Five Must Visit Place in Paro, Bhutan

Amazing Paro Airport Birds Eye View

Paro came with its beauty to me on the very first day while watching the spectacular mountain views from the Royal Bhutan Airlines (DrukAir). And then one-hour scenic drive to reach Thimphu from Paro International Airport made me overwhelmed and drove me to ask inside, ‘How can be any country is so beautiful, naturally’? And so was very happy when the day came to back Paro again from Thimphu. Yes, now I can explore this town more deeply. So what are the must visit place in Paro, Bhutan?

I had stayed one night at City Hotel Paro, a decent budget hotel, but was really satisfied with its good service and tasty food. This hotel is in the main town of Paro from where you can easily move around to shop and visit some notable tourist spots like Rinpung/Paro Dzong and National Museum of Bhutan.

Top Tourist Destination - Paro in Bhutan

Beautiful Paro in Bhutan

Yummy Food at City Hotel Paro Yummy Food at City Hotel Paro

From my points of view, I’ll really love to mention some must-visit destinations here in Paro. Let’s have a look and also check out top seven reasons to visit Bhutan.

Taktsang Palphug Monastery

Bhutan’s most famous tourist destination is normally known as Paro Taktsang or Tiger’s Nest. This highly holy Buddhist temple complex is a bit far away from the town and situated in the Cliffside (3120 meters) above the sea level of the upper Paro valley. All Bhutanese believe that their Guru or father of the Buddhism first entered here on the back of the tiger/tigress and so this popular as now Tiger’s Nest.

Must Visit Place in Paro - Paro Taktsang Paro Taktsang from the valley floor

Must Visit Place in Paro- Tiger's Nest Tiger’s Nest or Paro Taktsang

Well, I did visit this monastery from the valley floor and found many of them reaching up by trekking or riding on a horse. Later came to know, at least one day I must have to keep exploring the Cliffside and temples around. Outside of the valley locals selling many souvenirs and handmade kinds of stuff.

I’ve loved the deep Pine forest in the area and found many Apple trees too there. This area was so relaxing and exciting for me. Next time will definitely go trekking to reach Tiger’s Nest temples.

Deep Pine forest at Taktsang
Deep Pine forest at Taktsang

Chele La Pass

There are many passes in Bhutan but among all, this one is the most notable and highest passes. It took an hour via car to reach Chelela from Paro, which is 3988 meters above the sea level. I was amazed by the extremely beautiful views provided by the pass. First time experiences snowfall while going through the pass. I’ve loved playing with fluffy white snows with full of happiness.

Two sides of the road are filled with deep Pine forest and the snowy views of Jomolhari mountain also gave me an unexpected mind blowing experience ever. One interesting thing to mention about Jomolhari is that this mountain is snowy in all seasons. Simply amazing, right?

Snowfall at Chele La Pass
Snowfall at Chele La Pass

Jomolhari mountainSnowy views of Jomolhari mountain

The main point of the Chelela is very scenic but was too hard for me to bear the heavy cold. From here you can also get the wider view of the Paro Taktsang. I’ve loved here seeing prayer flags blowing heavily in the wild air and remembered, now Dharma is much more increasing with that.

Prayer Flags at ChelelaPrayer Flags blowing heavily at Chelela

While coming back from the spot, my guide showed me one unique temple, Nunnery at the top of the hill. This temple is only for women to worship.


Drukyel Dzong

It was a pleasure to visit one of the oldest fortress, Drukyel Dzong here in Paro. This old designed landmark built in 1649 at the top of the hill. This Dzong worked as an entrance preventing from any sudden short attacks by Tibet. This historical fortress faced two times damaged by fire and earthquake, but still alive after a renovation and became a popular tourist destination in the town.

I’ve loved the old architects and the looks of this Dzong which took me in the 16th century for a while. Many visitors stay here for the day and children found playing in the wide area. From the top of the Dzong, Jomolhari mountain is also visible, but it was much nicer to see from the Chele La Pass.

Drukyel DzongDrukyel Dzong

Drukyel Dzong, Paro
Drukyel Dzong

Paro Airport Birds Eye View

I must say you’ll truly miss something if you don’t come to this destination being in Paro. Simply WOW! What a lovely bird’s eye view of the Paro Airport! I just can’t believe how can be the mother nature is such amazing in all ways! Just have a look because here in true sense pictures says a lot than words.

Paro Airport Birds Eye View BhutanParo Airport Birds Eye View

Paro Airport Birds Eye ViewParo Airport Birds Eye View

Amazing Paro Airport Birds Eye ViewAmazing view from the Paro Airport

Colorful Architect from the Paro Airport
Colorful Architect from the Paro Airport

Kyichu Lhakhang

This is the oldest temple in Bhutan built in the 7th century, unbelievable, right? But it’s true and still holding its beauty and purity here in the Paro town. This Himalayan Buddhist temple is very stunning and colorful by its architects. Found two orange trees with oranges in the area of the Kyichu Lhakhang and it’s a faith that those trees bear oranges all over the year. Interesting Fact!! Outside of the temple, I saw some old, tall Cypress trees (National Tree of Bhutan) and one lovely red colored flower tree (don’t know the name) and all those created an extra beauty of this beautiful monastery.

Kyichu LhakhangKyichu Lhakhang

Colorful Kyichu LhakhangColorful, traditional architect at Kyichu Lhakhang

Orange trees at Kyichu LhakhangOrange trees at Kyichu Lhakhang

The next day early morning left for Bangladesh, but was really sad for that and truly this most beautiful country captured my heart in all ways. Bye Bhutan but surely coming back again.

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Five Top Attractions in Paro, Bhutan

Have you been to Paro? Would you like to recommend any other must visit place in Paro, Bhutan?

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