Tasty Cuisine of Sri Lanka

6 Must Try Spicy But Tasty Food in Sri Lanka

Two things I definitely loved about the island country Sri Lanka, one is the friendly locals and another is the tasty food. During my tour in Sri Lanka, I enjoyed trying different Sri Lankan cuisines. Here is the listed top 6 Sri Lankan food to taste for all food lovers around. If you’re a lover of spicy food, then you just should not miss tasting those for the first time in Sri Lanka.

Personally, I am not a foodie. But I love trying local food. I found Sri Lankans love spicy food and fruits. This is also my top choice. My favorite tasty food in Sri Lanka is Kiribath with Lunumiris or Katta Sambal. And nothing to say more about King Coconut Water and a cup of Ceylon Tea in the Land of Wonder, Sri Lanka. You might find Sri Lankan Cooking is a useful read to know all about Sri Lankan food.

Top 6 Sri Lankan Food To Taste [Spicy]

Three most used and common ingredients about Sri Lankan cuisines are rice, coconut, and various spices (the common one is red chili). And a full plate of the slices of many tropical fruits you should not skip before having any breakfast in Sri Lanka. Hmm, sounds not only tasty and spicy but healthy as well! 😉

Tropical Fruits in Sri Lanka - 6 Must Try Spicy But Tasty Food in Sri LankaTropical Fruits

Traditional Red Rice with Fish/Meat & Veg Curry

How about a traditional lunch in Sri Lanka with the staple food? Yes, rice and a mix of curry are the main food in Sri Lanka. There are many varieties here. It can be steamed or boiled rice (white/brown/red) with fish or any meat (chicken/beef/mutton) curry. And different vegetables, pulses, spicy sambal or tomato chutney will also be served.

I had this food at Indian Dosai Restaurant on Peradeniya Road in Kandy and also at De Silva Food Center in Nuwara Eliya. Both are Tamil restaurants. In Kandy, and Nuwara Eliya there are many Tamil restaurants.

Rice with Curry Sri Lankan Cuisine - 6 Must Try Spicy But Tasty Food in Sri LankaRice with Mixed Curry [Tamil Style]

In Tamil restaurant, you’ll find the touch of Indian food taste with local flavor, and any dessert will also provide you with the main dish.

But the most authentic, spicy, and local taste you’ll get from any Sinhalese restaurant. And for that, I tried at Walawa Inn on Tissamaharama Road. I loved the both food styles and as well as taste.

Yummy Sri Lankan Food - 6 Must Try Spicy But Tasty Food in Sri LankaRice with Sour Fish & Mixed Curry [Sinhalese Style]

However, in less than $1 you can have a good lunch with tasty Sri Lankan food from any budget restaurant in Sri Lanka.

Kiribath with Lunumiris

Kiribath or Milk Rice is one of the famous and popular cuisines of Sri Lanka. Sri Lankans prefer to take it as breakfast. Kiribath prepared with rice (white/brown) and coconut milk. It can be eaten either as a spicy dish with Lunumiris or sweet Sri Lankan dish with banana and jaggery.

I truly loved the taste of this sticky Milk Rice with Lunumiris at Fujisan Restaurant in Latheena Resort, Mirissa. It was nice to see how they served this food like diamond-shaped slices of cake. And I took every slice. It was too yummiest!

Kiribath is also the main Sri Lankan food which must be eaten to celebrate the first day of Sinhalese New Year.

Kiribath with Lunumiris - 6 Must Try Spicy But Tasty Food in Sri LankaFor Breakfast: Kiribath with Lunumiris

Undoubtedly Sri Lankan food is really yummy for the additional use of spicy Sambol or Sambal (kind of chili sauce) in almost every dish.

Lunumiris or Katta Sambal is the paste of red chiles, salt/sea salt, lemon juice, onions, and dry Maldive fish. And Pol Sambal is nothing but a coconut sauce where instead of chili, the paste of grated coconut used as the common ingredient.

