglasses, one of my most favorite smart travel accessories. I can’t imagine to travel without carrying many type of sunglasses. I got many collections and most of them from Ray Ban.

Travel Books

I love reading and find it helpful to check many destinations related travel books and guidebooks before planning a trip. Sometimes start checking more to travel next again. Isn’t it so nice to imagine first through books to travel your dream destinations? Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2019 travel book liking to read for selecting the best destinations to travel.

Travel Movies

Recently I’ve started to watch some good movies those inspire travel and adventure. I wish to visit my bucket list destinations while watching those travel movies.

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Travel resources or best travel accessories to simplify your trip around

I’ll keep updating my travel resources page to let you know my latest reviews on carry-on essentials. Let me know about your essential and favorite travel gear you found very useful. I’ll prefer to recommend those on this page.

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