Top Tips on Budget Travel in Europe (Ultimate Guide)

Top Tips on Budget Travel in Europe - Ultimate Budget Travel Guide

Europe is simply magnificent, especially if you’re backpacking through it. Budget travel doesn’t mean doing without things. It means experiencing travel in a different way while staying on a budget. You just need to know what the best ways are to enjoy Europe while sticking to your budget. So thinking about how to plan a trip to Europe on a budget? You’re at the right place. Follow the following top tips on budget travel in Europe, learn to create a budget and get set to travel through one of the most beautiful continents at any time.

How To Travel in Europe on a Budget?

Budgeting For Europe Travel


Pick up the perfect backpack; don’t spend more than $85-$300. Your backpack should have enough space for a small laptop, electronic items, clothing, a water bottle, and a sleep roll.

Travel Accessories

Don’t spend more than $75+ on all your travel accessories, including plug adaptors, travel towel, sporks and so on. Don’t waste money on maps and guidebooks – use your smartphone for those.

Travel Insurance

Stick to a budget of $30/week per person. Look for travel insurance plans that cover loss and theft of personal items and rental car collision. Check out World Nomads Travel Insurance’s options for budget travelers.


Set aside a budget of $700-$1500 for airfare, depending on your country of origin. Look for the best deals possible on multiple sites, and grab the cheapest tickets that you can.

Top Tips on Backpacking in Europe - Krakow in Poland

Day-To-Day Travel Expenses

Factor in a daily budget for the main daily costs – food, sightseeing, accommodation, public transportation, and a few incidentals. Calculate your total expenses, leave out the airfare and purchases, and come up with a daily expense chart.

Finding Budget Accommodation in Europe

Budget Hostels

Regular hostel dormitories cost from 18-40 EUR per night. Each city has its own costs, so don’t compare. Check out which is the cheapest and best in each city and then book your hostel. Look up reviews on and Europe travel guides and book in advance to save money and earn bonus points.

Garden Camping

This is something new in Europe, where people allow backpackers to pitch a tent in their large gardens for a fee of 4-10 EUR. Look it up online and check out garden owners’ profiles before signing up.


Look up couch a surfing option, which lets you sleep over at the homes of locals for free.


If you are prepared to camp, then take advantage of the many campsites in Europe. Many of these campsites offer cooking areas, bathroom, and other facilities.

Finding Food For Cheap in Europe

Making Your Own Food

If you’re inclined, you can pick up groceries at farmers markets for cheap and make your own food at a campsite or hostel.

Going Local

Avoid buying food at tourist spots – watch where the locals eat and follow them. You’ll find that the locals head to small budget eateries that are far from tourist attractions.

Street Food

Check out food stalls and food trucks that are usually found in many European cities. Even in Paris, you can grab a crepe for a Euro or two.


The European continent has plenty of little shops where you can buy a salad or sandwich or buy ingredients to make your own. Just eat your food outside and watch the city go by.

Finding Cheap Transport in Europe

Budget Airlines

Here are the most dependable budget airlines for your European tour: Transavia Airlines, Ryanair, Wizz Air, and EasyJet. Use the Skyscanner App or Momondo App to find the best and cheapest car rentals, flights, hostel, and hotels. Check Lonely Planet Europe (Multi Country Guide) for more budget-friendly tips and information.

Traveling Europe on a Budget - Praia Dona Ana Beach in Algarve, Portugal

Rail Pass

Pick up a rail pass and get to know how to travel Europe by train to see all of Europe or just to travel from country to country. Rail travel is the cheapest way to get to different points in Europe.

Tourist Passes

Several European countries offer free public transport for travelers. Make inquiries for these, and obtain tourist passes to enjoy attractions for free. For example, you can use the Berlin Pass to get free entry to more than 60 top Berlin attractions. Berlin also offers a travel card for unlimited free travel. Most European countries also provide Hop on and off sightseeing tours, a sure-fire way to save money and see more of Europe.

Shanks Pony

For the travel connoisseur, the best way to enjoy a city would be on foot or by bike. You can save money and improve your fitness level while on the road.


There are several budget bus companies like Flixbus, which can take you across Europe for real cheap. Tickets start at 5 EUR, and you certainly cannot beat that!


You can share rides with locals between cities and even countries in Europe. You get to meet interesting people too.

Budget Travel in Top European Cities

Europe is expensive, but there are many cheapest cities in Europe to visit where your money can go far. Here are some European cities where you can travel on a budget.

Krakow, Poland

Krakow is now one of the top favorite cities for all where you can enjoy budget travel in Europe. If you want to experience the great nightlife and save money, head to Krakow. You can enjoy plenty of free drinks, delicious, cheap food and live music bars on the cheap here.

Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is famous for water sports. You can enjoy as many adventures as you want in Lisbon or the Algarve without breaking your budget. Moreover, budget travelers will find many cheap hostels in Lisbon to stay. You can also do free walking tours in Lisbon with GuruWalk, which will allow you to see the city like a local without spending any money. Just leave a tip at the end of the tour.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is cool, eccentric and a bit wild, with its lovely walkways, museums, fabulous music, contemporary arts, and theatres. And Berlin offers free travel vouchers for attractions, and free travel passes as well. Traveling through Berlin will be one of your best Europe trips.

Budget Travel in Top European Cities - Berlin in Germany

Transylvania, Romania

Transylvania offers cheap food and transport options. Plus there’s plenty of free things to do. Backpacking is cheap and adventurous here. You’ll like hiking, trekking, rock climbing, horseback riding, white-water rafting and wild camping on a budget.

León, Spain

Spain is one of the best European countries to visit. León is a great budget travel destination for food lovers. This city offers excellent hospitality in the sense that when you order a cheap drink, you get a plate of delightful tapas for free. In fact, you can skip dinner altogether after a few drinks.

How To Save Money While Backpacking Europe?

Move in a Straight Line

Plan your travel before traveling to Europe for the first time. Also, move in a straight line. Try to take advantage of cheap transport options and sightseeing tours along the way. Avoid doubling back; if you plan well, you won’t need to.

Watch That Beer

A bottle of beer may cost only 5 EUR, but they add up. Look for free drinks on ladies nights, or buy drinks cheap at your hostel bars. It’s best to buy a bottle at a discount supermarket and save on the booze. Party across the continent, and you’ll ruin your budget in no time.

Top Tourist Attractions in Europe - Bran Castle in Transylvania, Romania

City Tourist Card

Visit the local tourism office as soon as you hit a city. You can benefit from tourist cards for attractions, restaurants and even discount travel vouchers. Enjoy free entry and great discounts on attractions and tours and several other freebies along the way.

Discount Grocers

Pick up your groceries at discount supermarkets such as Profi, Lidl, Aldi, and Penny Market when you visit Europe.


If you are a student, get hold of an ISIC card. You can save 20-50% on the cost of admission to tourist attractions. The ISIC is accepted even where foreign student IDs are not allowed. You can save so much money with an ISIC card that it’s well worth the money you paid for your Schengen visa.

Bottom Line

Backpacking through Europe is one of the great rites of passage. If done right, it can be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. From beautiful Paris to the smoke-filled coffee shops of Amsterdam to Berlin’s Oktoberfest – it’s a plethora of delights. Use this ultimate budget travel guide on Europe to plan your trip, and you’ll have a memory to cherish forever.

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Ultimate Budget Travel Guide on EuropeBackpacking in Europe - Budget Travel Guide

Have you backpacked in Europe? Share your any money saving tips on budget travel in Europe.

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