The Pros and Cons of a Solo Travel

Pros and Cons of a Solo Travel

If you are a huge admirer of the element of surprise, then solo travel is made for you cause you never know how they’ll turn out to be. You may find the purpose of your life or finally make the decision you were struggling to make for years or might end up crying alone in the middle of a foreign country. Oh! What a spectrum of outcomes.

Here are some upshots and ramifications you may have to deal with during your expedition for those considering solo travel. I advise you to go through them meticulously to make an intelligent and gauged decision.

Pros and Cons of Traveling Solo


Remember how your partner bickered for 10 miles in your last trip over how much they hate trains and how you couldn’t get them a plane ticket on time? Well, once in a while, it is better to keep your better half at home and enjoy your trip as you like.

Solo trips impart a sense of everlasting freedom and independence in the mind of travelers. Overcoming all the hitches alone and enjoying that landscape from the train’s window in silence will add substance to your grandpa’s stories.

Agabat Valley of White Desert
Solo camping in the Valley of Agabat in Egypt


Traveling solo might turn out to be a self-revelation journey. You find the purpose of life, or you might end up crying in a foreign restaurant while trying to make the waiter understand that tortilla means you wanted a flour pancake and not a Spanish omelet.

Landing up in the strangest of places with a foreign language and no sense of direction can be a stressful situation. If you already jumped in your partner’s lap after reading this, then maybe you are not ready for the self-revelation so much.


Are you more of a nature’s guy than a luxury hotel guy, but your friends won’t ever go below five stars? Do you like to spend more on shopping and experiences than accommodation, but your wife won’t let go of the comfy king-size bed? If you said yes, my friend, then go solo.

Skimp, where you want to skimp and splurge on whatever you want without having to take a vote from the trip committee cause now, dobby, is a free traveling elf!

Dubai on a Budget - Free Things To Do in Dubai UAE


Fees of the tour guide, supplemental fee for some experiences, booking a cab, accommodation charges, etc., can quickly add up when you don’t have people to split them. If you don’t budget your tour right, you’ll end up paying more than you bargained. Especially avoid your transportation in long-distance solo travel as the servicing and maintenance are sure to burn a hole in your pocket.

How to save money traveling alone


New connections are easier to form when you are not with the people you already know while exploring a destination. If you love to meet new people and take an interest in learning their life stories as I do, then tell your old friends “laters baby” and plan a solo trip now.

Also, locals will be more open to letting you in and chew over the culture and rituals of the town when you are alone and seem much more harmless than a whole bunch of unfamiliar faces.


Making new friends is undoubtedly fun and all hunky-dory until you need a favor and you can already see their faces cringing. You’ll miss your old boring friend if you run out of money or someone stole all your belongings in the middle of nowhere. It is the biggest downside of solo traveling; you are primarily on your own.

Palace Museum of the Forbidden City in China
Imperial Garden of the Forbidden City


However, keeping all the cons aside, traveling is the best way to boost your self-confidence and give you a perpetual feeling of self-independence. Yes, the hitches and hurdles will annoy you to your core at the time, but they’ll prove to be prodigiously beneficial for you in the long run.

You’ll feel no less proud as your grandchildren will when you’ll tell them the story of how you climbed one of the highest mountains or even just retrieved your lost luggage from the station *all alone*.

Sacred Mountain Adam’s Peak
Solo adventure to the Sacred Mountain Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka


If you are an erotomaniac or love to travel solo, you might be missing quality family time. Traveling alone once in a while is a soul liberating experience, but addiction will lead to a sense of detachment from your friends and relatives.

Make a year planner scheduling proper time for your family, work, gang trips, long rides, solo trips, picnics, etc., cause “balance is the key.”


With no one bickering alongside you or no one puking their guts out in the corner, you’ll have all your attention saved for the destination. You can notice the little details of the landscape and soak the view all in when there is no one to give you a hard time.

If you are a photographer, peace and silence will become your best friend in your solo trip. You’ll be able to spend hours on the shot without being answerable to anyone.

Spectacular viewpoint of Halong Bay from the top of Titop Island
Top view of Halong Bay from Titop Island


You’ll come across beautiful, jaw-dropping moments in your solo trip, which might make you wish if you had your friends or family to share with them.

The majestic sunset on a sandy beach, a cold breeze over the top of the mountain, or the drops of a waterfall hitting your face, these experiences are so strong that they will undoubtedly make you miss that special someone in your life (even if you don’t have one :’).


Most of us have been spending our whole lives on either money or love or relationships. It is important to rest often, take a deep breath, and let go of restlessness. In this fast-paced world, we tend to forget what matters and need time to rethink some critical aspects of life. A solo trip can give you that time.

Also, if you have any important decisions to make in your life and feel like you can’t decide without getting distracted, then it is time to pack your bags and go AWOL for a while.

Kovalam attractions - The picturesque Coconut Beach
During a solo trip to Kovalam [The picturesque Coconut Beach]


While sitting in an empty restaurant and eating your tasteless food, or while getting back to your hotel room after a bad hair day, you may feel a little lonely. You should be aware beforehand that no one will offer their shoulder to cry on in your whole trip. Only if you have acquired the art of isolation you may proceed in your solo expedition.

Keeping Aside All the Pros and Cons

Furthermore, at least once in their lifetime, everyone should experience a solo trip – it will make you open to new ideas and mentalities and show you new horizons of learning. Although before packing your bags, make sure you are in a stable phase in your life and ready to deal with all the consequences of being alone in a foreign land.

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Tell me what helped you make up your mind, and if you are traveling solo, how is your experience so far.

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