12+ Best Travel Jackets for All Your Upcoming Expeditions

12+ Best Travel Jackets Reviews

To travel in perfect weather with the sun making your skin sparkle and the cold breeze making your hair dance is every traveler’s deepest desire. But mostly, it is just a vision realized than the actual reality. The truth is that many beautiful places are covered in snow or experience heavy rainfall from time to time. So what to do to prevent cold and rain from ruining your trip? CARRY TRAVEL JACKETS!!!

Why is it necessary to carry travel jackets after all? Well, because it is the only thing that’ll save your hide and your trip when the flash storm hits from nowhere—stuck in a cloudburst? Rain jacket. Dying of frigidity? Hardshell jacket. Tasting fresh falling snow? Snow shedding travel jackets. Cool breeze afternoon? Softshell travel jackets. In conclusion, a good quality functional jacket is an indispensable accessory in every tourer’s knapsack.

Since a minimalist traveler can only afford to make room for a single jacket, it must be worth the space. Keeping this in mind, I have meticulously listed the 12 best travel jackets for hikers, mountaineers, backcountry travelers, adventure lovers, i.e., there is something for every itinerant. Every single coat caters to your specific needs, and each can hold its own.

What to Expect from Your Dream Travel Jackets?

Before moving on to the list, a little knowledge of the outdoor gear world of jackets might help you make the right choice. Here are some characteristics of a wholesome jacket you should gauge upon:

  • Warmth: Yes, style is a significant attribute too, but you definitely wouldn’t want to freeze or sweat during your trip to look nice. Make sure that your jacket is apt for your destination weather requirements. For places like Cusco, where sudden variations in the weather are expected, you can opt for a 3-in-1 removable layers jacket.
  • Portability: In terms of a jacket, a quick-witted buy is the one that has style, comfort, warmth, and also the ability to squish down quietly in the corner of your backpack. It will save your bag from the hazards of being overweight and also create space for the souvenirs and knick-knacks you’ll collect down the road.
  • Style: It is easy to turn down a highly functional rain jacket because it looks too dull. Don’t worry, just a few scrolls down, I have narrowed some durable jackets and water repellents and give you a sleek and flowing look.
  • Functionality: You cannot unravel your backpack whenever you need your phone, purse, or kindle while traveling. A jacket with good quality pockets or zipper with loops to clip the harness always comes in handy.
  • Material: The quality and durability of the jacket is decided by the material from which it is manufactured. Gore-Tex, down and nylon jackets are some of the best waterproof and windproof jackets which will keep you cozy and your backpack feather-light. Canvas works well with a wax coat. Polyester is waterproof to a point and much affordable, but snags fast and fails in a downpour. Cotton is classy and comfortable but only until the weather is freezing or wet. I do not recommend cotton jackets for overcast, rainy, and cold weather.
  • Size and Comfort: Buying a jacket true to your height is all hunky-dory until you need to stash additional layers of garments inside it to keep you warm. Also, if you are a person who keeps loads of gadgets or knick-knacks in your pocket, consider a size bigger to prevent tightness and overheating. It is best to go through the reviews and the size chart before making a choice.
  • Water/Wrinkle/Wind/Dirt Resistant: Make sure that your jacket has a moisture-wicking feature and does not wrinkle while stowed in your luggage. Getting soaked or wrinkly will ruin both your mood and your photographs. One more thing that can wreck your candid photos of the trip are stains, and to minimize those, go for a dark-colored stain-proof jacket.
  • Extra Features: Quick-drying, extra pockets, zip-out liners, waist drawstring, removable hood, and iPad holders are some cherries on the cake while choosing your dream jacket.

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Best Travel Jackets Reviews

  1. Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket

Mountain Hardwear Women's Standard Ghost Whisperer/2 Hoody, Vinson Blue, Large


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Taking all the coveted features of a jacket on board, keeping you snug, and economizing all the space, you have in your backpack are the two overriding offerings of a coat during your travel. The Ghost Whisperer Insulated Down Water Repellent Jacket for Men and Women is the lightest windproof and waterproof jacket in its class. Even while holding 800 fill goose down to keep you toasty warm, it just weighs 8 Oz and zips into its pocket for minimalist storage. No wonder it’s on top of my list.

