Tihar Celebration in Pokhara, Nepal

Tihar Celebration in Pokhara, Nepal

My five days Nepal Tour (Oct 21 – Oct 25) was wholly perfect and enjoyable with the Tihar celebration in Pokhara. Yes, the five-day celebration of Tihar starts every year in Late Autumn and exactly it matched with my tour dates. Tihar is one of the most important and popular festivals in Nepal and actually a celebration for all Hindus and mostly similar to Dipawali in India.

Tihar (Dipawali) is the Festival of Lights and also the Festival of Colors to me as I’ve liked colorful Rangolis during this time. Well, I had already some ideas about this festival during my days in Bengaluru, India. Every year we all friends in the hostel do celebrate Dipawali with Fireworks, Diyas (Lamps), Patakas (Fire Crackers) and Mithais (Sweets). In one word, it was an enjoyable experience. 🙂 And so what I got back again in Pokhara with Tihar, where those Patakas was missing, and later I came to know sound pollution is not allowed in Nepal. Okay, not bad.

Tihar Celebration [Festival of Lights]

On October 22, 2014, afternoon after coming in Pokhara, I found the whole city in a festive mood, and the evening it was amazing to see colorful lighting and decorations with Rangoli and Marigold Garlands in all hotels, markets, and restaurants.

Hotel Grand Holiday during Tihar
Hotel Grand Holiday during Tihar
Decorating Rangoli for Tihar in Pokhara
Decorating Rangoli with Diyas
Tihar Celebration at Lake View Resort
Tihar Celebration in Lake View Resort

The next day evening I joined with others to celebrate the Tihar where I found beautiful young girls in the roadside singing and dancing and collecting tips and money from people nearby. Beautiful decorations with Rangoli, Diyas, and candles were eye-catching. The children with new dresses were too busy to receive gifts and sweets from elders. I’ve enjoyed this beautiful celebration and didn’t forget to capture those lovely moments with my Lumia720. 

Pokhara Roadside Tihar Celebration
Celebrating Tihar by dancing and singing (From the roadside )
Celebrating Tihar by dancing and singing in Pokhara
Celebrating Tihar by dancing and singing
Lighting up candles to celebrate Tihar at Lake View Resort in Pokhara
Lighting up candles to celebrate Tihar
Tihar Celebration - On the roadside of Pokhara
Beautiful Girls Celebrating Tihar by dancing and singing

In conclusion, it is not only about celebrating Tihar with lots of fun. It’s about throwing away all inauspiciousness from surrounding you. Let’s all try to understand that and remove all darkness also through this Festival of Lights.

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To Celebrate Tihar, the Festival of Lights in Pokhara, Nepal

Do you celebrate Tihar or Dipawali? What do you like most about this Festival of Lights?

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