8 Top Beaches In Bali Worth To Visit

Bali Top Beaches To Explore - Sindhu Beach

Beaches in Bali are the popular attractions for tourists. Most of the Bali beaches are pristine and beautiful. Every beach is unique, and some became popular for different reasons. Every year the majority of the tourists and travelers do visit Bali to explore many beautiful beaches. And almost all popular beaches are located in the southern part of Bali. During my six days solo trip to Bali, I explored some popular and beautiful beaches in Southeast, Southwest and North Bali. However, here are the 8 top beaches in Bali worth to visit for all.

Most of all during peak seasons (July – August) popular beaches are overcrowded with many tourists around the world. All beaches are free for visitors apart from Padang Padang. You have to buy the ticket to explore this beach. I loved the atmosphere and unique beauty of the Padang Padang beach. I found Balinese offerings (Canang Sari) even placed on every sandy beach. This offering was something new for me. A kind of unique Balinese believes in thanking and praising their Gods everywhere.

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is the leading tourist attraction in Bali. The most visited beach in Bali. Majority of the tourists stayed in Southwest Bali where Kuta is an affordable destination. Kuta Beach is very near to Ngurah Rai International Airport. If you’re staying in Kuta, Seminyak, Legian then Kuta Beach will be very near to you to visit.

Kuta Beach in Bali IndonesiaKuta Beach

Main Attraction

Surfing is the main attraction of Kuta Beach. The big waves of this sandy beach are best for surfing. Many famous surfers from different countries especially from Australia every year visit Kuta for surfing. Therefore there are many surfing schools to teach you surfing in Kuta.

Surfing is the main attraction of Kuta BeachKuta Beach Surfing

Furthermore many visited Kuta Beach to watch the sunset which is absolutely beautiful. So Kuta Beach is also popular as Sunset Beach in South Bali. To avoid the crowd, you can visit early morning to enjoy surfing.

Geger Beach

Geger Beach in Nusa Dua is the public beach and one of the popular one. This beach is also known as Nusa Dua Beach in Southeast Bali. It takes 20 to 30 minutes to reach Nusa Dua from Kuta. Geger is a white sandy beach and more pristine than Kuta Beach. Geger Beach is best for sunbathing and swimming. In addition, there are restaurants and body massage service inside the beach area.

Geger Beach in Nusa DuaGeger Beach

Main Attraction

There is one spot known as ‘Water Blow’ is the main attraction of Nusa Dua Beach. At this particular spot, the big water waves from the Indian Ocean keep on crashing onto the limestone rocks which creates an eye catchy water splash.

Tanjung Benoa Beach

Tanjung Benoa Beach is the top beach to explore underwater adventure in Southeast Bali. This beach is beautiful and calm; surfing is not possible here. If you’re staying nearby Nusa Dua, then don’t miss to visit Tanjung Benoa Beach to try many water sports here.

Seawalker at Tanjung Benoa Beach
Tanjung Benoa Beach

Main Attraction

Many water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, sea walking, jet skiing, banana boat ride and parasailing are the main attractions of Tanjung Benoa Beach. Therefore there are many dive and water sports center here. I loved Bali SeaWalker at Tanjung Benoa Beach for the first time with Zooka Dive & Water Sports.

Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang Beach is one of the top beaches in Bali worth to visit. This is my most favorite beach in Pecatu, South Bali. The white sandy beach is locally known as Labuan Sait Beach. Surfing and sunbathing are popular beach activities here with the backdrop of the rocks and the turquoise waters.

Padang Padang Beach in BaliLabuan Sait Beach

Main Attraction

There is one natural 8 meters high tunnel like a cave you’ve to pass to reach Padang Padang Beach. It seems like you’re entering a private beach. The local landscape of this beach looks too picturesque from the endpoint of the tunnel. Padang Padang Beach is also popular among many as ‘Eat Pray Love’ movie spot.

Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran Beach is another most visited beach in Bali. It located in Southwest Bali and popular beach area for many luxury hotels and restaurants. This beach is also close to Ngurah Rai International Airport. You can enjoy the beach nightlife and the sunset moment at Jimbaran Beach.

Main Attraction

The main attraction of Jimbaran Beach is to have a romantic dinner while watching the beautiful sunset from any open air Jimbaran Seafood Cafes. Here you can have the fresh seafood but too pricey.

Tasty Ikan Bakar Balinese Grilled FishJimbaran Seafood Cafe


Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach is the main tourist attraction in Sanur, Southeast Bali. Early morning is the best time to explore Sanur Beach. And you’ll love relaxing morning beach walk, the beautiful sunrise and the calmness.

Sanur Beach in BaliSanur Beach

Sanur Beach is the main tourist attraction in SanurSanur Beach

Main Attraction

Sanur Beach is also popular as Sunrise Beach. The main tourist attraction is to watch the sunrise. Bali Seawalker, the underwater beach activity is also another top attraction of Sanur Beach.

Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Northwest Bali. You can also find many dive centers to enjoy the underwater adventures. Scuba diving and snorkeling are two of the best water sports activities at Lovina Beach. There are many seafood stalls beside the beach to have lunch and dinner. Moreover, you’ll get the fresh seafood here at a reasonable price.

Lovina Beach in Bali
Lovina Beach

Main Attraction

Fishing and dolphin watching are the main attractions of Lovina Beach. And you can take a whole day trip by boat to watch dolphins.

Sindhu Beach

If you’re in Sanur then don’t miss to visit Sindhu Beach. This beach is not the popular one but worth to visit. It just takes 10 minutes to visit Sindhu Beach from Sanur Beach. You’ll love the tranquility of this beach in the early morning.

Beautiful Sunrise from Sindhu BeachBeautiful Sunrise From Sindhu Beach

Main Attraction

The beautiful sunrise is the main attraction and worth to watch from Sindhu Beach. Sindhu Beach is also a perfect surfing spot. Also, you can try surfing here to avoid the rush in Kuta Beach.

Furthermore, don’t miss to carry your best beach holiday essentials to enjoy a perfect beach time in Bali. Bali beaches are not only pristine and beautiful but also offers many adventures for beach lovers around.

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Top Beaches in Bali Worth To Visit

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