3 Top Beaches in Havelock Island

Top Beaches in Havelock Island - Radhanagar Beach

The picturesque Havelock island is the most popular travel destination in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Beaches in Havelock island are the main attraction and are exceptionally beautiful than other beaches in India. In terms of beauty three beaches here you just should not miss visiting. Definitely, you’ll love turquoise waters with the backdrop of the lush green forest, coral reefs, and clear white sand. And the most important thing is that here all the beaches are pristine and well managed.

Top Beaches in Havelock Island - Vijaynagar beachVijaynagar Beach

Undoubtedly it was rightly said that the cure for anything is saltwater. The time you’re on any beaches or in the sea you feel inside so free, and relieved. It is not just about sunbathing and swimming on beaches. But also blissful enjoying every moment while walking on a white sandy beach, with the sound of the big waves. It is also amazing capturing moments in golden hours. How can you explore the beaches on Havelock Island? Imagine like salt in the air and sand in your hair on sandy beaches… Anyways grab more inside.

Havelock Island’s Top Beaches in The Andaman and Nicobar Islands

There is a total of seven beaches on Havelock Island. They are known as Beach 1, Beach 2, Beach 3 (Govindnagar Beach), Elephant Beach, Beach 5 (Vijayanagar Beach), Beach 7 (Radhanagar Beach), and Kalapathar Beach. Locals like to call beaches by number, not the name. 🙂 Some beach names are followed by village names in Havelock Island.

Popular Tourist Destination Havelock Island in the Andaman and Nicobar IslandsHavelock Island

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Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar beach is the most spectacular beach among all beaches in the Andaman Islands. One of the top beaches in India and awarded as Asia’s Best Beach by Time Magazine in 2004. Radhanagar beach is 2 km long. If you want to enjoy the extreme beauty of this beach then you must explore the whole beach till the last.

Radhanagar BeachAzure waters of Radhanagar Beach

Top Beaches in Havelock Island - Radhanagar beachRadhanagar Beach

Among all beaches on Havelock Island, Radhanagar beach is the most popular one for all tourists. Most tourists loved here swimming and sunbathing. Very few explore the whole beach, you can explore it by walking only and you’ll find big rocks and waters are bluer. And the right side of this beach is full of the dense Mahua tree forest. You can enjoy walking in the forest if you’re in a group or just relax sitting under the fallen trees while enjoying the beauty of the azure waters. The sunset moment in Radhanagar beach is just mind-blowing in Havelock Island.

Relaxing under Mahua trees, Radhanagar beachRelaxing under Mahua trees at Radhanagar Beach

Sunset at Radhanagar beachSunset moment at Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar beach is 12 km from Havelock jetty or ferry ghat. You can use a private car or take a public bus service or hire an auto-rickshaw group basis from there to reach Radhanagar beach. Must check the public transport timings whenever to take their service so that you don’t miss while coming back from the beach.

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Vijayanagar Beach

Vijayanagar beach is one of the beautiful and serene beaches of Havelock Island. Though this beach is not a popular one you’ll definitely find it exceptional for turquoise waters and big trunks of many fallen Mahua trees. In fact, if you want to explore this beach then you must have to come across under many fallen Mahua trees. Long Mahua and Coconut trees work as a backdrop to the entire Vijayanagar beach.

Top Beaches in Havelock Island - Vijaynagar Beach Vijaynagar Beach

The Rows of Coconut Trees in the Beautiful Vijaynagar BeachBeautiful Vijaynagar Beach

The opposite of the Vijayanagar Beach is Dolphin resort and there are many resorts around this beach. So you’ll find it as a private beach though open to all public. Many come for a morning walk and it is too calm and serene during the morning hour. Vijayanagar Beach water is not suitable for swimming or any water activities. The best is to enjoy the scenic beauty where you’ll love seeing the traditional Andaman dive boat but all from a remote distance. You’ll find many seashells while walking on the beach.

Mahua tree trunk, Vijaynagar beach   The big trunk of Mahua tree

Andaman dive boatAndaman dive boat

Vijayanagar beach is 7 km from Havelock Island ferry ghat. You can go for public transport services to reach. if you’re staying nearby the beach then you’re lucky to enjoy the amazing calmness of this beach daily.

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Kalapathar Beach

Kalapathar beach is another picturesque beach and one of the tourist attractions in Havelock Island. You’ll love the wooden unique gate which welcomes you to explore Kalapathar beach.

Top Beaches in Havelock Island - Kalapathar BeachKalapathar Beach

Welcome to Kalapathar beachWelcome to Kalapathar Beach

Kalapathar beach is beautiful for its turquoise waters and best for swimming too. There are some uprooted trees here and created an extra beauty. While exploring you’ll find many big sizes of seashells. The remote view of this beach is the coolest one. You can just keep gazing.

Turquoise waters of Kalapathar beachTurquoise waters of Kalapathar Beach

Fallen trees, Kalapathar beachFallen trees at Kalapathar Beach

On one side of Kalapathar beach you’ll find one forest too with many long trees. It is possible to explore this beach by walking from the Vijaynagar beach.

There are many local stalls selling coconut and souvenirs from the Andaman Islands outside of the beach.

Kalapathar beach is 12 km from Havelock Island ferry ghat. And you can go by private or public transport to reach here.

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Top Beaches in Havelock Island

Stay tuned for the last post on the Andaman Islands.

Share your thoughts. Which beach in Havelock island you’ll definitely love to explore?

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  1. Nazneen Malik says:

    Hi Nafisa,

    Great to have come across your blog. I have been thinking of visiting Andaman for a while now. If its not a bother could you please share some tips about how you stayed safe during your travel. Would you recommend a solo female to travel there?

  2. Jay says:

    I love getting off the beaten path to explore beaches that aren’t head to toe with tourists. I’d definitely head for Vijayanagar Beach to enjoy a day there. What was the sand like?

  3. Sapna says:

    I love Havelock Island beaches. It is such a serene place and still cherishes the time I spent there. Loved your post has reminded me of my travel 🙂

  4. Steph says:

    Wow what a destination with so many beaches 🙂 I would absolutely love to go here, especially Radhanagar beach!! I had no idea it was awarded as Asia’s Best Beach by Time Magazine in 2004. So cool!

  5. Meenakshi J says:

    Loved the captures especially of the Andaman dive boat frame…..Looks perfect.
    Being an Indian, I am yet to visit the Andaman….Hope to go soon.Your post is gonna come handy , Nafisa ☺

  6. sophie says:

    I have heard alot about the beaches in Andaman. Also about the water adventures and I would so want to try it.

  7. Krista says:

    These beaches look so picturesque! Love all of your pictures and how you described the different beaches. Vijayanagar Beach looks like it would be my personal favorite!! Hope to be able to visit one day 🙂

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