Essential Travel Gear For Solo Travelers

Things You Must Bring on a Solo Travel

Smart packing is quintessential to a mellow and pleasant vacation. While packing light may seem beneficial but packing smart is paramount considering solo travel. Proper organization and packing skills help make the travel hassle-free and eliminate additional expenses. Furthermore, ensuring one’s safety and securing all baggage are both vital when traveling solo. It is thus advised to take special care and measures to stay safe and keep your belongings intact. I will share a few tips and tricks to help you enjoy your vacation without any worries and what essential travel gear is for solo travelers while backpacking.

Travel Gear For Solo Travelers (Checklist)

You need to make a checklist of travel accessories before you start packing. The list should depend on the location, purpose of the trip – is it a vacation or business trip, the number of days you are planning to stay, the activities you intend to do, and where you are staying on the location? Over-packing should be avoided as it only leads to disturbance. Carrying backpacks is quite pertinent as they are easy to carry around and more mobile with sufficient storage space. Having belt wallets and fanny packs is more helpful than you would think.

Clothes should be packed adhering to the climatic conditions of the area you are visiting. It is always wise to carry tank tops and t-shirts for layering along with an adequate amount of undergarments. Pack clothes smartly and strictly as there is always a chance to overboard. Shortlist all the dresses you think you will require and pack only half of them.

essential travel gear for solo travelersCarrying trainers or running shoes is a good move, and boots can be worn in transit to save space. Passport, credit cards, and money should be kept accessible but secured. Locking all luggage well is crucial and shouldn’t be taken leisurely

Here is a list of essential travel gear for solo travelers for a smooth journey and stay.

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Must-Have Travel Gear For Solo Travelers


Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Black, Carry-On 20-Inch, essential travel gear for solo travelers

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Hardshell carry-on bags with rollers are ideal for travel. They ensure complete safety for the luggage even in harsh weather conditions. With advancements in technology, intelligent carry-ons are now available in the market with enhanced features and benefits. These bags are scratch-resistant, nylon front pockets and allow easy transportation and movement.

The mobility is of great help to solo travelers, and that makes such carry-on bags a must. If you worry about the excess storage space, rest assured with the expandable zippers that allow extra luggage with ease.


Travel Money Belt for Women or Men hidden passport and money Came With RFID Blocking Sleeves Set for Daily Use, essential travel gear for solo travelers

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Money belts are beneficial when traveling to crowded destinations. They help keep the money, cards and passport concealed and more accessible to self. It is an excellent way to keep a check on the essentials and carry them with you always. Some branded belt wallets come with a lifetime warranty and boast a theft insurance policy. In addition, money belts are a great way of avoiding pick-pockets, and they are incredibly lightweight.


First Aid Only 299 Pieces All-Purpose First Aid Emergency Kit (FAO-442), essential travel gear for solo travelers

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Carrying a medical kit is vital on a trip to answer any medical emergencies. A customized medical kit is useful for colds, indigestion, headache, body ache, scrapes, cuts, burns, and allergies are essential and shouldn’t be overlooked. It would be best if you watched out for your health when you’re traveling alone. You can either buy a pre-arranged kit with common pills or create one o your own to suit you the best. Also, it is important to name the drugs correctly to avoid confusion and chaos. Take some time out and organize the kit properly.

Packing multivitamins and supplements is also significant if you plan to do physical activities like hiking, swimming, or so. Painkillers, band-aids, sanitary pads, menstrual cups are essential items that shouldn’t be left out. Cleansing wipes and tissues are also imperative to a travel kit.


The North Face Women’s Venture 2 Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket, TNF Black, essential travel gear for solo travelers

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It is crucial to keep oneself warm for the duration of the vacation to enjoy it to the fullest. Carrying a lightweight waterproof jacket or windcheater is helpful in almost all kinds of weather. It would serve great on hiking or other adventurous trips. If you visit a colder place, make sure you carry enough knitwear and wear the heaviest coat for transit to avoid storage space wastage.

Do not shy away from packing warmers as necessary, and you might waste money buying them at the location. For tropical or sub-tropical areas, lighter and breathable designs work well.


Repel HG-94108 100 Insect Repellent, Pump Spray, 4-Fluid Ounce, essential travel gear for solo travelers

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If your trip involves camping or traveling through the woods or the countryside, make sure you carry insect repellents with you. Insect bites are scarier than they might sound. They may sometimes lead to lethal infections apart from irritation and uneasiness. Insects are the most active at night, and if you wish to have a peaceful sleep, make sure you have insect repellents with you.


Anker Portable Charger, PowerCore Essential 20000mAh Power Bank with PowerIQ Technology and USB-C (Input Only), High-Capacity External Battery Pack Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, iPad, and More. essential travel gear for solo travelers

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Dead phone batteries while traveling solo are scary.  Such situations need to be avoided at all costs. Finding a charging plug is rather tricky, and it can lead to a commotion. It is thus imperative to carry a power bank with you. Portable power banks are readily available in the market.

Choosing one with a warranty and high recharging capacity is worth the investment. They are pretty handy and functional.


Travel Laptop Backpack Water Resistant Anti-Theft Bag with USB Charging Port and Lock 14/15.6 Inch Computer Business Backpacks for Women Men College School Student Gift,Bookbag Casual Hiking Daypack, essential travel gear for solo travelers

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Anti-theft backpacks are another smart investment for traveling. They ensure the complete safety of your valuables from the bag–cutters and pick-pockets. Such bags offer dual access zippers that keep your laptops and other belongings safe from theft. In addition, they are water-repellent and tear-resistant. Many day-packs also involve a built-in USB charger to charge your electronics on the go. They are an innovative and practical way of carrying your luggage around without having to worry about a robbery.


International Power Adapter Travel Plug - 4 USB Ports Universal Work for 150 Countries - 120 Volt Adapter - Adapter Type C Type A Type G Type I f for UK Japan China eu Europe European By SublimeWare, essential travel gear for solo travelers

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If you are traveling overseas, make sure you carry a universal power adapter along. It will save you money which you would have wasted on buying chargers. Power adapters allowing multiple plugs are a good investment and extremely useful on foreign lands.


Dr. Bronner’s - Pure-Castile Liquid Soap (Peppermint, 32 ounce, 2-Pack) - Made with Organic Oils, 18-in-1 Uses: Face, Body, Hair, Laundry, Pets and Dishes, Concentrated, Vegan, Non-GMO, essential travel gear for solo travelers

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Organic multi-purpose cleaners that work on all surfaces and are skin-friendly, effective, and functional. You can use them to clean your body, hair, clothes, and face. It is a boon on road-trips or, camping nights, or long journeys. They allow for quick cleaning and stain removal from clothes. Work wonders and save so much storage space.


Rainleaf Microfiber Towel,Blue,24 X 48 Inches, essential travel gear for solo travelers

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Micro-fiber towels are a great buy if you are planning a beach vacation. Many hotels require the occupants to bring their towels, and for tightly scheduled travels, this can cause trouble. They are an excellent replacement for regular, heavy, and slow drying towels. Micro-fiber towels are incredibly lightweight and instant drying. In addition, they don’t give out the foul smell that regular towels would upon rushing the drying process.

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Solo traveling is a great way to reveal stress and enjoy your own company and try new things. You do not want to have to worry about your luggage and stuff during this time. It is thus a great practice to pack smartly. Make sure you buy TSA-approved travel locks to secure all your bags. Carrying your water bottle and ready-to-eat snacks is another good money-saving practice. Have fun and stay safe.

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