Four Days City Tour in Abu Dhabi

Four days city tour in Abu Dhabi

Dubai gets all the attention from the tourists always in the United Arab Emirates. But it is also worth visiting Abu Dhabi, the largest emirate and the UAE’s capital city. After seven days’ solo trip to Dubai, I decided to visit Abu Dhabi. I had a great time and loved my four-night stay in the city. I found there is a lot to do and see even in Abu Dhabi. Besides all the major city attractions, eating and shopping are also fun in this emirate. During my four days city tour in Abu Dhabi, I enjoyed for the first time a fantastic hop-on hop-off tour with Big Bus. It was also great to explore Ferrari World in Yas Island. A yacht cruise tour on the island was also enjoyable. Entirely had a memorable time, and this post is to share the experiences to guide you to explore all about Abu Dhabi. Are you looking for how to spend four days in Abu Dhabi? Here you go, get all the details to enjoy the city tour in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi is almost 140 km away from Dubai and takes almost 2 hours by taxi to reach the city. It is also possible a day tour from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. But it is not a bad idea to stay some days in Abu Dhabi. I’ll say, Abu Dhabi is a calm city and much different than Dubai. Traffic is less, roads are wide enough and beautiful. Furthermore, it is all safe to tour around this emirate. 

How To Spend Four Days in Abu Dhabi

On my first day in the city, I explored alone in the afternoon around Downtown. The area is best for shopping, eating in the restaurants and also best for communications. The famous Abu Dhabi Mall is just a 10-minute walking distance from Ramada Abu Dhabi Corniche hotel. For the next three days, I planned the Abu Dhabi city tour with Big Bus and arranged by the hotel only.

How to spend four days in Abu Dhabi

I had the yummy dessert time from Sweet Palace in Downtown, a famous Egyptian dessert shop. Yes, you can have some of the best desserts in Abu Dhabi.

Downtown Abu Dhabi
Downtown Abu Dhabi
Kunafa from Sweet Palace Abu Dhabi
Kunafa from Sweet Palace

Abu Dhabi Bus Tours with Big Bus (Three Days)

Abu Dhabi bus tours with Big Bus is the easiest way to see all the top city attractions. The hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour in Abu Dhabi takes you to see all the famous city landmarks, including Yas Island and Al Ain tour. First, I bought a Big Bus classic ticket for two days and later extended the ticket for one more day at the last minute from Abu Dhabi Mall to explore Yas Island’s Ferrari World. The ticket price is reasonable and varies on the total number of days. Five days’ Big Bus city tour is also possible. 

Big Bus Abu Dhabi sightseeing tour provides commentary in different languages along with the free map in all the major attractions. Moreover. It is also possible real-time bus tracking with the Big Bus Tours app. It will allow you to enjoy more time exploring the city. Big Bus tours also offer significant redemptions to enjoy from different brand stores in the city. So, it is great to grab all the deals and discounts from Reward Booklet while eat, drink and shop during a city tour in Abu Dhabi. 

Abu Dhabi Big Bus tours for three days

I loved the service of Big Bus; it was a safe and fun way to discover the first time Abu Dhabi in my own way with the double-decker red bus. The best part is all big buses Abu Dhabi powered by recycled biofuel, environment-friendly, and runs on waste vegetable oil. 

My Abu Dhabi Big Bus tours included city tour, island tour, and a dhow cruise. But I got the premium ticket for Yas Island yacht cruise instead of dhow cruise. Dhow cruise tours in Abu Dhabi remain close in the summertime for rejuvenation. 

During three days with Big Bus, I explored the magnificent Corniche Abu Dhabi and all the famous city skyline and landmarks. Uncovered the history and culture of the Heritage Village, loved all about the spectacular Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, modern majesty of Louvre Abu Dhabi, and chased thrills at the one and only Ferrari World. 

The largest Emirate Abu Dhabi Skyline
The largest Emirate Abu Dhabi Skyline

Every day I started the tour from Abu Dhabi Mall as it was the nearest stop to catch the first bus. Every one hour bus stops in every 20 spots, and you can spend 1 hour to 1:30/1:40 hour to explore every destination. What I loved most is you can visit the same place as many times you want. I was happy to visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Yas Mall two times during the Big Bus tours.

Best Things To Do in Abu Dhabi

I had a fun sightseeing excursion with Big Bug Hip-On Hip-Off Abu Dhabi. The following are the top attractions and best things to do during your city tour in Abu Dhabi. Let’s discover and explore.

Explore the Heart of Abu Dhabi

City tour with Big Bus takes you to explore the heart of Abu Dhabi from Emirates Palace and Presidential Palace to the Corniche. These two palaces are the top two must-visit landmarks in Abu Dhabi besides the famous Louvre Museum and Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Emirates Palace is free for all to visit. You can also visit Al Hosn Fort and Heritage Village during the Big Bus tour. The entrance tickets for the landmarks not included with the bus ticket. 

