7 Must-Read Travel Books To Visit Egypt

Great Pyramid of Giza view from Marvel Stone Hotel

I always had a dream to visit Egypt in Africa for the Great Pyramids and the River Nile. The history and constructions of the Pyramids of Giza amazed me since I read about the seven wonders of the ancient world in my childhood at school. The first look of the pyramids from the land of Egypt was like a throwback to those history books I enjoyed reading. Finally, I made a memorable solo trip to Egypt. I had a fantastic 18 days trip, and during that time I visited several destinations and all the famous historical monuments and cities. So, Egypt is all about the rich history and fascinating culture. It is common to go with guided tours in Egypt, but to be more familiar with the longest histories of ancient Egypt; it is a must to go through some of the best travel guide books. Here, I’ve listed 7 must-read travel books to visit Egypt and help you plan your perfect trip in the future. 

The world’s oldest tourist destination Egypt has a lot to offer for every visitor. Many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the oldest three pyramids in Giza Necropolis, got every year all the massive attention from the world tourists. Cruising on the blue Nile River or a traditional Felucca ride is one of the must-do for all. The capital city Cairo itself is one of the oldest and historic and best to explore many beautiful mosques and Egyptian Museum for the vast collections of the great Egyptian civilizations of antiquity.

Besides exploring all the ancient temples in Aswan and Luxor during the reign of Pharaohs, Egypt also has all the lovely beaches for a relaxing trip on the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. And you can’t forget about Queen Cleopatra when in Egypt, visiting the port of Alexandria will take you back to the reign of Cleopatra. 

The Best Books on Egypt Travel

Furthermore, these days it is also fun to enjoy the safari and camping tour in the beautiful oasis of Egypt. I had a unique experience in Bahariya Oasis to explore White Desert, Black Desert, and Crystal Mountain. And what to tell about the mouth-watering Egyptian desserts? I simply loved to have a lot during my Egypt tour.

Yes, Egypt is a vast country; apart from all I mentioned, there are a lot of places to explore. For first time visitors, the following list of books on Egypt will guide you to know about the country and its history and culture, how to travel around Egypt, essential travel tips, must-visit travel sights, and top things to do during Egypt travel.

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Lonely Planet Egypt (Travel Guide)

Lonely Planet Egypt (Country Guide)

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Lonely Planet Egypt Travel Guide to give you the best planning advice and local secrets to help you to visit all top sights along with hidden discoveries in Egypt. It covers cultural insights, history, politics, music, cuisine, landscapes based on different parts of Egypt mainly Cairo, Giza, Nile Valley, Alexandria, Luxor, Suez Canal, Siwa Oasis, Sinai, the Mediterranean, and Red Sea Coasts, and more. You’ll get all insider money-saving tips and reviews to explore the best of Egypt with Lonely Planet Egypt. The eBook version also comes with downloadable PDF and offline maps. Lonely Planet Egypt books are 100% well researched and packed with all updated travel information to the country.

Moreover, Lonely Planet Egyptian Arabic Phrasebook & Dictionary is also a great addition to avoid any language and custom barriers by knowing and learning all common social words and helpful phrases in Egyptian Arabic and more than 120 languages. Such a phrasebook is truly helpful for safe travel while traveling around like a local or even chatting with locals. In this way, you’ll also be able to discover more about their culture, custom, and travel style. 


  • Egypt travel itineraries  
  • Up-to-date travel advice 
  • Essential money-saving tips on any budget
  • Colorful maps and images
  • Egyptian culture, history, politics, music, landscapes, cuisine, people
  • Insider tips for traveling like a local  
  • Hidden discoveries along with all top Egypt destinations

Egypt – Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture


Egypt - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

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Egypt – Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture written by Jailan Zayan is a must-read to guide you and to be familiar with local customs and culture. The author of this book is Egyptian and shared all the practical advice and tips for foreign visitors. You’ll get to know the changes between the ancient and present Egyptian traditions and customs from this essential guide book.

This guidebook covers all the significant changes in Egyptian life and attitudes throughout the history and revolution of the country. However, as a tourist or visitor, it is a great practice to respect and understand the local customs before your travels or during your visit and safe stay in Egypt. 


  • Egyptian history, values, and attitudes
  • Culture of Egypt
  • Traditions and customs of Egypt
  • Culture of ancient Cairo
  • How to make friends and communicate in Egypt
  • The outline of present Egypt, peoples, and cultural changes
  • Private and Family Life of Egypt
  • Travel, Health, and Safety information for foreign visitors

DK Eyewitness Egypt (Travel Guide)

DK Eyewitness Egypt (Travel Guide)

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DK Eyewitness Travel Guide Egypt provides depth insight and expert tips on all the most magnificent sights of Egypt. It covers detailed itineraries on must-visit destinations, from ancient pyramids to famous monuments, museums. It is fun to explore Egypt with the help of this travel book as it comes with many custom maps, area maps, 3-D drawings, illustrations, and colorful photos. This travel guide to Egypt also provides guided walking tours with history and cultural insights and visitor information.

DK Eyewitness travel books on Egypt also packed with particular recommendations on the best hotels and restaurants for tourists. You’ll get all the expert tips and information on the local drink and dining specialties, the best places to eat, and shop from this travel guide.


