10 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Sri Lanka

Sacred Mountain Adam’s Peak

I was happy to make my first visit to Sri Lanka. I did visit the central, south, and west part of this beautiful island country in the Indian Ocean. There is much to explore here. I wanted to explore this time mainly the natural beauty of Sri Lanka. And I’ve loved much more things to do for the first time in Sri Lanka. Here are the listed ten photos to inspire you to visit Sri Lanka in South Asia. A must-visit beautiful country for all kinds of travelers and tourists. During my seven days trip to Sri Lanka, I’ve mainly used my Nikon Coolpix P600 camera to hold all travel moments, and sometimes with iPhone 6 Plus.

Sri Lanka is a popular destination for beach lovers. But nature lovers will love to explore the beautiful hill stations in Sri Lanka. The climate of hilly areas is opposite to the west and south parts of Sri Lanka. There are many historical and sacred destinations as well. And as an adventure lover, you’ll surely love to explore the wildlife of Sri Lanka, the wonder of Asia.

To Inspire You To Visit Sri Lanka [10 Photos]

The following ten photos might give you ten reasons to visit Sri Lanka. And also help you to explore the best tourist sites in Sri Lanka.

  1. Sacred City Kandy & Temple of the Tooth

    Kandy is one of the cultural and spiritual cities in Sri Lanka. And it became a sacred city to all for Temple of the Tooth or Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. But in Kandy as a nature lover, you’ll also love to explore the largest (147 acres) Peradeniya Royal Botanic Gardens where more than 4000 collections of exotic plants are there. Beside the Kandy Lake, the Temple of the Tooth carries a spiritual value to all Buddhists in the world. Inside here the sacred canine tooth of Lord Gautama Buddha has been kept. Kandy was inscribed as Cultural World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988.

    Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic

  2. Picturesque & Historical Galle Fort

    Galle Fort in the oldest city Galle is a must-visit picturesque World Heritage Site for all. This historic fort was built in the 15th and 16th centuries by the Portuguese and the Dutch. There is one lighthouse, mosque, church, and national museum in the most massive fortress Galle. The entire Galle Fort is merely incredible from the seaside wall. Galle Fort is also famous as Galle Dutch Fort and was inscribed as Cultural World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988.

    Historic Galle Fort in Sri Lanka

  3. Scenic Haputale & Lipton’s Seat

    All nature lovers around must-visit beautiful hill station are Haputale. The breathtaking natural beauty of scenic Haputale is outstanding. Haputale became a popular destination for Lipton’s Seat. Lipton’s Seat is 1970 meters above sea level and the most picturesque spot in Sri Lanka.

    Scenic and Small Hill Town Haputale in Sri Lanka

  4. Evergreen Dambatenne Tea Factory

    The tea plantation of Sri Lanka is outstanding. And the oldest Dambatenne Tea Factory is the most picturesque one located in Haputale. Dambatenne Tea Factory is 1800 meters above sea level and was built by Sir Thomas Lipton in 1890. Sri Lanka is the fourth largest tea supplier in the world. One should not without seeing the processing of the famous Ceylon tea in at least one tea factory in Sri Lanka. How about a sip of fresh Ceylon tea? Yes, you should enjoy it.

    Dambatenne Tea Factory in Haputale, Sri Lanka

  5. Adventure to the Sacred Mountain Adam’s Peak

    Adam’s Peak is the 5th largest (7359 ft) mountain in Sri Lanka. Adam’s Peak is also known as Sri Pada or Sacred Footprint and is the most popular among tourists as the holy pilgrimage site. There is one sacred footprint (1.8 meters) here. Christians and Muslims believe Adam here set first foot on earth. And Buddhists think here the Lord Buddha took His last step before reaching paradise. And according to Hindus, this is the footprint of Shiva. One must have to climb almost 5500 steep steps to view the fantastic beauty of sunrise from the top of Adam’s Peak.

    Sacred Mountain Adam’s Peak

  6. Jungle Safari at Yala National Park

    Yala National Park is the most popular among 26 national parks in Sri Lanka. Every year the majority of tourists visit this second largest national park. There are various wild animals and birds at Yala National Park. To explore the abundant wildlife of Sri Lanka jungle safari at Yala is a must-do for all adventure lovers around. Yala National Park is recognized as an Important Bird Area in Sri Lanka. And the Elephant Rock in the Yala Beach is one of the beautiful tourist spots at Yala National Park.

    Yala National Park in Sri Lanka

  7. Surfing Fun on the Beaches of Sri Lanka

    How about surfing on the beaches of Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka is one of the most popular destinations among surfers. Many beaches in Sri Lanka are well-known for safe surfing. Weligama Beach is a famous destination for surfing. And also one can even enjoy the ultimate surfing fun at Mirissa Beach.

    Mirissa Beach in Sri Lanka

  8. Exotic Train Journey in Sri Lanka

    One traveler will love to take a train trip to Sri Lanka. The two main reasons are the cool service from the Sri Lankan Railways and the extreme scenic views while passing through many hill stations. Train journey in Sri Lanka is very much popular among all kinds of tourists and travelers. A trip from Kandy to Ella can be your memorable train journey to explore Sri Lanka.

    Nanuoya Railway Station in Nanu Oya

  9. Yummy Sri Lankan Food to Taste Buds

    There are many varieties of Sri Lankan food and will make you too excited to taste your buds. Steamed white/brown rice with fish/meat curry and veggies is the primary food in Sri Lanka. Kiribath with Lunumiris or Katta Sambal, Egg Hoppers, Pol Roti, Pittu, Sour Fish Curry, and Kottu Roti are some of the yummiest Sri Lankan cuisines and must-try for all food lovers around. And fruit lovers should also not miss eating various tropical fruits in Sri Lanka. Yes, Sri Lankans love not only spicy and yummy food but fruits as well. And you?

    Sri Lankan Food to Taste Buds

  10. Whale Watching Adventure in Mirissa

    If you’re in Sri Lanka, you shouldn’t miss the adventure to watch Blue Whale and Dolphins. Mirissa Fisheries Harbour is the favorite destination to go for Whale watching. And one will definitely enjoy the extreme beauty of the Indian Ocean from the boat during this adventure. Mirissa is a famous tourist spot in Sri Lanka for fishing and many water sports fun.

    Mirissa Fisheries Harbour in Sri Lanka

There are many things to do and places to visit in Sri Lanka. Hence more you’ll know in my upcoming posts on Sri Lanka.

Share your thoughts. Which tourist spots you’ll surely love to explore in Sri Lanka?

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