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Seven Best Restaurants in Kolkata Worth to Try As Taste Really Matters

Seven Best Restaurants in Kolkata

Oh! Calcutta, Wow! Momo, Republic of China, Bhojohori Manna, Masala Kitchen, Bohemian, Peter Cat. What? Are you familiar with any of it? Hmm, sounds yummy!!! Yes, right you are. These are all some restaurant’s names in Kolkata. This post is solely for food lovers around. You can try your favorite Indian food in Kolkata as […]

Top 12 Must-Try Fruits When You’re in Bali

Tropical Fruits - 12 Must-Try Fruits When You're in Bali

Are you a fruit lover or like to try new fruits when you travel? I love fruits, and I was more than happy to taste some tropical fruits for the first time during my six days solo trip to Bali. I was surprised to see many varieties of Balinese fruits from some local markets to […]

Top 5 Must-Try Rice Dishes in Bali

Top 5 Balinese Food Worth To Try

During my six days solo trip to Bali, I enjoyed tasting different local food from warung. In Bali local and small restaurant known as warung where you can have the actual taste of Balinese food at a reasonable price. Nasi or Steamed Rice is the staple Balinese food. Locals do consume three times Nasi for […]

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