Amber Fort: Main Tourist Attraction in Jaipur, Rajasthan

To Explore Amber Fort in Jaipur

Colorful state Rajasthan is historically well known for paintings, art, handicrafts, and marble works. In Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, India, you’ll find many royal architectures to drive you to the Rajput style and culture. Mughal architectures fascinated me the most and there are much to love in Jaipur also. The main tourist attraction in the Pink City is Amber Fort or Amber Palace. I’ve loved the beautiful paintings and mirror artworks inside this royal fort. And the artistic paintings are the specialty entire the palace complex. So, how to explore Amber Fort?

Amber is a town and locally known as Amer. This town used to be the capital before Jaipur. Amber Fort has been built by Raja Man Singh during his reign (1589 – 1614 A.D.) and situated on the High Hill of Aravali. It took 25 years and completed in 1599. This fort is 11 km away from Jaipur, and every year draws to a large number of tourists to visit this hugely popular artistic fort. Amber Fort is also listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This palace mainly used for the residential purpose by the Rajput families during Raja Man Singh.

UNESCO World Heritage - Amber FortAmber Fort (Raja Man Singh Palace)

To Explore Amber Fort in Jaipur

There are much to explore inside the fort. However, while entering the fort you’ll definitely love the beautiful view of the Aravali Hill range where the Jaigarh Fort also located. Mostly tourist here attracted by the beauty of the Sheesh Mahal and enjoyed the elephant ride. Besides, the artistic beauty of the entire Man Singh Palace, which made of red sandstone and marbles will give you the ultimate historical love to explore the Amber Fort.

Aravali Hill at Amber Fort Aravali Hill View from the Amber Fort

There are total four sections or courtyards in the palace of Raja Man Singh, and this is the old palace. The main gate of this palace is known as Ganesh Gate. In the first section, you’ll see one small temple (Sila Devi Temple) and Suhag Temple. Diwan-i-Am is in the second section. The Mirror Palace or Sheesh Mahal and the Sukh Mahal or the Hall of Pleasure you can see in the third section. Diwan-i-Khas and Zenana or Royal Ladies Houses are in the fourth section to visit.

Sheesh Mahal (Colorful Mirror Artworks)Sheesh Mahal (Colorful Mirror Artworks)

Amber Fort (Painting on Wall)Amber Fort (Painting on Wall)

Elephant Ride

How about a royal entry with an elephant ride? Yes, this is the main attraction for the tourists here. They enjoyed the elephant ride to take an entry by Suraj Pol or Sun Gate. This gate is located on the east side and so named Suraj or Sun. If you are interested to take an elephant ride, then this gate is the principal entrance. After entering you’ll see one main courtyard, and this is known as Jaleb Chowk.

Elephant Ride at Amber FortElephant Ride at Amber Fort

Jaleb Chowk (Main Courtyard)Jaleb Chowk (Main Courtyard)


The architecture of the Hall of Public Audience is beautiful and eye-catchy. This hall was mainly built to discuss with the public. There are many rooms or chambers with marvelous latticeworks by marbles. Here you can also see the beautiful artworks of red sandstone and mirror. The total number of pillars is forty, which have used to create the beauty of Diwan-i-Am.



Sheesh Mahal

The most attractive place in the entire fort, which made of small mirrors from the ceiling to the floor. You’ll also see many colorful mirrors have been used in the pillars as well as beautiful floral designs. The entire mirror palace has created in such a way that you can see the reflection from every angle. Only one candle flame is more than enough to lighten up the whole palace. Unbelievable, any mirror artworks can be such beautiful!!

Sheesh MahalSheesh Mahal

From here the other fascinating thing is the remote view of the beautiful Maota Lake and Garden. This lake view has created an extra beauty for the entire fort.

Maota Lake and GardenMaota Lake and Garden

Sukh Mahal

The Hall of Pleasure or Sukh Mahal is remarkable for the artificial air cooling system created during that time to make the comfort of the palace. The name itself said that this palace did use for the pleasure of the King with the Queens.


Diwan-i-Khas or the Hall of Private Audience is used for special guests from the kingside. This hall is also known as Jas Mandir. Here you can find the beautiful mirror artworks as well. There is one Mughal Garden in front of Diwan-i-Khas and has brought a beauty for the entire fourth courtyard.


More To Know

  • Amber Fort is open to visitors daily from the morning to evening.
  • Entrance fees are 100 rupees for Indians and for foreigners 550 rupees.
  • Cameras allowed without any extra charge.
  • An elephant ride will cost 1100 rupees for single or two persons.
  • You can also enjoy the Light And Sound Show in the evening inside the palace complex with an entrance fee of 200 rupees.
  • One hit song (Pyar Kiya To Darna) from the famous Bollywood movie Mughal-e-Azam (1960) filmed inside the Sheesh Mahal.

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To Explore Amber Fort UNESCO World Heritage Site In India

My next post will be the romantic destination Udaipur, Rajasthan. So stay tuned.

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