Taj Mahal Tour in Bangladesh

Taj Mahal Tour in Bangladesh to Explore the Eternity of Love

Taj Mahal in Bangladesh!! Not a new news anymore. But it was a big surprise to everyone digesting that breaking news both nationally and internationally. Now Banglar Taj Mahal is one of the popular travel destinations here. I did visit for the first time and let’s grab more inside 🙂

I loved when I took my first footstep on the beautiful walkway where two sides full with Magenta Bougainvillea flowers during Spring. The entry gate is also naturally decorated with those lovely flowers and then here I’m in exploring the monument of eternal love, the symbol of true love.

Banglar Taj Mahal
Banglar Taj Mahal

Going Back to Past

Yes, undoubtedly it’s a dream of every lover at least once in a life visiting Taj Mahal in India with his/her beloved. The history behind this sacred monument always attracting visitors to visit this beautiful Taj where purity of love always matters. All knows, in the 17th century, it took 22 years and 20,000 workers to build up this world’s most beautiful architects. Unbelievable during that time, how beautifully the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan created a lively example of true love for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal by this wonder of the world, Taj Mahal!

Taj Mahal in Agra, India
Taj Mahal in Agra, India

Coming Back to Present

Now in this 21st century the replica of the original Taj Mahal has been built by well known rich businessman and filmmaker Ahsanullah Moni. The reason behind this creation is very clear, it was his long time dream to see one Taj Mahal in Bangladesh too. According to him this Taj is for the love of Shah Jahan, this Taj is for the country and for those people here who got dreams to visit Taj Mahal in India but cannot pursue because of money and time. Huh, good cause indeed!

Taj Mahal in Bangladesh
Taj Mahal in Bangladesh

This construction took just five years with fewer workers because of the usage of the modern machineries and costed almost $56 million (USD). The total area covered about 20 hectares where for the monument given 1.6 hectares and more area will be expanded for a hotel, a multimedia production studio and amusement park in the coming future. The actual location of this tourist attraction is at Perabo, Sonagaon in the district of Narayanganj. Just 30 km away from the capital, Dhaka.

Taj Mahal in Bangladesh to Explore

My question to myself, ‘How did you explore the eternity of love here?’ 😉 Hmm, very thoughtful!! It was a lovely and unforgettable afternoon when for the first time visited the Monument of Eternal Love and tried to go back and feel the history behind the amazing creation, Taj Mahal by Shah Jahan. Suddenly realized our ‘Modern Love’ somehow failing to understand the purity and the deepness of true love where so long ago ‘King of the World’ understood very well. Sad but true, of course…

Things I Liked

I won’t say this Taj Mahal is 100% exact copy of the original one but it’s beautiful to see this architect in this modern era. It was lovely spending some quality hours, very calm, airy and nice inside the monument and found mostly couples and family too. The whole area is full with many beautiful flowers and trees. I was walking through the beautiful walkway and saw many fallen flower petals and leaves.

Beautiful Walkway at Taj Mahal Bangladesh
Walking Through the Beautiful Walkway at Taj Mahal Bangladesh

I really loved and lost when, after lunch found one quiet and beautifully decorated sitting space under the Bougainvillea flower garden. Oh, what a moment it was! Many couples sat very close, and many of them were busy capturing lovely moments to recollect in the future 🙂

Banglar Taj Mahal
Loved and Lost While Sitting at Banglar Taj Mahal

Things I Disliked

I didn’t like poor maintenance of the overall area. I really expected much classy and smart decor inside. The sounds of the recent poor Bengali Movie music in the outdoors was not worthy at all. The only restaurant inside was not standard in terms of decor and food. Found beggars disturbing visitors inside the monument and it should not be overlooked by the authorities. I believe the tourism sector of Bangladesh must take a good attention to this beautiful travel destination which might earn more solid visitors and revenues for this country.

Points to be Noted

  • Just take one hour from Dhaka to visit here. Good communication as many bus services are always available. But as a smart traveler, I’ll always suggest to follow Google map before visiting this place.
  • Never go to a comparison with the original Taj Mahal. It will take you no where. Just visit, you’ll not be exhausted.
  • Don’t listen outsiders while entering inside, they might offer something very cheap [only applicable for couple]
  • Yeah, have to buy tickets before visiting, but can stay inside till it closed for visitors.
  • You can carry smart phones, any digital and movie camera with free of cost.
  • You may try many shop outside for shopping Bangladeshi clothings, jewelry and souvenirs for gifting or for you.
  • If you’re not going to stay long time inside, then you can try the outside restaurants near for lunch but prices must be high.
  • Safe parking facilities are also available.

Here all photos reserved by me (©nafisa_habib) and for the first time captured with iPhone 4s and Nikon D3100.

Well, I didn’t visit my dream destination the original Taj Mahal in Agra, India yet. But truly waiting for this lovely moment to visit in the coming future. I want to know and feel every history behind every historical monument and architects.

I don’t want to see this monument as architect only. I want every traveler/visitors will try to feel the actual history behind this beautiful creation from the bottom of their heart and say WOW, Taj!!!

PS: Finally, this September I’ve visited my dream destination Taj Mahal in Agra  🙂

How about you? Will you love to share your thought here? Have you visited any Taj Mahal yet?

Let’s Share 🙂

Nafisa Habib loves nature and often got fascinated by old beautiful architecture. Here she is with My Own Way To Travel to share her adventures on the road. To her nothing is so interesting than exploring new destinations around. And knowing a new culture and meeting new peoples on the road? Oh, yeah she just loves that too.

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