A BIG Hello with A BIG Smile to all!

hey nafisa habib here - Hey, Nafisa Habib Here...

I’m Nafisa Habib from Bangladesh. I’m with My Own Way To Travel, a Solo Female Travel Blog to inspire solo travel and motivate all through the journey or travel. Here I’ll share my travel stories, resources, tips, photos, and videos.

The mission is to listen to your heart and go your own way to be happy always. It’s about finding the real you and continuing the journey in every situation.

My Past Story

Well, I’m from IT background 🙂 I was in a teaching field since long with many institutions. However, I was not completely satisfied with my work and daily activities. I found new and different things attracted me the most. I always wanted to explore the beauty around us. But how it’s possible with a full-time job where I need to be physically present?

And then one day I started to pursue my dream and how?

My Present Story

Since long I have thought to share my travel stories and experiences with all through blogging and then finally on March 4, 2015, I started a new journey with My Own Own Way To Travel for giving the best to all lovely travelers, tourists, and readers around.

Present Me and My Travel Blog

I do travel with friends and my family or in a group also but found the real me while traveling solo.

I love to listen to my instinct. I always go on my own way and love the way I am. Here I’m with my blog inspiring everyone to listen to your heart to pursue your dream. Dream big and then start working hard. I want to inspire and motivate all through my journey.

My Journey 2012 2015 - Hey, Nafisa Habib Here...

My dream was to see the world. Now I started exploring. Every time I explore a new place, I find myself lucky and happy the most. Why not you? But, how?

So, here you got the reason to explore My Own Way To Travel Blog…

You can connect me through social networks or feel free to Contact Here.

Any suggestions and feedback regarding traveling are welcome always.

LOVE and PEACE to all!