Tips for Visiting Singapore for a Solo Traveler

Tips for Visiting Singapore for a Solo Traveler

One of the most sparkling parts of Asia, Singapore is all about lights, color, music, and entertainment. And amidst the chaotic celebration is a ruminant village, still meandering within its cultural roots and religious tales. One of the safest travel destinations in the world, there’s nothing that can stop you from planning your vacation to this gorgeous country next time! So, if you are a solo traveler who is looking to plan your upcoming trip here, the following are some travel tips that you can consider browsing through!

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore Gardens by the Bay in Singapore [PC: Wikimedia]

Choose Public Transport

Singapore is unbelievably well-connected. Whether it be the bus or underground, you can roam around freely all day long! However, most public transport services are limited during late hours and you may have to rely on taxis, which may be a little on the expensive side! Planning your itinerary here plays an important role. If you plan smart, you can always save those couple of bucks. There are transport apps too, and it’s best to download them for easy transportation.

Cash and the Likes

While it isn’t necessary that you carry cash everywhere, it’s better to have some on you. Cards are accepted everywhere, and ATMs are also available all over.

Tipping is not necessary here, although it is appreciated.

Singapore is expensive when it comes to accommodation and shopping. Plan smart and book in advance to get the best deals.

Enjoy Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is literally everywhere. Parks, museums, and all other public places have Wi-Fi. it’s best to make use of this luxury, rather than buying any kind of internet for your phone.

Rules and Regulations

Singapore has strict rules and regulations regarding cleanliness and violence. It is best to read about them in detail as you want to avoid offending anyone by mistake. Also, since you are traveling alone, it’s better you are aware of all that you could go wrong!


Friendly people all over this country, from locals to tourists, this land will bring out the best in you! Opt for hostels as it is a great place to meet new people! However, don’t confine yourself to hostels, experience solitude in your hotel room, set out to different places to meet new people and don’t fear new experiences, embrace them and all their mystique.


Whether it’s food, shopping, or sites, Singapore has endless possibilities for you to explore. Set out to Sentosa, spend a day at Jurong Bird Park, go for a small cruise, stroll through Chinatown, and eat in Little India! With myriad cuisines, this country accommodates all, from meat lovers to vegans and everyone in between!

Famous Merlion Park in SingaporeMerlion Park in Singapore [PC: Wikimedia]

Also, worth noting, is that Orchard Road is one of the best places for shopping!


No worries here! English is widely spoken and understood by all!

There you are… all set to make Singapore your next solo travel destination, start planning the trip soon! Pack your bags, and plan this lovely time with yourself. Pamper yourself and splurge on this festive land.

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