  • Detailed itineraries and highlights on the “must-visit” destinations of Egypt
  • Hundred colorful photos and custom maps 
  • Area maps marked with sightseeing attractions
  • 3-D drawings with hand-drawn illustrations
  • Guided walking tours with insights on the history and culture of the sights
  • Detailed Cairo city map with street finder indexes
  • Best things to do in Egypt
  • Places to shop in Egypt
  • Best places to eat and drink 
  • Recommendations on Egypt hotels and restaurants

A History of Egypt: From Earliest Times to the Present

A History of Egypt: From Earliest Times to the Present

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It is the history of Egypt that fascinates many visitors every year to travel to Egypt. A History of Egypt: From Earliest Times to the Present is by Jason Thompson and great reads for general readers to students and, of course, for travelers. It provides the most extended 5,000 years of Egyptian history full of insights. Moreover, it highlights the secure connections between the earliest pharaohs times in ancient Egypt to the present modern day of the Arab nation.

The author has given an excellent introduction to Egyptian history and mentioned important events and all the monuments built in different dynasties. Those loves and eager to know and learn about ancient history this book is a must-read for them. This book is highly informative, easy to follow, and also gives a clear overview of the country in different eras.


  • History of Egypt
  • The ancient history of Egypt
  • Human history by the Nile
  • Panoramic historical view of Egypt
  • Highly informative and easy to follow

Top 10 Cairo and the Nile (Pocket Travel Guide)

Top 10 Cairo and the Nile (Pocket Travel Guide)

Are you looking for a perfect pocket-sized companion to explore the best in the Cairo city of your own? Top 10 Cairo and the Nile are the recommended pocket travel guidebook to Cairo by DK Eyewitness. This pocket travel guide offers 10 best of everything to make the best trip to an ancient and historic city like Cairo. It covers dozens of top 10 lists and insider tips for every visitor based on a different area in Cairo. 

You’ll get top 10 recommendations on must-see museums, festivals and events, art and culture, best Nile cruises, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and hotels, best outdoor and fun activities for kids, best places to shop. Best restaurant reviews in various areas of Cairo also included in this Cairo travel guide book. Not only about the capital city, but it also included a guide to exploring the best in the surrounding areas of Cairo like Alexandria, Saqqara, Aswan, Luxor, and Lake Nassar. 


  • Cairo city guide
  • Pull-out and fold-out map and guide with useful phone numbers
  • Top 10 museums in Cairo and the Nile
  • Top 10 events and festivals in Cairo and the Nile
  • Best arts and culture in the city of Cairo
  • To spend a day in Cairo and surrounding areas with 60 great ideas
  • Best hotels in Cairo for every budget
  • Restaurant reviews in the city of Cairo areas
  • Recommendations on cafes and coffee shops and restaurants and places to shop in Cairo
  • What not to miss in the top 10 sights of Cairo and the Nile
  • Top 10 things to avoid in Cairo

The Nile: A Journey Downriver Through Egypt’s Past and Present (Vintage Departures)

The Nile: Travelling Downriver Through Egypt's Past and Present (Vintage Departures)

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The Nile: A Journey Downriver Through Egypt’s Past and Present is a great history and travelogue written by Toby Wilkinson, a famous Egyptologist. Both Egypt and the River Nile are timeless, but the Nile is the life of Egypt, and without the Nile, no Egypt can exist. In the entire book, through the journey from Aswan to Cairo, the author describes the history and importance of the great River Nile and Egypt’s complete dependence on the Nile’s waters. 

The Nile brought life to an ancient Egyptian civilization in the past, also in the present playing a vital role in supporting the country’s agriculture and its more than 96% population. Yes, Egypt consists of only the river-land. He wrote how everyone has fallen under the spell of the Nile, and it’s not only the stunning river view. All the pharaohs, emperors from the Great Pyramid of Giza to the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Luxor Temple, gained immortality who joined their fate to the Nile. 


  • History of the River Nile
  • Ancient Egyptian civilizations 
  • Importance and the vital role of the River Nile in Egypt

3rd Grade History: The Egyptian Civilization: Egyptian Books for Kids (Children’s Ancient History Books)

3rd Grade History: The Egyptian Civilization: Egyptian Books for Kids (Children's Ancient History Books)

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Egypt is a great historic destination for a family tour with kids. Children’s got fascinated by the enchanting history of the pyramids from their school. It’s the best and recommended to go through some of the informative Ancient Egypt history books before the tour. 3rd Grade History: The Egyptian Civilization: Egyptian Books for Kids by Baby Professor is a fun way to learn about Egyptian Civilization from a visual perspective. The magic of this Children’s Ancient History Books is they will not feel bored while reading Ancient History of Egypt. It is free from dense texts but full of colorful pictures to tell a thousand stories; you’ll love to imagine that you were there. For each photo, short references included, and it will be easy for the kids to remember the incident based on the picture. 

Furthermore, Egyptian Books for Kids is full of information regarding pyramids and pharaohs, ancient Egyptians religion, culture, and their practices. The interactive way to learn about Egyptian Civilization will give back life to ancient Egypt. 


  • Egyptian Civilization
  • Ancient History of Egypt
  • Colorful high-quality photos
  • A fun way to learn ancient Egypt History with a visual experience
  • Free of dense texts yet informative
  • Easy to learn and remember

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The Best Books on Egypt Travel

The Best Books To Read Before Visiting Egypt

How about a trip to Egypt? Share your top essential tips and must-read travel books before visiting Egypt.

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