10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Shanghai

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Shanghai

I, as a solo female traveler, often get thrilled to explore China and its marvels! Shanghai is another outlandish location where I planned a visit during my solo trip to China. And believe me, it was terrific. You can either gush Shanghai’s paradise, the Huangpu River, that divides the modern and traditional Shanghai or raves its unique architectural marvels. There are great fabulous locations to explore, along with excellent cuisines from the Chinese Dynasty.

Being a solo traveler, I had to carry a few essentials that are a must-have for every woman traveler. It includes a pair of comfy travel pants, sanitary pads, beauty essentials, and other gears such as a good camera, chargers, and headphones a neck-rest pillow. With all these gears, let’s start with the tour to this oriental wonder.

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Shanghai

The listed top 10 attractions you might love to visit during your trip to Shanghai. You’ll find plenty of things to do in Shanghai. Furthermore, don’t miss to check out some of the essential travel tips for visiting Shanghai.


The Bund

Shanghai trip remains incomplete without a visit to the Bund. It signifies the galore of this ultra-modern city in China. The Bund flanks the architectural wonders in the form of historic buildings and Gothic, along with sky-touching skyscrapers that stretch beyond your vicinity.

Huangpu Riverside Walkway - The Bund
Huangpu Riverside Walkway

Yu Garden

Yu Garden was created in the 16th Century by the Ming Dynasty; it is a tranquil garden where parents and kids can enjoy a fun time. Amazing rockeries, fascinating pavilions, and the serenity of its artistic pagodas lush out the full scenic view. However, it would be best to carry your favorite sunglasses to sustain the direct sunlight’s quench on your face.

Pavilion of Listening to Billows of Yu Garden
Pavilion of Listening to Billows of Yu Garden [By Hans A. Rosbach, en.Wikipedia]

Oriental Pearl TV Tower

This tower signifies Shanghai’s famous landmark from where you can view the whole city that looks amazing. It is 1,535 feet tall and appears a mix of Eiffel Tower and Seattle’s Space Needle with 15 wonderful observation decks and a charming revolving restaurant at the height of an 867-foot level. Capture this thrilling Chinese attraction to cherish for a lifetime.

Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Nanjing Road

Undoubtedly, walking along Nanjing Road is fun. It is a famous shopping street from Shanghai, where you can find millions of shoppers from all across the world shopping their hearts out. It was built in 1985 and comprised several daily necessity stores, upscale shops, restaurants, and hotels. There are also hawkers zooming in, and it is one long pedestrian mall to visit. For brand shopping at a reasonable price, the H&M store in Nanjing Road is a must-visit.

Walk along the Nanjing Road
The famous Nanjing Road
Local restaurant at Nanjing Road
The local restaurant at Nanjing Road

Shanghai World Financial Centre

Shanghai gives a significant boost to the Chinese economy and is also a renowned powerhouse aiding the global economy. It has a uniquely designed skyscraper that reaches up to 492 meets high, and this 101-story building governs around 20 financial institutions. An elevator trip to this center can reward you with some stunning views and unforgettable memories.

Shanghai World Financial Centre
Shanghai World Financial Centre resembles “The Bottle Opener” [By GG001213, en.Wikipedia]

Travel through the Maglev Train

Pudong International airport is where you would go to Shanghai, and the Maglev train is a quick transport option. Its magnetic levitation can cover 30 km within 8 minutes. You’ll also see here many other travelers and fun to share fascinating experiences with all. It is the fastest electric train globally, and you must include it in your travel itinerary to China.


Full of boutiques to curb your shopping delight for art and crafts, Tianzifang is a residential area that belongs to the French Concession. You can explore the epitome of Chinese architecture over here. It has a maze of alleys at Taikang Road, and you can also spot several trendy studios, art supply shops, and coffee shops over here. It is another primary Chinese attraction, and solo travelers would love to buy some art pieces over here.

Shikumen Lane in Shanghai Tianzifang
Shikumen Lane in Tianzifang [By lienyuan lee, en.Wikipedia]

Shanghai Museum

Like the Louvre in Paris or Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Shanghai also owns a world-class museum that depicts Chinese history’s galore in various forms such as priceless paintings, ancient coins, and intricate lacquer furniture, and bronze or jade artifacts. It comprises more than 1,20,000 antique pieces in 11 different galleries of the museum on the five floors.

Carved lacquer furniture at Shanghai Museum
Carved lacquer furniture at Shanghai Museum [By FlyingToaster, en.Wikipedia]

Shanghai Circus World

If you want to witness the mind-boggling acrobatic acts, the Shanghai circus world must include your travel itinerary. Interesting acrobats and performances here can take you on a timeless journey through broadway musicals. There are various acts at the display, including martial arts, the right lighting, decadent musical getaway, and clowns’ juggling. They have their full-size rings to undergo some international circus acts.


Next, take up your travel accessories and head for a day trip to the water town in Shanghai suburbs, the oldest and most maintained water suburbs in Shanghai. Zhujiajiao is a 1,700 years old water town, and tourists admire the place with a cruise on the canal.

Day trip to Zhujiajiao Water Town
Zhujiajiao Water Town

It will give you a thrilling experience to witness the ancient bridges and the old-style houses at this location. Do not miss the short North street from the Qing Dynasty, and a visit to Kezhi Garden is also a must.

Blessed with ancient culture and embellished with modernity, this is a must-go place for solo female travelers. I would suggest all 10 locations should be mandatorily a part of your Shanghai Itinerary for a complete trip to this shining city!

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