Mountain Hardwear Men's Standard Ghost Whisperer/2 Hoody, Dark Zinc, Large

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  1. Arc’teryx Beta AR Jacket

Arc'teryx Beta AR Jacket Men's | All Round Gore-Tex Shell | Ladon, Medium


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Unlike risking your money on other expensive travel gear, spending on a versatile Arc’teryx Beta AR travel jacket is an intelligent one-time investment. It is made from three levels of Gore-Tex laminate fabric: waterproof, windproof, snow-shedding, feather-light, and very long-lasting. Even after entertaining extreme wear and tear, it’ll come out retaining its style and functionality, making it the best choice for adventure lovers.

  1. The North Face Thermoball Eco Jacket

The North Face Women's Thermoball Eco Hoodie, TNF Black Matte, XS


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If you are looking to buy a lightweight and durable jacket without burning a hole in your pocket, then the North Face Thermoball for Men and Women is the landing place of your jacket hunt. Made in partnership with PrimaLoft Inc. for modern-day explorers, the water-resistant nylon-built thermoball can fold right into its pocket. TNF also offers a warranty against any defects and a lifetime guarantee on its products.

The North Face Men's Canyonlands Full Zip, TNF Medium Grey Heather, XXL

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  1. Columbia Watertight II Jacket

Columbia Men Watertight II Jacket, Black, Medium

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Amidst thick heavy-duty jackets, a thin and lightweight jacket is a must. Columbia Men’s Watertight Il Jacket might be the lightest and most easily portable jacket on your list. It curls up inside its pocket, and it has elastic cuffed and a waistband to keep you snug and give a good covering to other layers of garments below. Choose from a large number of color options for your year-round travel partner.

  1. Arc’teryx Zeta SL Gore-Tex Jacket

Arc'teryx Zeta SL Jacket Women's | Gore-Tex Hiking Shell | Lumina, Large


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If you plan a summer hike in the Canadian Rockies or other cold countries, you’ll just be dealing with a mildly cool breeze rather than stone-cold snowstorms. A lightweight softshell jacket like the Zeta SL range from Arc’teryx will quickly get the job done. It is water and windproof, and also somewhat snowproof if there comes a surprise snowfall your way. The double Gore-Tex layer makes it water-repellent, and underarm gussets keep the moisture locked out. On the downside, the jacket is a bit expensive, but if you have the money to spare, it is worth every ounce of it.

  1. Columbia Bugaboo II Fleece Interchange Jacket

Columbia Women's Bugaboo II Fleece Interchange Jacket, Nova Pink, Large


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At times when you experience a drastic weather switch, one jacket might fail to deliver. In this case, a Fleece Interchange jacket will surely show the ropes with the help of its double-layered 3-in-1 design. It will keep you warm with its Omni-HEAT thermal reflective technology and also keep you dry with its Omni-TECH waterproofing.

  1. Outdoor Research Helium II

Outdoor Research Women's Helium II Jacket - Lightweight Waterproof Rain Gear


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A rain jacket is the staple piece of travel gear when traveling to rainy or hyetal regions. One of the handiest packable raincoats, Outdoor Research Helium II for Men and Women, can just be clipped to a harness or fitted into a jersey pocket and can be swiftly worn just as the storm hits you. Owing to its laminated construction and perfect seam-taping, it is waterproof, windproof, and very much breathable.

  1. The North Face Venture 2 Waterproof Rain Jacket

The North Face Men’s Venture 2 Waterproof Hooded Rain Jacket, Moab Khaki/Utility Brown, M


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TNF Venture 2 is a dream come true for a backcountry itinerant dealing with persistent rain. The jacket is stuffed with waterproofing features like polyester blend nylon fabric, sealed seams, and a durable DWR finish. Its hood is adjustable, and the hem cinch cord offers a custom fit. It curls up into its hand pocket and saves precious space in your travel bags.

