Top Things To Do in Kovalam

Top Things To Do in Kovalam

I know Varkala is a top favorite beach destination for many in Kerala but how about Kovalam? A small beach town Kovalam is worth visiting for many reasons. Many coconuts are shaded and sandy beaches to visit in Kovalam and nearby this coastal area. My two days budget tour in Kovalam was the best. I enjoyed exploring around like a local, loved the local food, beach sunset view, and walking along the shore of Lighthouse Beach. I am here sharing some of the top things to do in Kovalam and places to see during your trip. A complete Kovalam travel guide for beach lovers around the world. 

My two days Kovalam trip in Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) was part of my solo travel in Kerala, South India. It was safe to travel alone in Kovalam, and overall, I had good times. In two days I explored Kovalam beaches and the nearby backwaters of Poovar. I hired an auto-rickshaw/ tuk-tuk for a bit distant places to visit. The auto-rickshaw driver also worked as a travel guide, and it was nice to know a lot about Kovalam from him within two days.

Top Things To Do in Kovalam: A Complete Guide

This travel guide is based on my two days in Kovalam. Even one day is ok to explore all the top Kovalam attractions. Many beaches by an extreme view of the Arabian Sea are the main attractions in Kovalam. Moreover, it is easy and fun, to move around Kovalam beach town on foot. 

Furthermore, you’ll regret it if you don’t visit Poovar’s beautiful golden sand beach and the backwaters from Kovalam. This beach town is only 18 km from Kovalam. It is possible to enjoy a day trip to Poovar Island from Kovalam.

The remote view of Vizhinjam Fishing Harbour and Juma Masjid by the Arabian Sea from the LighthouseKovalam Juma Masjid and Dargah by the Arabian Sea

It is possible to enjoy budget travel in Kovalam. You can have good food, a standard stay, and relaxed beach time all on a budget. Lighthouse Beach area is a famous tourist site in Kovalam, and you’ll see all beaches nearby this area is lined with many hotels, restaurants, and shops.

Best Time To Visit Kovalam

I visited Kovalam in the middle of April. If you want to avoid more tourists, then the beginning of summer (March to May) is the perfect time for you. You’ll experience a tropical climate in Kovalam, mostly warm and dry. So winter season (November to February) is the best time to visit Kovalam. The average temperature is 25-30°C during this time. However, this is also the peak season to visit Kovalam. Also, June to October is the monsoon season. 

How To Reach Kovalam

Traveling to Kovalam by road, train, and air is possible. The best way to visit Kovalam is from the nearest Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. Trivandrum is just 18 km away from Kovalam. You’ll get all kinds of transport services from this city to Kovalam. There is a Trivandrum central railway station and an international airport to reach Kovalam very shortly. 

I traveled from Alleppey to Trivandrum by bus, and it took almost 4 hours, but the journey was not dull, and the AC bus service was excellent. From Trivandrum KSRTC bus station I took an auto-rickshaw to reach the hotel of Kovalam. 

Where To Stay in Kovalam

Lighthouse Beach is a popular area to stay in Kovalam. Every hotel or resort from this area comes with a beach view, so best to book early during peak season. You’ll find all kinds of accommodations from luxury to budget nearby Kovalam and Lighthouse Beach or Lighthouse Road. 

Kovalam sea beach resort in Thiruvananthapuram KeralaKovalam sea beach resort

Eating Healthy While Traveling Abroad - Fruits Salad with Orange Juice at Anitha’s Garden Stay in KovalamHealthy breakfast at Anitha’s Garden Stay

I’ve stayed for two nights at Anitha’s Garden Stay. This budget accommodation offers different rooms with a balcony and sea/garden view. Lighthouse Beach is just 2 or 3 minutes walking distance from the hotel. Breakfast and WiFi are complimentary for all guests. There is an on-site restaurant for lunch and dinner. Check out below some of the recommended hotels/resorts for all budgets to enjoy your stay in Kovalam.

