Travel Guide To Cox’s Bazar Beach Destination in Bangladesh

Cox's Bazar Beach sunset moment with Nikon Coolpix P900

Bangladesh is a beautiful South Asian country with picturesque beaches, lip-smacking food, refined culture, and traditions. The Land of Bangla has many exquisite tourist destinations that match no other. Cox’s Bazar district is one of the top tourist destinations, being the lengthiest sandy beach globally with a 125 km long shoreline.


The serene Cox’s Bazar Beach is adorned with the finest restaurants, hotel lounges, markets, tourist activities, and top-quality entertainment. It is the perfect place for family and friends’ vacations.

Due to conservative culture, it is essential to stay entirely clothed even on the beach. The Southern Inani beach attracts a lesser crowd and is a lovely, quieter space, but the dress code still needs to be followed.

Himchari is situated to the south of Cox’s Bazar and is another charming sight-seeing location.

The region spreads over 23.4 sq. km and has 27 towns and nine wards. Tourism and recreation account for the primary economic activity. The currency used is Bangladeshi Taka (BDT).

Ornaments made from pearl, oysters, and snails are rather popular among tourists.


The district was initially known as Palongkee before colonization. It was subsequently named after Captain Hiram Cox – the superintendent of the Palongkee outpost for the British East India Company. It was done to commemorate the work of the Captain to house the Arakanese refugees in the region.


Cox’s Bazar district is 150 km away from Chittagong district. It is well connected by road, rail, and air with Dhaka (the capital city) and Chittagong.

One can reach Cox’s Bazar by both Flights and Buses or Trains from either Dhaka or Chittagong. You can use auto-rickshaws and cycle-rickshaws for commuting in the area.


Direct buses are available from Dhaka, Chittagong, Kamalapur, Arambagh, and Fakirapul. Hourly buses leave for the Cox’s Bazar district. Both Air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned options are available.

The bus rates vary from 1200 to 2000 taka for AC buses and 700 to 900 taka for non-AC buses. Greenline, Desh, Shohagh, Saudia, and Hanif are some popular bus companies in the area.


A direct rail line doesn’t exist to the Cox’s district, but one can board a train from Chittagong to the Cox’s Bazar station. It is only 3 hours apart. The fare varies from around 1100 taka for AC berth to 285 takas for 2nd class.


Daily direct flights from Dhaka to Cox’s district are available. It is always better to book quite in advance to save money. The flights cost around 4000 to 9000 taka. Biman Bangladesh Airlines, US Bangla, and NovoAir all provide direct flights to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka.

Best Time To Visit

Cox’s Bazar is a beautiful vacation destination all around the year. You can visit at any time, but prefer winter if you wish to get a hotel for lower rental fees.

Cox's Bazar Beach Tour
Cox’s Bazar Beach Tour in the monsoon

Main Attractions

  • Cox’s Bazar Beach

The long sea beach is the region’s primary attraction, providing a plethora of recreational activities and delicious food. A string of 5-star and 3-star hotels recline the area. The Laboni beach is the most popular one among tourists being closest to the town.

Cox's Bazar Beach sunset photography with Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III
Cox’s Bazar Beach before sunset
  • Inani Beach

It is a stunning 18 km long beach with coral stones resembling St. Martins Island. It is located 23 km south of Cox’s Bazar and is a cozier and quieter place.

Traditional sea boats - Inani Beach
Traditional sea boats at Inani Beach
  • Himchari National Park

The lush Himchari region boasts bountiful and breathtaking waterfalls, luscious grasslands, and tropical rainforests. The Bangladeshi Government set up the Himachari National Park in 1980 to propagate recreation, research, and conservation.

It protects the population of Asian Elephants in the area.

Also, the stunning beach sunset from Himchari Beach is not to miss when exploring the park.

  • Ramu Handicrafts

Ramu is a tiny Buddhist village located over 10 km from Cox’s Bazaar. The village includes numerous pagodas, khyangs, and monasteries with gold and bronze Buddha images and precious stones. Ramu village markets homemade cigars in their pagoda-like homes and artistic handicrafts in small workshops.

While exploring Ramu, it is worth visiting Bhubon Shanti Buddhist Temple. This place is calm and quiet, and you’ll be delighted to see the 100 feet Lying Statue of Gautama Buddha.

  • Aggmeda Khyang

Aggmeda is a vast Buddhist monastery valued by the Buddhist population of Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar. An assembly hall and a prayer chamber consist of plentiful manuscripts and bronze Buddha images of varying sizes.

  • Dulahazara Safari Park

The Dulahazara safari park is situated to the east of the highway connecting Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar. It is Bangladesh’s first safari park developed on an area of 9.00 sq. meters. The site is meant to conserve animals kept in a natural environment and allow people to witness these using vehicles. The forest comprises numerous animals like Bengal tigers, bears, lions, monkeys, elephants, crocodiles, chitals, and various birds.

