Nepal: Nature Lovers Fave Destination – Part Two

Top Touristl Attractions of Nepal - Fewa Lake Pokhara

South Asia’s Proud Nepal, undoubtedly nature lovers favorite destination. But this mountainous land is not only famous for the Mighty Himalayas; there are much more to explore here being a nature lover. If you’re in Nepal, then you shouldn’t miss visiting the top natural attractions of Nepal in Pokhara.

I’ve loved being in Pokhara, Nepal a lot, famous for many attractive spots. This city is lovely, calm and quiet like me :-), locals are friendly and helpful and so no problem to move around alone. The whole Nepal was in a festive mood and so Pokhara, they were celebrating their main festival, Tihar (Dipawali), a celebration of colors and lights. From Hotel Grand Holiday, where I’ve stayed, some tourist spots are close to visit, and Fewa Lake (Phewa Lake or Phewa Tal) is one of them. And this is the must-visit spot for all tourists and nature lovers.

On Thursday, October 23, 2014, I was lucky enough to visit some cool spots from early morning to evening. In Part One, you came to know about Annapurna Mountain at Sarangkot, Pokhara. Now I’ll take you to Begnas Lake, Fewa Lake and Davis Falls in Pokhara.

Before going through inside you might like to watch the following video on some must-visit top attractions of Nepal in Pokhara.

Top Tourist Attractions of Nepal in Pokhara

Begnas Lake

Who doesn’t like boating in a fresh and deep blue water lake? I love Boat and Boating; it took me always in a different world where I found myself the happiest one. There are eight lakes in Pokhara, and among those, Begnas and Fewa are the famous ones. And this is the second largest lake after Fewa Lake. It took me 40 mins to reach Begnas Lake from the hotel. Here you can move around or go for boating. I’ve gone for share basis boating with other tourists, if you don’t know swimming (I don’t know), no problem they will support you with a life jacket. Cut the ticket and enjoy boating here.

Oh, what a beauty!! I’m on a boat under the clear blue sky and clouds where snowy peaks of the Himalayan too visible (were a dream to me). Sorry, I’ll not mind if you lost yourself there.

Begnas LakeSnowy peaks of the Annapurna Mountain in Begnas Lake 
Walkway in Begnas Lake
Walkway in Begnas Lake
Begnas Lake, Pokhara
Begnas Lake Boating
Top Natural Attractions of Nepal in Pokhara - Amazing Beauty of the Begnas Lake
Fantastic Beauty of the Begnas Lake
Begnas Lake Beauty in Autumn
Begnas Lake Beauty in Autumn
Beauty of Begnas Lake
Blue fresh water in Begnas Lake

Fewa Lake

One of the main attractions in Pokhara city and just 10 minutes walking distance from the Hotel Grand Holiday. Can you imagine? Just before sunset, you are in Fewa Lake or Phewa Lake, enjoying the tranquility and the abundant beauty of nature. Yeah, I was precisely at that time and found myself once again the happiest one. Here you cannot go on share basis boating. Check out the hanging list of Boating (price and timings) before cutting the ticket. Here ticket price is more than the Begnas Lake. But you can find many options. You can row a boat by yourself if you know that or spend time by swimming.

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There is one small island here where the Tal Barahi Temple located, one of the serene place. You may only go for boating to visit that island. I took a boat for one hour where no one else except me and the boatwoman (first time I saw and really loved and enjoyed her company with beauty around). Boating in a Fewa Lake will always be one of my favorite trips among all.

Fewa LakeAmazing Tranquility in Fewa Lake
Pokhara Travel Attractions - Boating on Fewa Lake
Boating on Fewa Lake
Fewa Lake Island
Fewa Lake Island
View from Fewa Lake Island
Enjoying Beauty in Fewa Lake Island
Taal Barahi Temple
Tal Barahi Temple
Before Sunset Fewa Lake
Fewa Lake Boating, just Before Sunset
Mountains in Fewa Lake
Mountains in Fewa Lake
Boatwoman rowing Boat, Fewa Lake
Boatwoman rowing Boat
Colorful Boats, Fewa Lake
Colorful Boats in a queue on Fewa Lake

Davis Falls

The underground waterfall, Davis Falls is attractive because of the natural tunnel from where the water travels. One of the famous and favorite charming spot for tourists. It got a tragic story about one Swiss tourist after whose name this fall became famous as Davis fall. But better to visit during the rainy season to enjoy the deep flows of water.

Davis FallsDavis Falls
Davis Falls's Natural Tunnel
Natural Tunnel of Davis Falls
Beauty of Davis Fall
Davis Falls
Davis Falls Pokhara
Davis Falls

Here all photos captured by Lumia720.

Additional Tips

  • October to November (during Autumn) is the best season to visit beautiful lakes in Pokhara.
  • There are many hotels and resorts, villas nearby all lakes.
  • If you are planning for luxury travels in Begnas Lake, then directly go to Begnas Lake Resort.

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Top Tourist Attractions of Nepal in Pokhara

Share your thoughts. Have you visited Pokhara recently? What did you like most about Fewa Lake? 

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