  • Uday Samudra Leisure Beach Hotel & Spa
  • The Leela Kovalam
  • Taj Green Cove Resort and Spa Kovalam
  • Ocean Bay Ayurvedic Beach Resort
  • Anitha’s Garden Stay
  • Little Paradise Homestay
  • Little Elephant Beach Resort

Top Things To Do in Kovalam

Hopping Many Beaches of Kovalam

Kovalam beaches are not pristine yet worth visiting for relaxing beach time and are ideal for sunbathing and swimming. The beaches are sandy, and I found the sands are partially black. Mostly it is fantastic to see the big waves when crashing onto the big rocks. 

Some of the famous beaches of Kovalam are Kovalam Beach, Lighthouse Beach, Hawa Beach, Samudra Beach, and Ashoka Beach. Best beach holiday essentials are must carry to enjoy perfect beach time. Sunbeds, lounge chairs, and umbrellas are available to rent on the beaches. 

Kovalam Beach

If you have a short time, you can enjoy a day trip to Kovalam Beach, about 4 to 5 km. Three beaches are known as Kovalam Beach: Lighthouse Beach, Hawa Beach, and Samudra Beach. The north side of Ashoka Beach is known as Samudra Beach. I found more local tourists in Hawa and Ashoka Beach. 

Kovalam Kerala places to visit - Kovalam Hawa Beach Hawa Beach

Kovalam Beach Kerala Ashoka BeachAshoka Beach

Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach is popular among foreign tourists. You can enjoy the bird’s eye view of this beach from the lighthouse. The evening time is the best to enjoy the blue shade of the beach waters for the beams from the Vizhinjam Lighthouse. 

Kovalam Lighthouse in Vizhinjam KeralaKovalam or Vizhinjam Lighthouse

Hawa Beach

Hawa Beach is the center of Kovalam Beach. The big waves of this sandy beach are a fascinating part to enjoy. In the afternoon time more crowded. The tides on this beach are very high, so swimming is not allowed.

Kovalam Hawa Beach in KeralaKovalam Hawa Beach

Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach is my favorite of all beaches in Kovalam. This beach is a bit far away from the main Kovalam beaches. On the way to Poovar Island, we stopped and explored the beauty of Kovalam’s unique, offbeat beach. Maybe there is another name of this beach, but locally known as Coconut Beach for the many coconut trees inside the beach area. 

Kovalam attractions - The picturesque Coconut BeachThe big sea waves of the Coconut Beach

I found very few visitors here besides some local people. It is a bit risky to get close to the beach; instead, it was fascinating to enjoy the remote beach view and the sound of the sea waves while crashing onto the big rocks. 

Enjoy the Best View of Kovalam Town from Vizhinjam Lighthouse

Vizhinjam Lighthouse is one of the top places to see in Kovalam. This old lighthouse was built in 1972 and now becomes the iconic landmark of Kovalam beach town. You can enjoy the best view of Kovalam town from the 118 feet high of the Vizhinjam Lighthouse. I loved the top view of the Arabian sea from the lighthouse; it is too scenic and picturesque. Even the tower of the lighthouse is visible from far distances from Kovalam town. The popular Kovalam or Lighthouse beach is the most visited beach in Kovalam near Vizhinjam Lighthouse.

The top view of Kovalam Beach Town from the LighthouseThe top view of Kovalam Beach Town from the Vizhinjam Lighthouse

Vizhinjam Lighthouse is open for visitors from Tuesday to Sunday and visiting hours from morning (10 AM–12:45 PM) to afternoon (2–5:45 PM). You have to get an entrance ticket to visit this beautiful lighthouse near Kovalam Beach.

Moving Around Vizhinjam Fishing Harbour Area

Vizhinjam is famous for the fishing harbor and the beach, which are mostly used by the fishermen for catching fish. You can see many fishing boats, fresh and dry fishes are available to buy. The remote view of this port area is also fantastic from Vizhinjam Lighthouse. The oldest Kovalam Juma Masjid is located near the fishing port. There is also one Dargah beside the mosque. 

