Places to Visit in Paro

Five Must Visited Place in Paro, Bhutan

Paro came with its beauty to me on the very first day while watching the spectacular mountain views from the Royal Bhutan Airlines (DrukAir). And then one-hour scenic drive to reach Thimphu from Paro International Airport made me overwhelmed and drove me to ask inside, ‘How can be any country is so beautiful, naturally’? And […]

Places to Visit in Thimphu

Top Six Places to Visit in Thimphu, Bhutan

Oh, what an entry of mine was in Thimphu, Bhutan! The beat sounds were coming from the Clock Tower Square, where I found some performers on stage singing, the place is crowded. The whole city in a festive mood celebrating Losar with the first ever Bhutan International Festival 2015. For two nights I did stay in Hotel Destiny, which is […]

Beautiful Bhutan

What Really Amazed Me in Bhutan

Internationally recognized HAPPIEST country Bhutan really amazed me and was a worth solo travel in many ways. No visa required for (Bangladesh, Maldives, India). So you’re really lucky if you belong to those countries else cost is high to travel Bhutan. Last month during winter I took a short trip (Feb 20 – 23) to visit Thimphu […]

Sunset Destination Hostel in Lisbon

What is a 5 Star Hostel? It is more than just a Design-Thing…

In how many hostels and hotels did you stay during all your travels? Before you continue reading ask yourself the following questions: “How do you see Hotels?” “How do you see Hostels?“ And last but not least… “What type of accommodation offers more “quality” to you? Depending now on your age, your travel experience, and […]

Kolkata Nature

Very Close to Nature in Kolkata, India

I love green. I born to be green. There is nothing can really soothe my eyes except it’s all about nature and everlasting green. Yes, I’m talking about Kolkata nature and the AMAZING beauty of the famous Great Banyan Tree. This massive tree is the famous and popular attraction for all tourists and nature lovers […]