Top Must-Try Tea in China

Authentic Chinese tea in Huangshan

Tea is the most popular drink in China. It is simply impossible to imagine the lifestyle of China without a cup of tea. The practice of drinking tea is a culture of China, and it has a long history from different dynasties. I heard a lot about Chinese green tea. It was one of the best experiences to learn a lot more about Chinese tea during my two weeks solo trip to China. I visited one tea house on a group tour in Beijing and was surprised to know many health benefits of Chinese tea. Do you know, Chinese tea is caffeine-free? It is what I loved the most, and now Chinese tea is my top favorite beverage. Here through this post, I’m sharing all about five must-try tea in China. Whether you’re a tea lover or not, you’ll surely love to know the excellent health benefits of Chinese tea. 


Till visiting China, I knew a cup of tea only reduce the tiredness, and it is refreshing to drink alone. But China tea you can drink throughout the day. It is processed naturally and traditionally, very much authentic and so beneficial for health. You’ll find locals in China enjoyed consuming tea a lot like water. It says, “No Tea, No Pee.” I first had in Huangshan at Koala International Youth Hostel during breakfast. It is common to serve tea in China after or before every meal. Different types of tea in China mainly processed from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The best tea producing area of China is in the south-east region. Longji Terraced Field and Meijiawu Tea Plantation are two of the famous tea plantations and worth to visit in Guilin and Hangzhou.

Tea house in Beijing, China
Tea house in Beijing

Tea is like a national drink in China. Some of the famous teas in China are Ginseng Oolong tea, Pu-er tea, and Jasmine tea. Many also prefer to buy tea from China or even cute and artistic Chinese teapot sets as souvenirs. I bought different types of tea in China from the tea house itself, and the quality was the best. In the tea house, they also let us know the method of making different types of tea where following the proper temperature is a must to get the best taste. 

Different types of tea in China
Different types of tea in China

Top Five Must-Try Chinese Teas

Puer Tea

Puer tea is also known as Herb tea. It is the best Chinese tea for weight loss and detoxing. This tea also helps to lower high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and sugar for diabetes. A little piece of tea leaves can be reused for 5-6 times in the boiling water. But the older puer tea can be reused more times than the younger ones. You can even put some slices of ginger, little honey, or lemon to get the best taste and also useful for arthritis and gout (uric acid).

Authentic Chinese tea in Huangshan
Authentic Chinese tea served in Huangshan restaurant

Ginseng Oolong Tea

Ginseng oolong tea helps to prevent cold and improve immunity and memory. The best Chinese oolong tea also protects and strengthens our kidney. One spoonful of tea leaves can be brewed for 8-10 times over 95-degree centigrade temperature of the water. 

Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is also famous as Chinese green tea and smell like a Jasmine flower. The daily practice of having Jasmine tea is especially beneficial for eyes; those more often use computers, also refresh the brain. The used tea leaves can also put on eyes for removing the dark circle and wrinkle. This Chinese tea even helps to ease a sore throat, clean up the liver, and get rid of alcohol and nicotine.

Jasmine tea from China tea house
Jasmine tea from China tea house

One teaspoon of tea leaves can be reused for 5-6 times in the 85-degree centigrade temperature of the water. 

Litchi Black Tea

Litchi black tea is a caffeine-free tea and best for anemia and blood circulation. It also helps to nourish and warm our stomach. It is suitable for insomnia if you put some rose leaves into Chinese black tea. One spoonful of tea can be brewed for 6-7 times in the 95-degree centigrade temperature of the water.

Fruit Tea

Fruit tea is also known as Baby tea and best to drink in the summertime like ice tea. It contains different types of dry fruits, which provide a lot of vitamins, and the taste is sweet. Fruit tea is good for stomach and digestion. 

Chinese green tea from China
Chinese green tea

Have you visited any tea house in China? Share your experiences in comments about authentic Chinese tea or must-try tea in China. 

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Must-Try Tea in China

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