The Highlights of Shanghai: Things to Do, Attractions, City Facts, Best Time to Visit

Huangpu River Waterfront

I often think about why people miss out on the small elements on their trips, making it a memorable one. Shanghai is a beautiful Chinese location where you can spend the best of your time on a visit to China as there are ample options to explore this spectacular location. Being a hardcore solo traveler, I would share some secret travel tips to make your Shanghai trip more pleasant on a visit to this city.

Travel Tips For Visiting Shanghai

  • If you wish to explore something new and innovative in Shanghai, witness this city’s futuristic skyline and dynamic vibes. The breathtaking view from a height is mesmerizing with the modern infrastructure and splendid architectural advancements.
Huangpu River Waterfront
Shanghai city skylines from Huangpu River Waterfront
  • As the traffic here is massive and crazy, carry your maps and maze to the streets of this beautiful place. If you are a female traveling solo, it is advisable to travel through public transport or join group tours.
Shanghai city sightseeing tour bus
Shanghai city sightseeing tour bus
  • Plan your visit in Spring or fall as the weather is pleasant over there, and even the crowd is less. I carried minimal clothing as it is not very cold during this season around here. Plan your list of travel accessories for hassle-free packing.
  • I booked a hotel which is at an excellent location to help you with easy and comfortable traveling. I prefer a city-side hotel to visit Shanghai attractions and sights without much traveling fuss. Search online for the best hotels in Shanghai and pick the right rooms to stay.
Shanghai Blue Mountain Bund Youth Hostel
Blue Mountain Bund Youth Hostel in Downtown
  • I bet you cannot resist the tempting street food of China as there are many food-filled streets full of dumplings, noodles, and several other oriental treats to try. Be careful if you are prone to a sensitive stomach!
Food stalls on pedestrian street of East Nanjing Road
Food stalls on Pedestrian Street of East Nanjing Road
  • Shanghai is not very expensive when it comes to fares and cabs, but you must consider the traffic hours. I prefer the DiDi app for cabs, which works on a similar line to Uber and gives you access to the foreign credit card, and also you can request an English translation.
  • You can opt for the all-inclusive tourist passes so that you do not have to take a specific pass to visit every destination. Being a solo female traveler, I prefer staying up to date with all documents to enjoy a comfortable trip throughout.

Top Things To Do In Shanghai

Shanghai highlights and top must-do things absorb you to this magnificent city. Shanghai can never disappoint you whether you are an architectural lover or the history or the admirer of modern infrastructures. A visit to Shanghai can also be a kids’ delight as there are plenty of parks and spots to keep your children entertained. I instantly loved this gorgeous city for many good reasons during my 14 days solo trip to China.

The gorgeous city Shanghai in China
The gorgeous city of Shanghai

The Bund

This hotspot from the gorgeous city is stunning, and the oriental promenade, baroque, and neoclassical style buildings are an absolute marvel. Visit the tunnel sightseeing across the Pudong and the Bund. It is fun to take a couple of snaps with your superb quality DSLR camera to retain a memory for a lifetime.

Huangpu Riverside Walkway - The Bund
Huangpu Riverside Walkway
The iconic Waibaidu Bridge
The iconic Waibaidu Bridge

Walk along the Nanjing Road

The Nanjing Road is a wonderful spot for shopping lovers to explore the pedestrianized portion and purchase every bit from calligraphy paper to local outfits.

Walk along the Nanjing Road
The famous Nanjing Road

There is a traditional style Dangdang tram, which gives you a street-eye view of the whole place. Dip into the tasteful adventure with moon cake, to wine cured crabs, and smoked fish. Traveling here was bliss as there was so much to buy and explore. Include it as a must-visit Shanghai location in your itinerary.

Travel to Longhua Temple

The Longhua Temple is to capture the historic charm of this place. Standing at pride from 242 AD, it is the oldest temple in Shanghai, and the splendid Red Pagoda is a definite wonder for the public. It is full of gorgeous sculptures, and 500 Golden Buddha statues shining in light can take your hearts away.

Longhua Pagoda in Shanghai
Longhua Pagoda [By Corinne Launay at en.Wikipedia]

Day trip to Zhujiajiao (Water Town)

It is best to get ready with your backpack and headed for a day trip to the beautiful Water Town Zhujiajiao, which became popular as the Venice of East. This famous water town is a well-reserved town where you can find plenty of natural waters and bridges along with magnificent historic buildings and many ancient stone bridges that can stun you to wonder.

Day trip to Zhujiajiao Water Town
Zhujiajiao Water Town [By Marshallhenrie]

Go for market shopping

Here, you can spot the shopping market of Shanghai for everything. There are also open-air street-side hubs where you can discover jewelry, tea, fashion, and pearl of premium quality. Exquisite tailors are also available who can sew cashmere coats to couture gowns.

I suggest you consider these Shanghai Highlights and travel tips to enjoy your trip as a solo female traveler. You can discover a lot more on the Shanghai trip but keep the initial recommendations in mind!

Have you been to Shanghai? Share your top things to do in Shanghai.

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