Kovalam places to visit - Vizhinjam Fishing Harbour Vizhinjam Fishing Harbour

You can admire the blue beauty of the Arabian Sea while moving around the Vizhinjam fishing harbor area. This area was windy during the summertime, and I loved to see how the big sea waves roughly crashed the edge of a cliff. 

Relaxing Long Beach Walk in the Morning

The long beach walk is always my favorite thing to do in a beach destination. I loved and enjoyed a relaxing long beach walk in Lighthouse Beach. Morning time this beach was clean enough and loved the calmness. The best part is fewer visitors during this hour; only a few were walking and swimming. The beach guard is there, so it is safe even if you’re alone. 

Morning beach walk in Kovalam Lighthouse BeachMorning beach walk in Kovalam Lighthouse Beach

Fishing Boat in the Kovalam Lighthouse BeachFishing Boat crossing Lighthouse Beach in the morning

Enjoy the Evening View of Lighthouse Beach

The evening view of Kovalam Lighthouse Beach merely is outstanding for the light from the lighthouse. Just after sunset, it takes the different shades of colors, the natural pink color turned into violet, blue, dark blue shade and created a charming beauty in the beach area. 

The evening view of Lighthouse BeachThe evening view of Lighthouse Beach

Relaxing Ayurvedic Massage 

Relaxing ayurvedic massage is one of the top and favorite activities in Kovalam. You’ll find good number of Ayurvedic centers nearby all beaches in Kovalam. So why not take some Ayurvedic massage during your time in Kovalam? Many hotels and resorts also provide and offer this full-body massage service with their package.

Try Local Delicacies from the Beach Restaurants

I have tried various local delicacies from the Kovalam beach area. Every food item from the street food Kadala to fish fry was mouth-watering. Fish fry is my favorite menu all time, and it was heavenly to try the deep fry of fresh sea fish for dinner with Keralan Paratha from the rooftop of Hotel Rehemath Sea Food Corner. The particular berry juice from this local eatery of the Harbour road of Vizhinjam was very refreshing to drink. 

Kadala is a spicy Kovalam street food and is prepared with chickpea (kadala), various spices, green mango, and tomato. I had it from Hawa Beach. Moreover, coconut water is the must-try drink for you when you’re in the land of coconut trees, Kovalam.

Kovalam street food Kadala

Sea fish fry from Kovalam seafood corner

Visit Sagarika Marine Research Aquarium

Sagarika Marine Research Aquarium is locally known as Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium. This small aquarium is worth visiting to explore the unique collection of marine life with many colorful sea fishes and creatures. Sagarika Marine Research Aquarium is located near Lighthouse Road and opens daily for visitors from morning 9:30 AM to afternoon at 5 PM. The entrance ticket is a must to enter inside the lighthouse. 

Enjoy the Poovar Backwaters Cruise

I had a scenic two hours boat cruise on backwaters to golden sand beach Poovar. I kept half-day for Poovar Island from my two days Kovalam trip. It was worth seeing the River Neyyar, small canals, mangrove forests, coconut trees, estuary, meditation point, Coconut Island, elephant rock while cruising around Poovar. There are also floating restaurants, a floating cottage in Poovar Island. The most beautiful sunset view from the Poovar beach was one of the best during this trip. 

Poovar Backwaters Cruise by BoatPoovar Backwaters Cruise by Boat

Mangroves in the Poovar IslandMangroves in the Poovar Island

Bird watching in the Poovar Island - Egret BirdBird watching from the Poovar Island

Mesmerizing Sunset View from the Poovar Beach

I took the backwaters cruise to enjoy the sunset beauty from Poovar’s beautiful golden sand beach. Poovar Beach is clean compared to other beaches in Kerala. It is one of the top attractions on Poovar Island. After watching the mesmerizing sunset view came back to Kovalam by the same boat. Many travelers prefer to stay in Poovar, and there are many hotels and resorts to stay near Poovar Island. 

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Kovalam Travel Guide in Kerala

Have you been to Kovalam in Kerala? Share your top things to do in Kovalam during your visit. 

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