Abu Dhabi skyline view from the Corniche Beach
Abu Dhabi skyline view from the Corniche Beach
The roadside date trees in Abu Dhabi
The roadside date trees in Abu Dhabi

Even if you don’t feel sometimes to get down from the bus, you’ll love to cross and see all the beautiful islands, landmarks, and the Bay view from the open decker bus. I became astonished to see the creative design idea of the Al Bahr Towers from the bus. This iconic building resembles the palm tree trunk but also known as Honey combs-like Tower or Pineapple buildings for the shape. 

Iconic Al Bahr Towers Abu Dhabi
Honey combs-like Tower
The Bay View overlooking Hotel Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Abu Dhabi
The Bay View overlooking Hotel Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Abu Dhabi

Experience Culture and Tradition in Heritage Village

Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi is a must-visit to be familiar with the culture and tradition of the city. It is also a great way to know and experience the traditional desert life. Heritage Village operates by Emirates Heritage Club, where they also showcase artifacts, different handicrafts made by the local artisans. 

Abu Dhabi Heritage Village
Abu Dhabi Heritage Village
Abu Dhabi Corniche view from Heritage Village
Abu Dhabi Corniche view from Heritage Village

The craftsmen also share their skills to make pottery, spinning, and weaving. You can also buy souvenirs and handmade products from them. Heritage Village is free for all to visit. You’ll love Abu Dhabi Corniche view from Heritage Village,

Explore Abu Dhabi Corniche and Beaches

Abu Dhabi Corniche in the UAE is a great outdoor spot to spend all the leisure time with family or friends. You’ll love passing through the beautiful Corniche road or exploring the public beach or Corniche Beach, which is free for all. Abu Dhabi Corniche is 8 km long and very well organized. It includes pathways, areas for kids to play, cafes, and restaurants. 

Abu Dhabi Corniche in the UAE
Abu Dhabi Corniche Pathways

Abu Dhabi skyline views from the manmade Corniche Beach is outstanding; it is safe to swim in the turquoise water or to sunbathe is fun on the white sandy beach. Corniche Beach also got the blue flag status for good maintenance. Another A’l Bahar Beach also located nearby the Corniche of Abu Dhabi, but this is a private beach. 

Blue-flagged Corniche Beach in Abu Dhabi
Corniche Beach Abu Dhabi

Visit Universal Museum Louvre Abu Dhabi

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is more than a museum to experience art and humanity from a new perspective. It located on Saadiyat Island and one of the must-visit attractions in Abu Dhabi. The universal museum Louvre Abu Dhabi showcases all the masterpieces of different artworks from the world’s finest artists. 

Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi
Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi

The architectural design of the Louvre Museum is also very creative. The Louvre Abu Dhabi museum’s metallic ceiling design idea is itself a masterpiece. The ceiling designed to reflect sunlight into the museum-like original date palm fronds. The museum mainly built to learn western and eastern art, culture, and civilization through fantastic artworks. You have to buy the entrance ticket to visit Louvre Abu Dhabi. The museum is not open to visitors on Monday. 

Vase in the form of a human face - Louvre Abu Dhabi
Vase in the form of a human face – Louvre Abu Dhabi

Visit the Largest Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the topmost tourist attraction and the most famous landmark in Abu Dhabi. The outstanding architectural design of the entire mosque allured many tourists every year to visit Abu Dhabi. The interior design of this most beautiful mosque made me speechless. It is the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates and one of the best places to visit in Abu Dhabi for free.

Even non-muslims can visit this to explore the Islamic world’s cultural diversity, art, and architectural values. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque got the world’s third-largest chandelier and the most significant Iranian carpet in the main prayer hall. All must have to follow the proper dress code while visiting the mosque, and photography is also allowed. 

Sheikh Zayed Mosque inner courtyard
Sheikh Zayed Mosque inner courtyard
Largest chandelier of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi
Largest chandelier of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
Beautiful interior of the main prayer hall in Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
The beautiful interior of the main prayer hall in Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

There are also many souvenirs and date shops on the ground floor of the mosque. It is also best to visit the Abu Dhabi dates market for quality dates. I bought souvenirs and the special Ajwa Dates from Al Raiqa Dates store at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. I took buy one get one offer from Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream store in Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque by using the reward booklet of Big Bus.

Summer time with Häagen-Dazs ice cream in Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque
Summertime with Häagen-Dazs ice cream in Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque

Explore Famous Abu Dhabi Shopping Malls

In the city of Abu Dhabi, you’ll find many beautiful malls to explore and shop from your favorite brand products. Not only Abu Dhabi Mall, but it is also best to explore Yas Mall in the Yas Island, Marina Mall, and World Trade Centre Mall. Every mall got a unique interior design and all the standard services for all kinds of peoples. All of them offer excellent entertainment facilities and so became the perfect spots for passing a bit relaxing time during the city tour.

