Jungle Safari at Chitwan National Park in Nepal (How To Explore Chitwan)

Jungle Safari at Chitwan National Park

Chitwan is the plain region (Terai) in Nepal. And Chitwan National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations here. One should not miss the jungle safari at Chitwan National Park. The remote place Chitwan is the south-central part of Nepal, and here one tourist will also find the rural beauty of the Himalayas land. This post is to explore all about Chitwan in Nepal.

Chitwan National Park is a must-visit for all to explore the wildlife adventure in Nepal. You can visit Chitwan either from the remote village Sauraha or Meghauli. But Sauraha is the most popular among tourists. Here many resorts and hotels are there with all the facilities. One must have to stay at Chitwan to explore Chitwan National Park the next day morning. Early morning is the best time to go for Chitwan Safari.

Get in Sauraha

The best time to explore Chitwan during Autumn or the beginning of Winter. During the summer time the climate is too hot at Chitwan. The cheapest way to travel Chitwan by bus from Kathmandu or Pokhara. But the road condition is not ok due to some construction works for two years. You can even fly by air from Kathmandu to Bharatpur with Buddha Air or Yeti Airlines to reach Chitwan. It takes just 30 mins by air and by bus 5 to 7 hours.

Popular Tourist Destination Sauraha Beautiful Sauraha

I took a road trip from Pokhara to reach Sauraha. It took almost 4 hours, and in the evening I had reached Chitwan Village Resort. This resort is just behind the beautiful Rapti river. My one night at Chitwan Village Resort was perfect and loved the homely stay here.

Chitwan Village Resort in SaurahaChitwan Village Resort

I wanted to explore the Tharu culture and the rural beauty of Sauraha as well. In the evening went for the Tharu Culture Program at Tharu Cultural Museum. Tharu is an ethnic group of people, and the majority of them are staying at Sauraha. So besides visiting Chitwan National Park from Sauraha, you can also visit Tharu Village to know the rural lifestyle of Tharu Peoples. There is also one Elephant Breeding Center nearby to visit.

You might love knowing a different culture while traveling Chitwan (Sauraha) in Nepal. Watch this travel video on Tharu Culture Program 🙂

Jungle Safari at Chitwan National Park

Next day early morning was getting ready for the jungle safari in Nepal for the first time. The Elephant booking counter is very near to Chitwan Village Resort. It took just ten mins to reach and was too excited as shortly will go for Elephant safari at Chitwan National Park. Great to see, from the booking counter one can access free WiFi as well.

Chitwan Elephant Booking PointMisty Morning at Chitwan

In 1984 Chitwan National Park was listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the second Natural Heritage Site and one of the most visited World Heritage Sites in Nepal. Now the total land of this park is about 932 Sqr Km. At the very early ages and before the establishment (1973), the lush forest Chitwan used to be the homeland for one horn Rhinoceros. But now the number has been decreased much due to the cultivated lands by the farmers to lead their life at Chitwan.

Wildlife Adventure

I went for one and half an hours Elephant safari to explore the adventure at Chitwan. So either you can take an Elephant ride or jeep safari to explore Chitwan National Park. But the Elephant safari is the most popular one. Four persons can ride on one Elephant. I was alone with the accompany of Elephant (Selfie) and Elephant Rider (Subhash). Chitwan National Park is 70% covered with Sal (Shorea robusta) Trees and the rest with many other trees. Chitwan is entirely a lush green forest with many floras and faunas.

Many years old and long trees are there as well at Chitwan National Park. I also saw many paddy fields.

Lush Forest at Chitwan National ParkChitwan National Park

I was not lucky enough to see any Rhinos or Bengal Tiger at Chitwan National Park. But I loved this jungle safari with the chirping of many birds, the quietness of nature, and the early morning sunlight.

Chitwan National Park occupied with a vast collection of wildlife. More than 700 different species are available at Chitwan. I saw Samber Deer, Hog Deer, and Chital Deer. And many Peacocks are also much common in the grasslands of Chitwan. The best part was to see Crocodile while passing through the Rapti River.

Chital Deer at Chitwan National ParkChital Deer at Chitwan

Many loves to go canoeing on the Rapti River to explore the dense forest of Chitwan. You can even join to bath Elephants on the river with the help of Guide.

I was loving to see how one Elephant was eating long grasses with the trunk [you can too from the video 🙂 ] which known as Elephant Grass. Many species of this grass is much common at Chitwan National Park. By the way, Asian Elephants are very kind, and timid. I enjoyed the chit chat with Subhash while knowing much about Chitwan and Selfie as well. I think you already came to know who is Selfie here! 😉

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Bottom Line

Almost I was unaware of the ill-treatment of elephants for Elephant safari. Later came to know in many places in the world elephants are mistreated to get them trained to give the human ride. This practice should end. We all should encourage sustainable tourism, and be much aware of providing all love to protect the wildlife worldwide.

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