10 Reasons to Visit China: What Makes China Special

Xi'an Drum Tower

I am a solo female traveler and loves to explore the untouched new locations and even the popular ones! China is my personal favorite for many reasons. It restores the Asian culture in the purest forms, and the magnifying beauty of the Yunnan Province is breathtaking. So, why should you visit China? Here I’ve listed the top 10 reasons to visit China. Let’s find what makes this country a wonderland for travelers!

But before that, let’s sneak into the travel accessories essentials that you must have before visiting any place. For solo travelers, asking or borrowing things from others might be unsafe. So prepare a checklist for travel gears as per the locations to explore and get started. Start with buying a spacious and good quality backpack to fill up all the things. Now get excellent headphones to enjoy soothing music while traveling and a camera for taking memorable pictures. I prefer buying full and comfortable clothes to avoid any skin show and enjoy the trip without getting cautious. And your make-up essentials are also a vital part of the list. Pack all this to get ready for the China adventure. 

The listed top 10 reasons to explore China once in a lifetime for all travelers.

Mesmerizing scenic views

Being amongst the largest country globally, China boasts undiscovered and incredible scenic locations that are hard to find. Starting from the Northwest Deserts to the Southeast Coast, there are plenty of landscapes worth capturing, and not to miss the frozen beauty of Harbin and the vast lush areas of Xishuangbanna. This country has the world-best rivers, gardens, and ancient architecture that gives you an oriental feel. 

Hongcun village of southern Anhui Province
Picturesque Hongcun village of southern Anhui Province

Welcoming people

As China comprises the most extensive world population, there are many people with whom you can interact. They enjoy chatting and taking selfies, and hence you can also begin an intellectual conversation to know more about their local history. 

Sweet verbal language

Mandarin is the commonly spoken language in China, and it varies from the other countries, making it difficult to understand. But I got the hang of common Chinese words with a voice translation App, which helped me manage the language barriers. Listening to Mandarin is a treat to the ears, and you feel like a distinct kind of music runs through your ears at first. Well, it is tricky as you might not be able to understand a single word unless you have read it before!

World-famous delicacies

Chinese and Oriental foods have global recognition as their cuisines are mouth-watering and tempting. Rice, tea, and noodles are their favorite picks, but there are a lot of combinations they serve with authentic Chinese sauces. Regions like Hunnan and Sichuan are well-known for spicy recipes, while the coastal areas have a boast of seafood. 

Seafood from X'ian Muslim Quarter
Seafood from X’ian Muslim Quarter
Authentic Chinese food with sauces
Authentic Chinese food with sauces

Glorious history

China has a glorious history, and its historic archaeological wonders prove it! The Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, and Terracotta Warriors are a few prominent pieces of evidence of this country’s rich culture and traditions. 

Modernization and Development

While being connected to its roots, China excels in modernization. You must visit this country to witness the spectacular skylines and high-rise buildings of this place. Shanghai is the epitome of modern China, and not to forget the riverfront skyline known as Bund. China has many such constructions that signify its developmental excellence!

Huangpu River Waterfront
Shanghai city skylines from Huangpu River Waterfront

Colorful markets flooded with various products

China exports a wide variety of products worldwide, and you cannot miss out on shopping when you are here. Exclusive Chinese tea sets, delicate silk. Precisely carved jade and rich tea are some exotic items to buy here. Other items on sale here are bamboo baskets, calligraphy, traditional Chinese knots, and many other handicraft items. 

Traditional Chinese ceramic pots
Traditional Chinese ceramic pots

Diversity of culture

It is a rich cultural tapestry where you can discover the topographical and ethnic diversity all in one place. You cannot behold the wide cultural, food, clothing, and language variations in various parts of the country.  

Traditional Chinese paper lanterns
Traditional Chinese paper lanterns – A symbol of national pride 
Chinese tribals at Shangri-La Theme Park
Chinese tribals at Shangri-La Theme Park

Distinct calligraphy

Ancient calligraphy art of China is majestic, and I became its fan for sure. You can identify the shop owners creating masterpieces with various calligraphy styles at many shops, and many Chinese sayings are also a part of it. You primarily need to get the hang of its basic terms, and then you can also enjoy this Chinese wonder. 

Incredible experiences

With so much vastness, you are bound to bring back some fantastic memories after coming back from China. It is a blissful place where you can get a lifetime experience capable of changing your outlook towards life. 

During my solo trip to China, several incidents made me surprised. Here is some to share – One grocery Chinese lady shopkeeper fixed my backpack’s chain in Guilin even without asking. One Chinese girl helped me hire a taxi and paid the bill using the DiDi-Rider App without letting me know.

Another lady in Suzhou Railway Station helped by calling my hotel to pick me up as she found me waiting and became anxious.

In Xi’an, one stranger directly took me to the Bell Tower when I was only asking the way to reach it. On the road, mostly, I found Chinese people as caring and curious. They do try their best to help you, even in their language. Honestly, I had some incredible experiences in China.

Beautiful walkway of the Summer Palace
Beautiful walkway of the Summer Palace

I found this country an exotic place with an exquisite blend of culture, traditions, and experiences. With my expert travel tips in mind, you can have a wonderful time and that all alone. So on your next trip to China as a solo traveler, do give a close watch on all these magnificent aspects that can give you a new perspective of this modern country!

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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit ChinaHave you been to China? Share your top interesting facts about China.

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