  1. The North Face Apex Bionic 2

The North Face Women's Apex Bionic Jacket, TNF Dark Grey Heather, M


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PFC or Petroflourinated Compounds are harmful chemicals from which jackets get their waterproofing properties. But the TNF Apex Bionic‘s windproof fabric is one hundred percent PFC-free DWR to give you a warm and chemical-free travel experience. The breathable softshell fabric allows cold-weather activities, and it also stretches to help you layer in comfort. If you want a water-resistant, windproof jacket that is light on you as well as your pocket, then this jacket is highly recommended.

  1. SCOTTeVEST Men’s Revolution Anti-Pickpocket Jacket

SCOTTeVEST Men's Revolution 2.0 Plus Jacket Vest | 26 Pockets | Anti-Pickpocket


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One for pocket lovers, the SCOTTeVEST Revolution 2.0 has an incredible 26 pockets with a good load kept hidden to ward off thieves and dippers. It is made from pure Healspro LM fabric to give you ultimate insulation. A two-year manufacture defect warranty is also given. Storing your phone and other gadgets in the jacket serves not just one but two purposes. In addition to carrying and protecting your tech, it makes unloading them at security checkpoints much more accessible. Just unzip and pull off the jacket, then walk through.

  1. Baubax Men’s and Women’s Windbreaker 2.0

Baubax Travel Jacket - Windbreaker - Male - Red - Medium


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To squeeze out every drop of functionality from a jacket, buy a Baubax Windbreaker 2.0, which comes with an inflatable neck pillow, gloves, eye mask, stylus, iPad holder, water-resistant phone pocket, passport pocket, handwarmer pockets, and so much more. Not only the jacket takes minimal space in the knapsack, but it also saves extra by carrying most items in its pockets. For those who like to carry minimum luggage, this jacket is a must-buy.

  1. PUREMSX Down Alternative Parka

PUREMSX Women's Down Alternative Insulated Parka, Winter Thickened Warm Jacket, Multi Pocket Overcoat with Fur Hood, Cold Weather Outdoor Hiking Skiing Parka,Black,Medium


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In extreme frigidity, a jacket that can save you from freezing to death deserves an extra space in your travel bag. The listed PUREMSX Thicken Fur Hooded Parka is a hard shell waterproof and windproof long jacket with eight nifty pockets (4 outside, one inside, one zipper, and two pen pockets). It is lined with polypropylene cotton to make it durable. Elastic rib-knit cuffs block air from entering the jacket. The premium polyester fabric makes it warm and comfortable. This jacket is undoubtedly not the easiest to carry but will prove a lifesaver in the arctic weather.

  1. Carhartt Men’s J162 Shoreline Jacket/Carhartt men’s shoreline jacket waterproof breathable nylon j162

Carhartt Men's Shoreline Jacket Waterproof Breathable Nylon,Black,X-Large

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It is made from 100% nylon oxford shell; the Carhartt J162 shoreline is a lightweight jacket with a waterproof breathable membrane and water-repellant finish. Storm plackets overlay the front pockets, and hook-and-loop closures are attached to the interior ones. Standing up to the reputation of Carhartt, the jacket serves its purpose to keep you snug proficiently.

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Furthermore, select a jacket that suits your necessities and also makes you look stylish. The best all-purpose rain jacket, The North Face Venture 2 Waterproof Rain Jacket, will never let you down on a cloudy day. Arc’teryx Zeta SL Gore-Tex Jacket will stay by your side for a lifetime to save you from chilly cold breezes. My personal favorite, The Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer Down Jacket, will keep you toasty warm even in freezing weather.

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Best Travel Jackets ReviewsI’d like you to drop your favorite from the list or share your experience of one of these jackets in the comment box below.

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