Hoppers with Katta Sambal

I can say a pile of Hoppers (Appa/ Appam) are another popular must try Sri Lankan cuisine for dinner. Hoppers are also known as Sri Lankan Pancake.

There are many varieties in Hoppers like Egg Hoppers, String Hoppers, Milk Hoppers or just Savory Hoppers. Coconut milk or water and spices mixed with rice flour to prepare Hoppers. The taste can be sweet or spicy.

Hoppers for dinner in Sri Lanka - 6 Must Try Spicy But Tasty Food in Sri LankaHoppers

Savory Hoppers and Egg Hoppers was the first Sri Lankan food I liked to try at Jinadasa Thala Guli Restaurant on Kandy Road. It was too tasty with Katta Sambal or Lunumiris.

But my favorite is Egg Hoppers where you will find one poached egg in the middle of each Hopper. String Hoppers can also be eaten as breakfast.

Hoppers with Katta Sambal - 6 Must Try Spicy But Tasty Food in Sri LankaFor Dinner: Hoppers with Katta Sambal

If you’re at this restaurant then must try Thala Guli, a popular sweet dish of Sri Lanka which made with grated coconut, jaggery, and sesame.

Pol Roti with Lunumiris

Pol Roti is nothing but a Coconut Bread and worth to try for breakfast with Lunumiris. The main ingredient of this flatbread is coconut which mixed with red chilis, onions to prepare a dough of wheat flour. It can also be eaten with Pol Sambola or Coconut Sambol.

I can’t describe how yummy this Sri Lankan food was to me! For the first time, I ate this food from one local restaurant at Adam’s Peak while coming back to Slightly Chilled Hotel in Nallathanniya.

Pol Roti with Katta Sambal - 6 Must Try Spicy But Tasty Food in Sri LankaPol Roti with Lunumiris [Photo Source: The Internet]

Two or three bread I took and forgot to capture photos before eating. 😀 I was too tired and hungry after almost 8 hours toughest adventure at Adam’s Peak. But I must say this spicy and sweet bread is must try for all Roti lovers around.

Pittu with Sour Fish Curry

The cylinder shape of steamed rice is known as Pittu or Puttu in Sri Lanka and also a popular dish in Kerala, India. Here also the main ingredient is the grated coconut which mixed with rice and can be served with curry for breakfast.

Breakfast at Ceylon City Hotel in Colombo - 6 Must Try Spicy But Tasty Food in Sri LankaOne Slice of Pittu [Look at the Plate 😉 ]

I liked to eat one slice of Pittu with spicy and sour fish curry at Ceylon City Hotel Restaurant in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was yummy for the sour taste of fish curry. The common ingredient is one dry fruit which known as Goraka, which gives the sour flavor to any curry in Sri Lanka.

Spicy & Mixed Kottu Roti

Kottu Roti or Kothu Roti is a very popular cuisine of Sri Lanka for dinner. Kottu Roti is nothing but Sri Lankan fried rice where instead of rice they use the slices of flat Godhamba Roti. Then mix with cheese and egg/meat/vegetables, or it can be the combination of all as Mixed Kottu or Kottu Roti.

Kottu is a kind of rich food in Sri Lanka. The quantity of one plate Kottu is more to take all alone. It took me almost $2 (300 LKR) for one plate, and two persons can easily eat.

Spicy Kottu Roti Sri Lankan Food - 6 Must Try Spicy But Tasty Food in Sri LankaKottu Roti with Hot Sauce [Photo Source: The Internet]

I had eaten Mixed Kottu with spicy chutney from Ananda Bake House & Restaurant in Tissamaharama. The taste was ok as always the rich food is not my favorite.

Hence better to know, this particular Lunumiris or Katta Sambal is not that spicy and hot as it sounds. So don’t be afraid to have it at least once or more times if you’re in Sri Lanka. 😉

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Top 6 Sri Lankan Food To Taste - 6 Must Try Spicy But Tasty Food in Sri Lanka

Enjoy sharing! I’ll love to know about your favorite cuisine of Sri Lanka. Any particular choice of Sri Lankan food to taste?

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