Top 5 Must-Try Rice Dishes in Bali

Top 5 Balinese Food Worth To Try

During my six days solo trip to Bali, I enjoyed tasting different local food from warung. In Bali local and small restaurant known as warung where you can have the actual taste of Balinese food at a reasonable price. Nasi or Steamed Rice is the staple Balinese food. Locals do consume three times Nasi for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are many varieties of Nasi and nicely decorated and served with many other food items. Some became much popular among tourists. Besides Nasi other common food ingredients are meat, egg, sea fish, vegetables and various spices. Traditional Balinese cuisines are also served in almost all hotels and restaurants. Have you tried any Balinese dish yet? Check out the listed top 5 must-try rice dishes in Bali.

Nasi Goreng

The national dish of Bali is Nasi Goreng and kind of Fried Rice prepared with rice, fresh vegetables, spices, egg, chicken, meat. The popular one in Bali is Nasi Goreng with chicken and egg.

It is common to serve Balinese cuisines and rice dishes with Sambal, Kerupuk or Prawn Cracker, Sate or Satay, Acar or Pickles.

Nasi Goreng National Dish of BaliNasi Goreng with Meat, Egg, Sate Lilit, Kerupuk, and Salad

Sambal is a kind of chili sauce and one common side dish just like Sri Lankan cuisines.

Satay is one of the popular Balinese cuisines same like Malaysia and Singapore. It is kind of spicy sliced or minced meat, fish which grilled on a fire and then served with sauce and even with fried rice and mixed rice. In Bali, Sate Lilit is the most popular delicacy among tourists.

The taste of Nasi Goreng is super yummy and my favorite rice dish. If you’re a vegan, then you’ll love to taste Balinese Fried Rice or Nasi Goreng Bali without any meat, egg, and fish.

Balinese Fried Rice Nasi GorengNasi Goreng Bali

The sweet taste of Pineapple Fried Rice or Nasi Goreng Nanas is also mouthwatering dish. It was perfect for breakfast at Ari Putri Hotel. Also, don’t miss to taste various delicious fruits in Bali before or after your meal.

I had Nasi Goreng at Tepi Danau Restaurant in Kintamani with the breathtaking view of Mount Batur. Furthermore, one cup of Balinese Coffee or Kopi Bali was tasty too after the lunch. Do you know about Luwak Coffee or Kopi Luwak?

Breathtaking View of Mount Batur from Tepi Danau Restaurant in Kintamani
The breathtaking view of Mount Batur from the restaurant

Nasi Campur

Nasi Campur is the Balinese Mixed Rice served with white rice, vegetables, meat, egg, fish, and other common side dishes. This Balinese cuisine is popular in Southeast Asia. Nasi Campur also known as Nasi Bali among travelers and tourists.

Balinese Mixed Rice Nasi CampurNasi Campur with Little Portion of Meat, Egg, Sambal, and Noodle

I loved the taste of Nasi Campur with grilled Tuna Fish at Good Karma Warung in Karangasem, located beside Tirta Gangga Water Palace, one of the best places to visit in Bali.

Nasi Campur with Grilled Tuna FishNasi Campur with Grilled Tuna Fish, Vegetables, and Sambal

Nasi Bali with Ikan Bakar

Ikan Bakar is kind of grilled fish and popular Indonesian and Balinese seafood. I love fish dishes and enjoyed to have Nasi Bali with Ikan Bakar. You can also have Ikan Bakar without rice and serves with Sambal and Soya Sauce.

You can get the actual taste of Ikan Bakar from various cafes and restaurants at Jimbaran Beach. During your trip to Bali don’t miss to try Ikan Bakar in the evening at Jimbaran while enjoying the beach sunset view. You can select any fresh raw sea fish according to the size and that one will be cooked and served for you.

Tasty Ikan Bakar Balinese Grilled FishBalinese Grilled Fish Ikan Bakar

I took King Fish and loved the taste of Ikan Bakar with Corn Soup and Sambal from Blue Marlin Cafe at Jimbaran Beach.

The taste of Nasi Bali with Ikan Bakar and Ikan Goreng was very good at Tanjung Alam Ikan Bakar, Lovina Beach Restaurant. You can select your favorite raw sea fish to cook for you instantly according to your choice. You can also enjoy the beach view while having lunch or dinner. And yes, don’t forget to have fresh Coconut Water.

Grilled Fish Ikan Bakar with Nasi BaliNasi Bali with Ikan Bakar and Ikan Goreng

Ikan Goreng is deep-fried fish and good to have with Nasi Bali or White Rice.

Nasi Bali with Ayam Betutu

Betutu is one spicy dish prepared with chicken or duck. Roasted chicken or Ayam Betutu is a tasty one which served with steamed rice. Nasi Campur Bali or Nasi Bali with Ayam Betutu is a must-try if the roasted chicken is one of your favorite. This spicy Balinese cuisine is also popular in Lombok, another beautiful island in Indonesia.

Nasi Bali with Ayam BetutuNasi Bali with Ayam Betutu (PC: Wikipedia)

Nasi Kuning

Yellow Rice or Nasi Kuning is a must-try rice dish in Bali if you’re traveling or happen to be there during any festive time or ceremony. This particular dish is prepared with rice, turmeric, and coconut milk and served with meat, vegetables, and other side dishes. Therefore, this rice dish is known as Yellow Rice or Tumeric Rice. The alternative name of Nasi Kuning in Sri Lanka is Kaha Buth.

Nasi Kuning Balinese Yellow RiceNasi Kuning with Meat and Other Side Dishes (PC: Wikipedia)

All the top 5 must-try rice dishes in Bali also carries the Balinese cultural and traditional values. During temple ceremonies, events and house programs locals prepare different delicacies for offerings and celebrations.

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Top Balinese Cuisines Worth to Taste Top 5 Must-Try Rice Dishes in Bali

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