Solo Travel In The Maldives

My Solo Travel In The Maldives On Budget

I know the heading of this post might sound much tricky to many of you. The reason is very clear. First of all, we all know the Maldives worldwide much popular as honeymoon and luxurious destination. And it is true as well. In the meantime, it is also possible to make a solo travel in the Maldives on budget. I’m sure you’ll love to know… 😉

I had no idea there are so many adventures are waiting for me in the Maldives. During my solo travel, I was happy to find that there are many top things to do & see in the Maldives. And interestingly possible to explore those on a budget.

A short video on my recent trip to the Maldives before you going through inside.

It was a pleasure to fly with SriLankan Airlines from Colombo to Male. But unfortunately, the flight was delayed and couldn’t reach Velana International Airport on time. And also nobody came to pick me from Kalaafaanu Retreat which I pre-booked through Agoda. I was totally shocked by the unprofessional attitude from this hotel authority in the Hangnaameedhoo Island.

So here it is, you never know what might happen on the way…

SriLankan Airlines FoodTasty Chicken Biryani [SriLankan Airlines]

My First Footstep in the Maldives with Uncertainty

It was almost 10 pm (Male Time) and I was still at the airport. I found one guy from HM Retreat. He offered me to stay at this hotel which is very near from the Male Airport in the Hulhumale Island. He sounds good and instantly I decided to stay at HM Retreat. Sometimes you got to take a risk by trusting the new peoples around you throughout your solo journey. And so someone was right to say, trusting is nothing but taking the risk. And later came to know this guy works to transfer guest from hotel to airport and vice versa.

The Maldives in the Indian Ocean  The Maldives, Paradise On Earth

Seaplane in the MaldivesSeaplane


  • No visa required for any countries to stay for one month as a tourist in the Maldives.
  • Must have to show the pre-booked hotel details to the immigration authority at Velana International Airport or Male International Airport.
  • Be ready to go for a long interrogation session at the airport to give the valid reason to visit the Maldives. They interrogate me a bit more behind my solo trip to the Maldives. 😉
  • The Maldives is a Sunni Muslim country. So it is better to be aware of the Maldivian’s custom and tradition throughout your travel in the Maldives.
  • Friday after 7 pm no public ferry/speedboat transfer service from the airport to any islands.
  • Private speedboat/seaplane transfer service is available always.

HM Retreat, Budget Hotel in Hulhumale

If you don’t want to expend much to stay in the Maldives then better to go to a budget hotel or guest house. I liked my 3 nights (50$ per night) stay at HM Retreat. Breakfast is complimentary here. Beautiful Hulhumale Beach is just a walking distance from this hotel.

HM Retreat in HulhumaleHM Retreat

It takes just 12 mins to 15 mins to reach HM Retreat from the airport. I found many of them are working at this hotel from Bangladesh. They all cooperated a lot, especially Mr. Rajib, made my solo travel in the Maldives a memorable one.

My Three Days on the Hulhumale Island

The beautiful Maldives blessed with more than 1000 islands and 26 Atolls. To hop any island you must take the private/public ferry to speedboat and seaplane service. But exceptions are there for Hulhumale Island and Hulhule Island or Airport Island. Only this two islands are possible to visit by road.

I totally enjoyed my three days budget tour in the Hulhumale Island which is under North Male Atoll.

There are many hotels and restaurants in the Hulhumale Island. There is one beautiful mosque, and one central park, which is much popular among locals.

Hulhumale Island in the MaldivesHulhumale Island

Many constructions are still going on in Hulhumale and came to know just some years back also this artificial island was not much popular among tourists. Now became a popular one.

I loved the beautiful roads and the greeneries in Hulhumale. I found this island is a beautiful one and best to explore by walking or biking.

Two wheelers are drastically common in the Maldives. Here in the beautiful Hulhumale Island, I saw many rough and tough local guys with long curly, dye hair biking very fast. But you must have to take the help of locals to enjoy biking.

Bike Ride in Hulhumale IslandBike Ride Fun in the Hulhumale Island


  • It is safe to move around on the Hulhumale Island.
  • Local police are cooperative and strict enough.
  • Avoid any unexpected offer from some local guys. They might try to bribe or tease you while traveling alone.

Day 1

My FIRST DAY in Hulhumale started with the amazing beach view from the hotel room window. It was Friday. Last night I could not understand anything. Early morning after watching the sunrise view from the Hulhumale beach I became so happy and just forgot all bad moments from the last night. Love you nature. You always more than enough to give me the unlimited happiness.

Hulhumale Beach in the Hulhumale IslandHulhumale Beach During Sunrise

Friday and Saturday are the weekends in the Maldives. Friday during prayer time (12:30 pm – 1:30 pm) all public services are close for one hour.

It was nice to see many Bangladeshis in the Maldives. Most are here with work permits. I enjoyed making a short visit to Male and Villingili Island (Local Island) by taxi and public ferry.

Hulhumale Ferry Terminal is near from the hotel. The easiest way to explore Male, the capital of the Maldives from the terminal by public ferry/speedboat service.

Hulhumale Ferry Terminal in Hulhumale Hulhumale Ferry Terminal

Local island Villingili is very close to Male and possible to explore from Villingili Terminal by public ferry/speedboat service.

Villingili Island in the MaldivesVillingili Island

Villingili Ferry Terminal in Villingili Villingili Ferry Terminal

By the way, the public ferry service in the Maldives is really very standard. And this is the cheapest transport service in the Maldives.

