A BIG Hello with A BIG Smile to all!

I’m Nafisa Habib from Bangladesh. I’m with My Own Way To Travel, a Solo Female Travel Blog to inspire solo travel and motivate all through the journey or trip. Here most of all, I share my own travel stories and experiences to guide you to travel even it means to be alone. All travel resourcestips, photos, and videos are to inspire you to explore the destination on your own.

The mission is to listen to your heart and go your own way to be happy always. It’s about finding the real you and continuing the journey in every situation. It’s about seeing the world and explore yourself. It’s to ask how your trip can be positively impactful on others?

About My Own Way To Travel

I’ve started My Own Way To Travel with a thought of complete positivity. My blog is my happy world, where I share what is beautiful and friendly around. What is ugly and create negative thoughts I don’t like to share. The reason behind it is apparent. I believe what is ugly today might be not in tomorrow. Time always turns, and it is all about keeping the hope without letting it die forever.

Some destinations became so popular, some still out of focus. What we all can try is to find out the real charm and talk only about the positive things without hating or ignoring forever.

Since long, I have thought to share my travel stories and experiences with all through blogging. And then finally, on March 4, 2015, I’ve started a new journey with My Own Own Way To Travel for giving the best to all travel lovers around. I’m from a place where traveling solo as a woman is not that common or accepted by all. So this blog is to encourage those who start their journey without scaring to walk alone.

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My Past Story

Well, I’m from the IT background. I was in a teaching field for long with many institutions. However, I was not completely satisfied with my work and daily activities. I found new and different things attract me the most. I always wanted to explore the beauty around us. One day I started working full time online so that I can work even when I travel. By the way, my love for solo travel started all of a sudden. I found not always everyone can be ready to join you, so why wait for others and not started to travel alone?

My Present Story

I visit those places only where I can manage the visa without any hassle. My every solo travel presents me full of new things to discover, new things to learn, and experience from new places and peoples around. It is fun to travel with friends and family, but I find the real me when traveling alone.

Here I’m through my blog, inspiring everyone to listen to their heart and work hard to pursue the dream. I want to inspire and motivate all through my journey. Every time I explore a new place, I find myself lucky and happy the most. Traveling makes us happy always. Isn’t it?

So, join the journey of My Own Way To Travel to explore — nothing but inspiring you to motivate and travel responsively.

Nafisa Habib - My Own Way To Travel

Work With Me

I’d love and interested in working or collaborating with brands and services that I think great and also will bring values to my audience or readers. My opinions are all my own.

I invite you to get in touch with me for the partnership. For the media kit and further business queries, please email me at nafisahabib [at] myownwaytotravel [dot] com.

Connect With Me

Let’s connect! It’s great to connect with like-minded around. Are you on social networks? Let’s follow each other there to be inspired.

You’re even welcome to contact here for any queries or to say HELLO. 🙂

Any suggestions and feedback regarding traveling are welcome always.

Thank you all for stopping by.

LOVE and PEACE to all!

Happy Travels!

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