10 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Sylhet, Bangladesh

10 photos to inspire you to Visit Sylhet

Sylhet is one of the most picturesque zones on earth which located in the north-east part of Bangladesh, South Asia. The historic city Sylhet established in 1867 and known as the Holy Land to all. But to me, Sylhet is the Green Land. I was overwhelmed by the lush greenery everywhere. My eyes just never got tired while exploring various shades of green. There are many places to visit in Sylhet. But the natural beauty of Sylhet is just outstanding. I enjoyed capturing moments with my Nikon Coolpix P600 during my Sylhet tour. Here are 10 photos to inspire you to visit Sylhet in Bangladesh. Have a look!

Monsoon is the best time to explore the lush green natural beauty of Sylhet. Sylhet is very close to India border with three states Meghalaya, Assam, and Tripura. I made a road trip from Dhaka to every place in Sylhet and really enjoyed traveling solo. It was safe, interesting, and most of all adventurous. How can you too? More details are coming in my next post.

To Inspire You To Visit Sylhet [10 Photos]

Sylhet is the must-visit destination for nature and adventure lovers. If you enjoy landscape or nature photography then you are in a perfect place. There are much to explore in every corner of Sylhet. Here is the beautiful Sylhet in my eyes.

  1. The Shrine of World-Famous Sufi Hazrat Shah Jalal

    Sylhet is well known as the Holy Land. The shrines of two world-famous Sufi Hazrat Shah Jalal and Shah Paran are located in Sylhet city. Hazrat Shah Jalal (1271 – 1346) came Sylhet with 360 saints to spread the values of Islam. There are one mosque, mausoleum, and many Black Pigeons (Jalali Kobutor) inside the shrine. Every year the majority of tourists love to visit Sylhet for this famous shrine from religious belief to fulfill their prayers.

    Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal

  2. Evergreen Malinicherra Tea Garden

    Sylhet is also popular as the Land of Tea Gardens. Sreemangal is the capital of Tea Gardens in Bangladesh. But Malinicherra Tea Garden is the oldest one, established in 1854. You’ll just feel like walking on the Green Carpet. It is simply impossible to overlook the lush greenery of this most beautiful Tea Garden in Sylhet city.

    Malinicherra Tea Garden

  3. Captivating Beauty of Ratargul Swamp Forest

    Ratargul Swamp Forest is one of the masterpieces on earth and must-visit destination during Rainy Season for all adventure lovers around. Ratargul Swamp Forest is situated in Gowainghat, Sylhet and one of the world’s best freshwater swamp forests to explore. This natural underwater (20-30 feet) forest covered by 560 acres of land. There are many watery plants, mainly Koroch trees inside the forest. Furthermore, a boat ride through Ratargul Swamp Forest can be your lifetime experience.

  4. Boating at Ratargul ForestAround The World in 80 Days Film Location

    Lawachara Rain Forest in Sreemangal is much popular among tourists as a filming location. This is the historic location where once Hollywood movie Around The World in 80 Days filmed, which released in 1956.

    Lawarchara Forest

  5. Adventurous Lawachara Rain Forest

    Lawachara Rain Forest is now named as Lawachara National Park. There is much to explore inside the largest (1250 hectares) forest. The most adventurous destination in Sylhet. There are many various types of flora and fauna. Bamboo groves in Lawachara are very attractive. The main tourist attraction is the longest African Teak Oak tree. Also, this is the only one available in Asia and located at Lawachara Rain Forest. The whole Lawachara National Park is nicely maintained by the Bangladesh Government.

    Sylhet Lawachara Rain Forest

  6. Serene Beauty of Panthumai

    If you love the serenity then Panthumai is a must-visit remote destination for you. Panthumai is a small village situated in Gowainghat, Sylhet. You can enjoy the boat ride here to get a closer view of Borhill waterfall which belongs to India. The backdrop of Khasi hills created an amazing beauty to the entire destination.


  7. Emerald Green Color Water of Lalakhal

    The pristine beauty of emerald green color water is the main attraction of Lalakhal. Tourists enjoy here to go for a normal boat or speedboat ride from the Sari Ghat. This naturally beautiful canal is situated in Jaintiapur, Sylhet. You’ll just love to look at the water which is so clean and beautiful.


  8. Boat Ride on Beautiful Piyain River

    Piyain River played a great role to increase the beauty of many travel destinations in Sylhet. This beautiful river flows into Bangladesh and India as a transboundary river. A boat ride on Piyain river you’ll definitely enjoy which will take you to explore Bisnakandi and Panthumai.

    Piyain River

  9. Crystal Clear Water of Bisnakandi

    Bisnakandi in Gowainghat, Sylhet is very picturesque with a backdrop of Khasi hills. The crystal clear water with natural stones are the main tourist attractions here. After all who does not love to play with naturally clear water?

  10. Tribal Lifestyle of Khasi Tribe

    There are some tribes in Sylhet, they are still living their own lifestyle. The Khasi and Manipuri tribes are in more numbers living in Bangladesh. I visited one Christian Khasi Tribe village at Lawachara National Park. They mostly produce Betel Leaf plants in their place. It was nice to see how most Khasi women sorting and decorating betel leaves. They sell those in the wholesale market in many places in Bangladesh and also out of the country (mainly UK). They are playing a great role to earn money for their family as well as for the country.

    Khasi Tribe

I’d love to know. Which photo in the above inspiring you to visit Sylhet, Bangladesh?

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