In the afternoon liked to explore Hulhumale on foot. I had a dinner with Mongolian Chicken Rice at Cafe Asiana Restaurant, one of the popular Asian restaurants in Hulhumale.

While loving to try for the first time #MongolianChickenRice at Cafe Asiana Restaurant, one of the popular #asianrestaurant in #Hulhumale #Maldives. ••••••• I came to know this bit spicy n sweet chicken rice is popular among #Maldivians. And in the Maldives you can try any types of food from various countries. But Barbecued fish is the most popular one by all. #myownwaytotravel ••••••• #travelphoto #travelfood #maldivianfood #travel #travelgram #visitmaldives #maldivestrip #maldivestourism #ilovemaldives #foodie #asianfood #travelphotography #maldivesislands #indianocean #solotravel #bbctravel #tlasia #tlpicks #travelasia #igtourist #travelblogger #writetotravel #travelblog #globetrotter

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Day 2

My SECOND DAY in the Hulhumale Island was the most enjoyable one. I went for a day trip to explore the mesmerizing beauty of the Maldives. The entire day trip cost me just 130$ but gave me an unlimited fun. I liked to meet more 14 travelers from the USA, Canada, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Day Trip By Boat in the MaldivesDay Trip By Boat

We altogether had the real fun at Sandbank. Loved to explore the underwater beauty of the turquoise waters while snorkeling. We had lunch together with tasty Maldivian food in the Himmafushi Island. We enjoyed fishing, watched Dolphins. And also loved the fancy shopping in Himmafushi.

Sandbank Fun in the MaldivesSandbank

Sandbank in the MaldivesSandbank

Underwater Beauty of the MaldivesUnderwater Beauty of the Maldives


Maldivian Food in HimmafushiMaldivian Food

Trip Lunch in the Himmafushi IslandTrip Lunch in the Himmafushi Island

This fantastic trip organized by Mr. Musthafa, from Dream Adventure in Hulhumale, and his cooperative team.

While Exploring Hulhumale IslandWith Snorkel Guide Musthafa

Souvenir Shopping at HimmafushiSouvenir Shopping in Himmafushi

And I also enjoyed Jet Skiing at Hulhumale Beach. It took 45$ for 30 minutes. It was fun indeed. Hulhumale is also best for any water activities fun. Adventure in Hulhumale you’ll definitely love and enjoy.

Jet Skiing in the MaldivesJet Skiing

Memorable Dinner at Ocean View & The Catch 78

It was a great pleasure to meet Mr. Matthew from the USA at HM Retreat. He is exploring Asia for 20 years in various countries. He loved to throw a dinner for some of us from HM Retreat.  We had a good food and time together at Ocean View Restaurant.

Ocean View Restaurant in HulhumaleOcean View Restaurant

For making this moment memorable and sweet we had Red Velvet Pastry after the dinner at The Catch 78 Restaurant in the Hulhumale Island.

The Catch 78 Restaurant in HulhumaleThe Catch 78 Restaurant

Hence it will be always right to say that your journey might be solo but throughout your journey, you’ll always meet some nice peoples. And the moment you share with them will always be the memorable one to cherish forever.

Day 3

LAST DAY in the Maldives I gave some moments to completely myself. I loved to walk alone beside the white sandy beach during the golden hour. I kept gazing the turquoise crystal waters. Totally embraced this moment and the beauty of my solo travel in the Maldives.

Hulhumale Beach in HulhumaleA Moment to Embrace

Tips To Explore Maldives on Budget

I expend less than 400$ during my entire Maldives tour excluding Air Ticket fare. You can avoid many unnecessary travel costs if you enjoy exploring like a local.

  • By all means, avoid luxury resorts to save money during your Maldives trip.
  • Also, take the public ferry service to explore many islands. Per person by public ferry will cost you less than 1$. But for the public speedboat, you have to count 30$ – 50$.
  • Furthermore, if you’re in Hulhumale or in Male, try to take public bus service. It will reduce your cost. For any short distance the minimum taxi fare (25 MVR).

Way to the Male Airport

The only road which leads to the Male Airport is beautiful. The blue sky and the beach view is so fascinating. While crossing the road, you’ll definitely enjoy.

In conclusion, a window seat is must to enjoy the top view of the Maldives from the sky. What a beauty! The Maldives, truly the paradise on earth. And I’ll love to come back.

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Solo Travel In The Maldives On Budget

For more query, you can write me or comments below. Are you planning a trip to the Maldives?

Nafisa Habib loves nature and often got fascinated by old beautiful architecture. Here she is with My Own Way To Travel to share her adventures on the road. To her nothing is so interesting than exploring new destinations around. And knowing a new culture and meeting new peoples on the road? Oh, yeah she just loves that too.

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  1. Eva
    Eva says:

    Oh my god, sorry to hear your experience about Kalaafaanu Retreat. So did they refund you the booking? Did they say why they didn’t turn up? I’m thinking to stay there for my trip to Maldives in the second half of the year. Would you recommend staying in Hulhumale or Villingili?

    • Nafisa Habib
      Nafisa Habib says:

      Yes, I got back that booking money. They were giving some lame reasons though they knew about the timing of my flight details. When I tried to contact they told me that, they were waiting for me since morning, and also it is not their headache if flight delayed. Anyways very unprofessional attitude. Thank you for your concern 🙂
      Well, I’ll like to recommend Hulhumale.
      Keep inspiring by reading.
      Have a good day Eva!


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