Yas Mall

Yas Mall became the most visited Abu Dhabi shopping mall for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, which is connected to the mall. This mall offers 24 hours of mega sales, many events, festivals, and competitions throughout the year. I purchased one white sneaker from H&M and some beauty products from Dior and Maybelline stores of the mall. Yas Mall also recognizes as the Best International Shopping Center and has been awarded many times. 

H&M Yas Mall
Yas Mall H&M Store

Marina Mall

Marina Mall is one of the premier shopping malls in Abu Dhabi and located on Corniche Road. The Corniche looks extremely beautiful from the mall complex. This shopping mall has an entertainment venue, Marina Eye observatory, and an internal steam fountain with stunning glass mosaic art. I loved to have gourmet ice cream from Marina Mall during the summertime. You might like to enjoy the fun ride from the Ferris wheel of the Marina Eye. 

Waterfront observation wheel Marina Eye in Marina Mall Abu Dhabi
Marina Eye in Marina Mall
Internal steam fountain of Marina Mall
Internal steam fountain of Marina Mall

Abu Dhabi Mall

Abu Dhabi Mall is also best for shopping and entertainment in Downtown. It is possible to shop in every budget from this mall. I enjoyed shopping from the H&M and Sharaf DG stores at Abu Dhabi Mall. One day had a yummy dinner with a chicken avocado burger and lemonade mint from Denny’s located in the mall. 

Yacht Cruise Fun in the Yas Island

Abu Dhabi city tour with a yacht cruise can be more enjoyable. Yacht cruise ride in Abu Dhabi Yas Island is a fun way to explore the island. I had 30 minutes ride in the Yas Island with Big Bus, which departed from Yas Marina. 

Yacht Cruise fun in the Yas Island
Yacht Cruise fun on the Yas Island
Remote view of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi from the yacht
Remote view of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi from the yacht

Thrilling Fun in the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi in Yas Island is the most popular amusement park for Ferrari and adventure lovers. On the third day with Big Bus, I kept for Ferrari World. I got 20 rides to enjoy with the Ferrari entrance ticket. It was utterly an excellent experience to get all the Ferrari feeling inside the Galleria Ferrari. Besides all riding fun, it is worth to buy exclusive collectible from Past and Present Store of the Ferrari heritage.

I’ll never forget the 5-second thrilling experience with Formula Rossa at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. It is the world’s fastest rollercoaster, and the speed is 240 km/h. Some other famous rollercoasters are Flying Aces and Turbo Track. It is also possible to drive a real Ferrari around Yas Island. I loved to be a kid and enjoyed leisurely Ferrari ride with Bell’ltalia and Benno’s Great Race, hehe. But my favorite ride was Viaggio in Italia or Flying Over Italy. It’s like a virtual tour where you’ll love flying over different famous locations of Italy. Daily shows and live performances like La Plazza Show are also for all in the Ferrari World. 

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi the only Ferrari-themed Park in the UAE
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Besides Ferrari World, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi is another leading tourist attraction in the Yas Island. Here you have to get tickets for all the ride and attractions. Many superheroes’ heroic activities are popular in Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi theme park.

You may also include desert safari during your city tour in Abu Dhabi. But I already enjoyed the safari tour in Dubai, so skipped during my solo trip to Abu Dhabi. 

It is also fun to do a few unusual things during the island tour in Abu Dhabi. You can visit Eastern Mangroves Promenade with Big Bus Abu Dhabi. It is included with their island tour where possible to enjoy kayaking overlooking mangroves at the promenade of Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa in Abu Dhabi.

Last day after the city tour I took some extra care of my hair from the Ladies Saloon of Ramada Abu Dhabi Corniche. The Egyptian hairdresser from this saloon was great and loved his exclusive spa for my hair. Later I had a delicious buffet dinner at the Lemon Lounge of the hotel. The dinner ended by trying different desserts.

Where To Stay in Abu Dhabi

There are many top hotels in different ranges to stay in Downtown Abu Dhabi.  I stayed four nights at Ramada Abu Dhabi Corniche and located in the Downtown, the center of the city.

Ramada Abu Dhabi Corniche offers all the modern facilities and interior with comfort and luxury stay. The panoramic city view during sunset is best to enjoy from the rooftop of the hotel. They have Lemon Lounge for all-day dining, outdoor pool, ladies saloon, and spa on different floors. The entire hotel atmosphere is relaxed, and it was nice to stay at the Deluxe King Room with the sea view. However, besides complimentary Wi-Fi, you have to pay for food and any extra service you take from the hotel.

Ramada Abu Dhabi Corniche Hotel
Ramada Abu Dhabi Corniche
Sea view from the rooftop of Ramada Abu Dhabi Corniche Hotel
Sea view from the rooftop of Ramada Abu Dhabi Corniche Hotel

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How to spend four days in Abu Dhabi

Top things to do in Abu Dhabi

How about the Abu Dhabi city tour? Share your experiences in the comments about the best things to do in Abu Dhabi.

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