15 Pro Tips To Save Money While Traveling Solo

Tips And Tricks To Save Money While Traveling Solo

Solo traveling, even its thought, fills our mind with excitement and energy and stimulates our emotions. It is considered soul searching for some people whereas liberating for others, but it gives us immense pleasure and a taste of freedom no matter what. Below are some pro tips to save money while traveling solo.

The thought of solo traveling might have crossed your mind at least once, or you might have had your own share of solo travel experiences, but the main question that arises in front of us is safety and budget. More or less, the safety part depends on the kind of place you travel and the modes you choose, but for the budget crisis, the listed tips got you covered.

How to save money traveling alone

Top Tips and Tricks To Save Money While Traveling

Don’t get stuck in one destination

Sometimes we have a place in mind that might be beyond your budget, so try to expand your horizon and look for other destinations as well. Some might be off the season, whereas you might get a good deal somewhere else. And you never know, each city has its own ways to astonish you. Therefore be open to the idea of changing destinations. Choose a place that would be affordable while being safe at the same time and you can save money while traveling.

Yala Beach at Yala National Park
Solo travel in Sri Lanka at beautiful Yala Beach

Get to know how to solo trip to Sri Lanka?

Get a fair idea of flight costs

When you are traveling solo, it is quintessential that you save money on flights. Traveling on weekends might cost you more, whereas choosing a working day would not. Look for less busy days and book accordingly. Choose the time wisely while booking a flight; first flights or morning ones are usually more expensive than others. Try to book beforehand and check on various websites for discounts.

Based on these, you’ll be able to book your flights wisely and save money while traveling.

Dig information on free tourist attractions

Some places, museums, and art galleries don’t have entry fees; don’t miss them at any cost. Go with nature, search for free-of-cost sites that offer the best views, ask the locals for help, for they might know what you don’t.

It was so great to explore the largest Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, one of the topmost free tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi.

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Join a solo travel group

Safety is the primary concern of people who are traveling solo for the first time. Don’t worry; there are groups of solo travelers. Don’t feel shy, contact them and you won’t be lost in a foreign land. It would prove helpful as some travelers might have prior experience in solo traveling, and you’d be amazed by their knowledge, inputs, and suggestions.

Beijing city sightseeing group tour
Beijing city sightseeing group tour lunch and became a fun trip altogether

How to solo trip to China?

Homestays and backpacking hostels

In this upcoming generation, new ways of accommodation are trending. Homestays and hostels prove best for solo travelers. You’d always want to choose a homestay or a backpacking hostel while traveling alone.

The luxury hotels would drown your savings in a day or two. Couch surfing is becoming a term these days. You get to sleep on someone’s couch and use their home as your own; it’s a cheap way to accommodate a life-saving budget trick yet.

Check out the hostel calendars

Some hostels offer fun activities within their premises, such as yoga, stargazing, walk tours, pool parties, or anything. Just a day of fun games and activities would be a pleasant experience, and you’d get to meet a lot of new people.

Young people enjoy a leisure day, and these hostels have unique activities on their list to entertain their guests.

Get hold of single room stays

Most of the hotels have double room settings, where you have to eventually pay the price of two even when you are staying alone. Find hotels that offer single rooms. It would save a lot of money and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Traditional Ancient City International Youth Hostel
Even possible to find a single room in a hostel – Ancient City International Youth Hostel in Xi’an

Partner with a solo traveler

How nice would it be to meet a fellow traveler and explore the destination together? Team up with some person who is already looking for a travel partner. It is one of the perks of traveling solo; you get to meet new people and socialize, and not getting lost in a new city would be the cherry on the top.

Pack light

Always pack light. There is no need to pack a whole bunch of things that you don’t need. Sort out the items that you need the most and go with them. Packing light would save some money while traveling; you wouldn’t have to pay unnecessary charges for your extra heavy bags.

Top Travel Items To Pack For Saving Money

Plan your meal better

Be mindful of what you eat. Explore local markets, stalls, and eateries that are inexpensive and more relishing.

You can always ask your hotel manager or a local for tips on finding a cheap cafe or finding the tastiest dish of the place, which also costs you less money. Make sure you taste the local food, explore markets, and avoid hotel restaurants as they serve everything you can get in your city.

Walking tours

Want to explore the city? Join the local walking and guide tours, or you can take off on your own. Sometimes the traveling costs inside the city take a whole chunk of your money. Be wise to walk down your path and explore.

Stalls beside Wooden Bridge Thimphu
Exploring the local market in the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu

How about a trip to Bhutan? Check out all about the top places to visit in Thimphu.

Carpooling and bike rides

You can’t go everywhere on walking, so try to carpool or share a bike with a fellow traveler. Carpooling would split the cost between the number of travelers, and you might also get to make new connections.

You can even ask for a lift for shorter distances; well, people are generous enough at some places to give you lifts. Ever ridden a bike? It might be an excellent chance to paddle your way into a new world.

Seven Days Solo Trip To Vietnam

Opt for Off-Season

Traveling off-season is the best tip one could get. During the travel season, prices are at their peak, whether it be on food, travel, or tourist spots. You can get offers, discounts and save mad money while traveling offseason.

Famous Jumeirah Beach in Dubai
It was all worth visiting Dubai during the offseason in the summer

Get to know how to solo trip to Dubai?

Rent out your place

When traveling for weeks and months, you can always consider renting out your own home. People are always in search of places that offer a homely vibe and are easily available.

List your home on renting websites beforehand, and when you are traveling, you can make money out of your place even when you are not there. If you have an extra room and have absolutely no use of it, get yourselves a roommate.

Tam Coc Bungalow with river view
A homely vibe of the Tam Coc Bungalow in Ninh Binh

Have an unused garage, rent it out, and make some money. Rent your couch for couch surfing, and you can end up meeting a fellow traveler.

All these tips would make you instant money without much labor and cut off most of your travel expenses.

Be ahead of your time

Booking activities on the spot could charge you more. Whereas surfing the internet, finding the best price, and booking the activity way ahead of time. It would save you the hassle while grabbing some good deals.

Booking a raft, an adventure sport, a camp, or even a horseback ride, anything that you book in advance is always going to be cheaper than booking on the spot. Make sure to act wisely and use this tip; it might save your day.

It was wise to grab and book two days trip to Bahariya Oasis via Tripadvisor. I got some best deals for the holiday season and it saved much from my pocket though it was a pick season.

Trip to Bahariya Oasis from Cairo

My three weeks solo trip to Egypt.

Whether thinking of traveling solo or already a pro solo traveler, these tips and tricks might help you in a crisis. Everybody wants to see the world; traveling brings us experiences and battles that one would never fight in their monotonous life. It shapes us, carves our thoughts, and helps us to put on a new pair of glasses. It is an art. At times we are broke and yet want to see the world; with these in mind, nothing can stop us.

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How to save money traveling alone

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