Things To Do In China, Top-Rated Tourist Attractions & Local Food

Top Things To Do in China

Traveling the whole of China is a tricky task unless you are spending life over there, and as there are many adventurous and mind-boggling things to do and mouth-watering delicacies to eat at this fantastic location. I have tried to write down the top things that are a must-do on your trip to China! All solo female travelers like me who want to explore exotic Chinese attractions must have these inclusions in the list.

If you wish to go hiking, cruise, and other adventurous Chinese expeditions, carry your vital travel gears along. Travel gears that you must carry for a visit to China are athletic pants for a comfy hiking experience and smart backpacks to carry essentials like water bottles, snacks, pair of extra clothes, and important documents.

Recommendable To-Do’s List in China

Climb up the China Wall

Great Wall of China is an iconic Chinese location where tourists must visit to explore the hidden nature’s northern China treasure. This wall connects with the sea in Hunan Province, or you can also get the view of the Gobi Desert from the western ends of the Gansu Province.

There are a total of ten sections to visit the longest Great Wall of China. To avoid the extreme crowd, it recommended exploring the China Wall from the section of Mutianyu.

Go for a Bamboo Cruise through the Li River

Panoramic views of Guilin city in China give a heavenly feel that you cannot miss out on. Two rivers are running through the karsts, namely the Li and Yulong. You’ll love to experience these water wonders with a Bamboo cruise, and it is spectacular. Don’t forget to click some snaps with the cormorant fishers by tipping them with some bugs.

China's traditional cormorant fisher
Chinese traditional cormorant fisher

Hike up the Yellow Mountains

Huangshan is also known as the Yellow Mountain, is another popular Chinese destination where you can spot the authentic ink painting or the iconic granite cliffs that hovers with the clouds on a wonderful rainy day. Such idyllic landscapes are a heritage of Huangshan, and tourists get mesmerized with the sunrise and winter snow views. It is a pleasant sight that resides in your heart and mind forever. For a solo female traveler, it is a paradise to visit.

View of the sunrise from Yellow Mountains
View of the sunrise from Yellow Mountains [By Nicolascornet – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, en.Wikipedia]

Visit the most picturesque Hongcun Village

When in Huangshan, it is a must to visit the most picturesque Hongcun Village, which is also known as Hong Village. I loved to explore this uniquely beautiful village in a group tour during my two weeks solo trip to China. This village is surely a treat to the eyes of all as well as the artists around. It was interesting to see different residences from Qing and Ming Dynasties during the visit.

Hongcun village of southern Anhui Province
Picturesque Hongcun village of southern Anhui Province

The entire village landscape is stunning; while walking through the alley, you’ll find local villagers selling many souvenirs and food items. Hongcun Village is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ponder the Pandas in Chengdu

China trip would be incomplete without the Panda sightseeing in Chengdu, which is a Research base for Panda Breeding. This animal sanctuary contributes to this endangered species on a large scale, and you can also have a close look at red pandas.

Tourists enjoyed the panda fun here and found them climbing up the bamboo trees, being a goofball, and rolling on the grass. It is fun to snap some newborn pandas sleeping in incubators.

Eat Xiao Long Bao at Shanghai

Finger licking Chinese cuisine is everyone’s delight, and you must try this aromatic and tasty delicacy that you would love. Xian Long Bao is a soup dumpling that is a must-try to fall in love with this authentic dish simmered in oriental bamboo steamers. For Chinese food lovers, it is a treat to explore these dishes and their tasteful aroma.

Popular Chinese cuisine Xiao Long Bao
Steamed Xiao Long Bao served in a traditional steaming basket [By Eason Lai from 上海 – Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0, en.Wikipedia]

Visit the Chinese Classical Gardens of Suzhou

Suzhou city in Jianshu province is famous for many beautiful Chinese gardens. A group of gardens together known as the Classical Gardens of Suzhou and listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Classical Gardens of Suzhou - Humble Administrator's Garden
Humble Administrator’s Garden Pavilion

Among many gardens, it was worth visiting the most visited and the largest Humble Administrator’s Garden. It was built during the period of the Ming Dynasty and famous for classical architecture. Inside the garden, you’ll see the museum, pavilions, bridges, ponds, and old residences. Sitting in the pavilion beside the pond will take you back to the old era.

Humble Administrator's Garden in Spring
The classical architecture of the Humble Administrator’s Garden

Witness sunset at West Lake

West Lake of Hangzhou is the best Chinese spot for poets and singers as this mesmerizing view is a big motivation for them. The breathtaking sunset or sunrise view offers a splendid picturesque where you can spot beautiful hills that appear as if they paint with orange. It is best to hire a boat or bicycle to enjoy the beauty of the lake and capture the traditional bridges and landscapes in your camera.

Historic Guozhuang Garden in the West Lake
Historic Guozhuang Garden in the West Lake [By 猫猫的日记本, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons]

Have a beer in Qingdao

Colonial residents from Qingdao have a big set up for a brewery and produce the second most famous beer in the world. Lay yourself and chill with the Tsingtao beer to relax before heading for the next destination.

A bike ride through the Old City Walls of Xi’an

For a solo female traveler, there’s more to explore in Xi’an than the Terracotta Warriors. The mesmerizing Chinese adventure with a bike ride is quite a captivating and impressive sight. However, capturing the bird’s eye view from here can give a splendid view of the city life.

Old City Walls of Xi'an
Xi’an City Wall [By Maros M r a z (Maros) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, en.Wikipedia]

Horse Ride in inner Mongolia

I was also surprised to know Mongolia is a part of Chinese attractions as it is an off-beat location. Visit the world-famous Gobi Desert over here is a treat to the eyes. You can explore the nomadic life here to enjoy the trip to the grasslands. It is recommended to spend the whole day here enjoying the antithesis of its city life and witnessed all-glammed Mongolian yurt at night.

A Mongolian Yurt
A Mongolian Yurt [By The original uploader was Adagio at English Wikipedia.(Original text: en:User:Adagio) – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.(Original text: self-made), CC BY-SA 3.0, en.Wikipedia]

Catch up on some basic Kung Fu moves in Shaolin Temple

A 1500-year-old temple in the Henan province of China is also the birthplace of Chinese Kung Fu. You’ll be thrilled to witness the perfect blend of martial arts and Zen Buddhism.

Explore the Tibetan fun

The next location to explore in China is conventional Tibetan Buddhism. At the capital of Lhasa, you can enjoy time at splendid Potala Palace, an excellent site of Tibetan Buddhism. If you are an adventurous solo traveler, go on a drive to Mt. Everest to witness Rongbuk Monastery. However, you’ve to take a special permit from the Chinese Government for this purpose.

Potala Palace in Lhasa
Potala Palace in Lhasa [By Xiquinho – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, en.Wikipedia]

Enjoy a sizzling hot pot in Chongqing

Include this Chinese food to pamper your taste buds with street-style cooking. Chongqing is an authentic hot pot meal comprised of thinly sliced beef, cow brain, and lotus roots. Cooked in scalding chili-water, it is a dynamic flavor burst for many.

Chinese food Chongqing hot pot
Sizzling Chinese food Chongqing [By Hawyih – 自己拍摄, Public Domain, en.Wikipedia]
I being a solo traveler, strongly suggest discovering China’s wonders in this unique and impressive way that can give you some good memories for a lifetime!

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