6 Reasons To Visit Nepal Now

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Nepal Now [Infographic]

After the massive earthquake in Nepal, this country is seeking your help now. You can visit to reunite, revive, rebuild and recover the beautiful Nepal. Here I’ve tried to infograph six reasons behind your visit or revisit in this Himalayan country. I got a huge love for this beautiful country on earth. Let’s promote Nepal, there are much to explore here. A visit for a good cause and spread your love for Nepal.

Why Should You Visit Nepal Now?

  1. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation (MOTCA) assured that now Nepal is a safe and secure place to visit for foreigners.
  2. To visit for a good reason to revive Nepal’s tourism.
  3. To help Nepalese those are in trouble, all are encouraged to visit Nepal.
  4. Work as a volunteer to help and visit Nepal. And this is the best way to show your love for Nepal.
  5. The mighty Mount Everest (Himalaya) is calling you to visit Nepal.
  6. Visit Nepal to celebrate the Festival of Lights (Tihar) with all Nepalese. The best chance to know the Nepalese culture.

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At A Glance Visit Nepal [Infographic]

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6 reasons why you should visit nepal now infographic - 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Nepal Now [Infographic]

pinit fg en rect red 28 - 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Nepal Now [Infographic]

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Update: I Made A Second Visit To Nepal

The sudden natural disaster is Nepal made me shocked and speechless. I decided that surely I’ll revisit to spread my love for Nepal. On November 2016 I made a second tour in Nepal. I was too happy to see that again many tourists are visiting this beautiful country. Nepal started to get back its old glory. Yes, sometimes a travel should be for a good cause for others to make them feel alive.
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