Most Beautiful Ratargul Swamp Forest in Sylhet, Bangladesh

Boating at Ratargul Forest

During my recent Sylhet tour, I first time visited Ratargul Swamp Forest and that moment was really priceless. I was feeling like it’s a dream and taking me to a Dreamland. Yes, Ratargul Swamp Forest is one of the masterpieces on earth and I absolutely love to call this nothing but a Dreamland. Undoubtedly the most beautiful Ratargul Swamp Forest is a must-visit travel destination for all in Bangladesh, South Asia. Grab more inside to join the adventure at Ratargul Swamp Forest.

Start Exploring  Freshwater Swamp Forest

Ratargul Swamp Forest is one of the best freshwater swamp forests in the world. This is the only swamp forest in Bangladesh and situated in Gowainghat, Sylhet. The whole area (almost 504 acres) of this natural freshwater swamp forest is covered with various types of water plants. The river Gowain and the lake Chengir is connected with Ratargul Swamp Forest. Ratargul Forest is also popular as the second Sundarbans Reserve Forest in Bangladesh. The whole area of the forest reserved for wildlife and maintained by the Forest Department of Bangladesh.

Ratargul Swamp Forest Sylhet
Freshwater Ratargul Swamp Forest

Gowain River Ratargul Forest
Gowain River

The distance of Ratargul Swamp Forest from Sylhet is 20 km. This freshwater swamp forest comes with extraordinary beauty during Rainy Season. And so monsoon is the best time to explore Ratargul Swamp Forest.

Outstanding Ratargul Swamp Forest
Outstanding Ratargul Swamp Forest

How To Reach Ratargul Swamp Forest?

From Sylhet, you can go for any public transport to reach Gowainghat. And once you reach you’ll find many local boats to take you to Ratargul Swamp Forest. I preferred not to hire any engine boat so that I can enjoy each and every sound of nature, water, and the absolute quietness around.

Main Attractions of Ratargul Swamp Forest

I was amazed while seeing many trees and trees, just captured the entire Ratargul Forest. The density and amazing greeneries of many trees created an extra beauty around. I loved most the umbrella-like the canopy of the trees. It was so beautiful to see the reflection of the trees in the water.

Yes, Ratargul is completely an evergreen forest with almost 73 kinds of plants where majorities are Koroch (Millettia pinnata) and Murta (Schumannianthus dichotomus) trees. During the Rainy Season, all trees go under 20 to 30 feet water.

Ratargul Swamp ForestRatargul Swamp Forest

The deepness of the water at Ratargul Swamp Forest not same in every season. During Winter normally nature lost its actual beauty and became dry. And so monsoon is the perfect time to explore the swamp forest.

Water Lily From Ratargul
The Beauty of Water Lily

There are also some animals, different types of birds, and reptiles at Ratargul Swamp Forest.  Monkey, Snake, Dove, Heron, Water Fowl and Squirrel are some common species at Ratargul Swamp Forest.

Enjoying Boat Ride

Boating at Ratargul Swamp Forest can be your lifetime experience. It was nice chatting with the boatman (Jaynal) while enjoying the boat ride. I loved the sound of the water while boatman rowing the boat. The whole atmosphere is so different adventurous, and picturesque as well.

Boating at Ratargul Forest
Boating at Ratargul Swamp Forest

I also enjoyed climbing one tree from the boat and came to know only a few areas we can explore this forest. In many areas, boating is not allowed. If I can just go deeper and explore the whole forest!

There is one Tower from where one can see the top view of the forest. There are many local or Deshi fishes also at Ratargul freshwater swamp forest. While coming back found some locals selling many fresh fishes to the tourists.

Ratargul Swamp Forest Tower
Ratargul Swamp Forest Tower

Freshwater Swamp Forest
Trying to Catch Fish

In conclusion, I can say Ratargul is one of the most beautiful forests in the world. One just should not miss the adventure at Ratargul Swamp Forest. No ways to imagine the extraordinary beauty of this forest unless you visit and explore.

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Top Travel Destination Ratargul Swamp Forest in Sylhet, Bangladesh

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