Ultimate Solo Travel Guide To Egypt

Solo travel guide to Egypt

Egypt is a land of pyramids and owns some immortal wonders of the world that makes you amazed at first sight. It is a beautiful land for solo travelers as the welcoming people, tasty cuisines, and historic interest keep them engrossed in its love. I also visited fantastic Egypt in Africa and mesmerized with archaeological wonders such as the Giza pyramids, Nile cruise, and many. You’ll find a lot of things to enjoy in Egypt as a solo traveler. Today, I wish to discuss my experiences from the journey and the suggestions for solo travel to the wonderland, Egypt. As a first time visitor, get some top travel tips from this ultimate solo travel guide to Egypt.

Top Tips For Traveling Alone in Egypt

Check before traveling

Mind me, traffic is not so pleasing in Egypt, and an unorganized traveler might have to spend a lot of time just wandering here and there. Carry an Egypt map to route all destinations and manage timings to pay at every destination. You can also know online about the entry fee of every place, along with its timings. Check the joints where you can calm your hunger pangs and get some delicious meals that energize you for the next destination.

Great pyramid view from Giza roadside
Great pyramid view from Giza roadside
Talaat Harb Square in Downtown Cairo
Talaat Harb Square in Downtown Cairo
Popular Tahrir Square in Downtown Cairo
The view of the Egyptian Museum from Tahrir Square in Downtown Cairo

Find the weather variations

I packed my bags after checking the temperature range in Egypt. It helps in avoiding a pile of unnecessary clothes and stuff that only add to your baggage. As a solo traveler, I always prefer a handy carry-on bag so that I can roam freely. Egypt is a tropical region, and the temperature ranges between 37-degree Celcius to 14 degrees Celcius. The weather is not extreme, and in winter, the temperature might go down to 9.5 degrees Celcius. You can expect a moderate climate all around the year.

Kamal El Deen Salah Tunnel in Cairo
Kamal El-Deen Salah Tunnel in Cairo
Feluccas on the Nile River
Feluccas on the Nile River

Is it safe to travel solo?

Well, this might be the first thing striking your mind when you think of visiting solo. I had an enjoyable experience as a solo traveler as you can find that people are amiable and ready to help you with anything. The government also takes full measures to ensure that all tourist attractions stay secure, and that there is no inconvenience faced by visitors. Above all, the Egyptian people are very helpful.

However like, every destination, it is always best to take extra precautions while traveling all alone. I found it’s kind of common to get extra attention from Egyptian guys as a solo female traveler. But remember to avoid any guy who shows more interest in talking or tries to flirt and tease.

Be aware of pic-pocketing. I lost 400 USD cash from my handbag for trusting one coachman in Alexandria, Egypt. All might not be the same, but it is a wise idea not to overtrust anyone when you’re wandering alone in Egypt.

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Hire a local travel agency in Egypt for tour bookings

There are ample local tourist agencies in Egypt that can guide you in solo traveling and plan a suitable itinerary for you. I had a good experience as they took care of my visits and destinations to enjoy my journey whole-heartedly. But check your itinerary carefully whether your guide following it or not.

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18 days in Egypt tour itinerary

During my two days trip to Bahariya Oasis, the local guide didn’t take to visit the natural hot spring of the Valley of El Haize on the first day. According to the itinerary, on the second day, we were supposed to see the Mummies Museum. There was lunch after that but skipped all the activities and came back to Cairo after breakfast only.

And tipping is prevalent everywhere in Egypt, which is undoubtedly very bothering in many circumstances. So don’t entertain such things from any outsiders. I explored all alone in Alexandria, and the experience was not all good due to the losing money incident. And practically found it not a good idea to move around without a local guide. Remember to book a registered tour agency, which is only trustworthy.

Alexandria Corniche Waterfront Promenade
Alexandria Corniche Waterfront Promenade

Get a SIM at the airport in Cairo

When you are traveling solo, it goes without saying that you must stay in touch with your family and friends. SIM and data cards are cheap in Egypt. I bought a Vodaphone SIM for 16 USD. You must pick one while traveling solo as it helps in tracking Google maps as you would be spending a lot of time browsing on it. I also enjoyed video chats and calls with my family, who can take up a virtual tour to Egypt.

Don’t forget to download Uber

Uber can be a cheaper option to travel in comparison to other taxis all over Cairo. Their drivers can speak a bit of English that facilitates communication, and you get an estimated fare before approaching the cab. Solo travelers need to keep a keen watch on their expenses to complete their trip within budget.

Cairo Ramses Railway Station
The stunning architecture of the Ramses Railway Station in Cairo

I hired a private cab to travel from Cairo airport to Alexandria. It was all safe but pricey. For long distances, train, which is the cheaper one I found while coming back from Alexandria to Cairo.

Scarf and sunglasses are a must-have

While packing your travel pouch, please make a list of essentials and pack them first to avoid fuss while traveling. My advice is to keep a pair of sunglasses and a trendy scarf handy for both men and women as the scorching heat and sandstorm might ruin your look. Glairs also help in avoiding the local vendors who try to approach every five seconds. Egyptians like people covered and carrying a modest dressing often benefits while you are traveling solo.

White Desert in Bahariya Oasis
The White Desert in Bahariya Oasis

Learn common Egyptian words

When you are roaming in Cairo, a bit of Egyptian Arabic words and gestures can help in a smoother vacation. All mostly understand some standard English terms. English speaking guides are there for a group or single tour.

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Try to gel with locals

Local families or groups can often make you comfortable while walking alone at night in the streets of Egypt. Some areas have a lot of crowds, and I avoid visiting lonely destinations while traveling solo.

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A mosque or store is a savior

If you feel threatened by a follower bothering you, enter a nearby mosque or store immediately. Egyptians are very friendly, and if they find you in trouble, they will help foreigners in such a situation.

Search for tours or cruises for solo travelers

Egypt can be any travelers’ delight, and my experience in this sandy city with colorful markets, and the historical atmosphere was breathtaking to explore and worth a visit. I would suggest asking your tour provider for a solo traveler package so that you can enjoy a hassle-free holiday.

Stunning Red Sea view from beach town Hurghada in Egypt
Stunning Red Sea view from beach town Hurghada

After all, you deserve all the fun while traveling solo. Besides exploring the pyramids and many historical tourist spots, cruising the great River Nile are very enjoyable. You’ll even love the beach time in Egypt with the extreme Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea beauty.

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Egypt travel guide for solo traveling Top tips for traveling alone in Egypt

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