  • Cox’s Bazar – Teknaf  Marine Drive

The Marine Drive is a pleasant route connecting Teknaf and Cox’s Bazar, with the hill on one and the sea on the other side. It is a pretty enthralling view that can uplift your moods.

Cox's Bazar Marine Drive Road
Marine Drive Road
  • Moheshkhali

There is a magnificent island off the coast of Cox’s Bazar beach known as Moheshkhali. With a mangrove periphery, the 268 sq. km island has a varying topography. There are many low hills along the eastern coast and a low-lying treat to the north and west. The hills house the shrine of Adinath Shiva and a Buddhist Pagoda.

Recreation Activities

The beautiful beach destination offers an exciting and enticing holiday experience. There are so many things you should try when in Cox’s Bazar. The sea view is so tranquil, and catching a sunset here is lovely and comforting. You can also buy local souvenirs as gifts from the beachside markets.

Here is a list of activities you could do at Cox’s Bazaar:

  • Enjoying Sunrise and Sunset at the Beach

The unimaginably long beach allows for an unearthly sunset and sunrise experience with elite visuals. The beach looks fascinating and different at all times, and spending quality time with your loved ones on the vast horizon is the best experience.

Cox's Bazar Beach sunrise
Cox’s Bazar Beach sunrise


Cox's Bazar Beach sunset moment with Nikon Coolpix P900
Cox’s Bazar Beach sunset moment
Beach walk after sunset in Cox's Bazar
Beach walk after sunset
  • Parasailing

Parasailing in the wild sea is an excellent activity for adrenalin. You must always make sure of all the safety requirements before any such action. Parasailing in the open sea with a broad horizon view ahead of you is a gripping experience with affordable rates.  They charge about 100 to 250 taka for the activity.

  • Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing is an ultimate fun activity to get an adventurous experience at Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach. The giant sea waves will drive you to try the water sport when enjoying a beach tour at Kolatoli Point.

  • Speedboating

You can hire a boat that speeds you down to the enchanting island of Moheshkhali. It is a small enjoyable ride of about half an hour with picturesque scenery all around.

  • Buy Handicrafts

There are a plethora of indigenous and regal handicraft markets for artifact enthusiasts in Cox’s Bazar. The tribal community of the region specializes in making charming ornaments from seashells, pearls, oysters, and snails. The Burmese market on the beachside at the Sugondha Point sells numerous kinds of local art, craft, and pickles.

  • Hiking

Hiking in Cox’s Bazaar is a greatly loved activity due to the number of exhilarating jungles and hills. The sunset from the hilltops is so endearing, and you do not want to miss out on this experience. You can trek from the Pechar Dwip up to Himchari and enjoy the view. The waterfalls are extraordinarily scenic, and you can sit up, freshen up and take pictures at the foot. Being careful is necessary, but the experience is thrilling.

  • Surfing

Cox’s Bazar beach also provides a surfing facility for tourists. The experts there guide you and help you safely enjoy the experience. For the expert surfers, the raging sea will indeed serve as an adventure. Please be careful and enjoy it safely.

Scooter riding is also enjoyable at the beach for the beautiful view around Laboni Beach/Point.

  • Enjoy Seafood

The culinary culture of Bangladesh is top-notch, and you must try the seafood of the Cox’s Bazar region. There is a wide variety to choose from and have a unique flavor that is somewhat spicy. You’ll find plenty of seafood stalls and restaurants to enjoy the best food in Cox’s Bazar.

Cox's Bazar Dry Fish Stall
Cox’s Bazar Dry Fish Stall


Cox’s Bazar is lined with a series of best quality 5-star and 3-star hotels with an estimated capacity of around 150,000 people. Prior booking and appointments are always better, but you can get a reservation even if you don’t book in advance. But it is advised to pre-book to avoid any mishaps.

The majority of the high-end hotels are located around the Laldighi Lake area in the main town. The price ranges would vary depending on the hotel and facilities provided.

For regular range hotels like the Ocean Paradise, Sea Palace, Cox Today, Kollol Mermaid Beach, etc., the prices may be ranging from 3000 to 12000 taka.

For high-end hotels like Royal Tulip, Sayeman Beach Resort, Seagull Hotel, etc., the costs may vary from 12000 to 80000 taka.

Hotels generally charge less in the off-season. Bargaining is always an intelligent way to go easy on the pocket.

Cox’s Bazar is the perfect get-away vacation for your friends and family. It is excellent all around the year and relatively affordable. The beach and with endless horizon are therapeutic, and the vibe around is serene.

Do enjoy this one-of-a-kind healing experience in the Land of Bangla. The food is lip-smacking, and the heritage is incredible. There is so much to do all in the arms of nature.

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